Now you would think im talking about a really expensive smartwatch, but those are just some of the features of the amazefit bims lite. No is this a amazing smart watch or is it an amazing fitness tracker or is it neither im, stefan for 860 tech tv? This is my review of the amazfit bips lite one year later emails fit bip s lite was launched about a year ago and is the immediate follow up to the original bib s. Misfit has been producing some very good budget, fitness, trackers and smart watches. For the past couple years and is taking their claim in the cluttered smartwatch market at first glance, the bips light is nearly identical to the original bips and is mainly different on the inside, while the bip s has built in gps and swim tracking. The light version does not, but hey all, is not lost. The 1.28 inch 176 by 176 pixel color transfective screen is amazing for the price point, despite end up being amoled colors still pop, and it does get quite bright. The one great thing about the screen is that in outdoor situations the brighter the sun, the more clearly you will be able to see the screen always on this place on deck. So you dont have to press the one button on the side to see whats actually happening on the screen and besides, there is a race to weak feature. The screen is also protected by 2.

5 d: gorilla glass, which works quite well in protecting it from cracks and scratches, and a tfc coating prevents those pesky fingerprints. The watch itself is waterproof up to five atms or atmospheres. Well, basically, 50 meters in the water, the 20 millimeter silicone straps are quite comfortable to wear with the watch weighing in at just 30 grams, and these can be switched out for more stylish options quite easily. As the straps are removable, it is equipped with a ppg biotracking optical heart rate sensor, three axis accelerometer to the axis geomagnetic sensor. All of this provides fairly accurate heart rate, monitoring, step, counting calorie burn and gps tracking. When connected to your phone. Now it connects to your phone using bluetooth, 5.0 and works on android and ios via the zap app, which was formerly called the amaze fit app disclaimer. This is not a medical diagnosis tool and should not replace your regular doctor the amaze fit bip s. Light is running on a 200 milliamp hour battery and can easily get you a week to 10 days of battery life. If youre not constantly using the heart rate, monitoring, pi or health functions, sleep tracking and dress about maxing it out usage wise. It charges via a very capable charger that comes in the box, just line up the pins and watch with the pins on the charger, and your watch should be fully charged in just over an hour. There are three color options to choose from oxford: blue, sakura, pink and charcoal black.

I have gone with a charcoal black setup of the watch is quite simple. You download the zep app from your store, ensure that your bluetooth is owned on your phone input. Your info, such as wheat and height, connect your watch and voila youre in there are several things you can customize, such as heart and pie, monitoring, regularity, incoming alerts, alarms and even your watch faces. You can do all this via the app and keep track of all the activities as well. Now the zap app does not offer much options in terms of installing other applications on your smartwatch. If youre using the amaze fitbit s lite, but it does get the job done when you enter the app. The first page shows you your pi score: sleep tracking, heart rate, monitoring, stress levels and bmi info. There is a menu icon at the top right hand, corner which opens up more in depth. Analysis on your current health beast and data obtained while wearing the watch. The second page shows you your steps and workout progress. You can even invite your friends to compete as the data can be shared to other android and ios health applications. When you go into your profile, you can set your various salutes and alarms, which, sadly, you cannot edit from the watch for the dong. You can find other settings, such as the frequency of heart rate, monitoring ringtone for your watch, find watch, live tweak settings and you can also check for software and filmmaker updates, something i would suggest doing before.

You go further into setting up your watch. The first time around the watch itself comes with a few watch faces, pre installed, which you can customize directly and watch, but if theyre not to your liking, you can simply go into the zap app and choose one thats. More, your cup of tea, all it takes, is a tap and a new watch face is installed. So there are many third party apps with hundreds of watch faces. I quite like the variety in the zap app mazefick claims. There are over 100 different watch faces available via the app, but they will also let you know that the more colorful and vibrant a watch face is. It will diminish your battery life so away to the wise. Now on to the actual watch. It has one button which lets you unlock the watch with one press and also takes you to the main setting. Here. You can access all of your main features of the watch. Your status, heart rate, pie, workout, weather alarm, timer, music, world clock and the settings allows you to change. Your watch. Face control, screen brightness, find your device turn your watch off or reset your watch. You can even customize that one button to start a specific workout when you hold it down the watch, features 14 sports modes, including outdoor running treadmill, cycling, walking, yoga and jump rope to name a few, but despite it being water resistant up to 50 meters, the smartwatch Doesnt track your swimming, which is a waste of a feature, but you can build with it, though.

Some other apps include a wheel clock stopwatch countdown timer weather phone finder event, reminder and music control swipe down from the main screen gives you access to quick toggles such as screen, brightness, lock screen do not disturb and music controls. Swiping up brings up your notifications. A couple of things to note is that, while your notifications will be quite legible, you wont always see what app theyre from some emojis well rather most emojis would also be missing and just appears question marks, and you cannot reply to any message or notification, but if You scroll all the way down. You can clear notifications from on your watch itself. Similarly, while it is pretty handy to have your watch alert, you of an incoming call youre only limited to hanging up or muting that core from your watch, but at least you can see whos calling you right, swiping, left or right will bring up all your widgets In whatever order you decide to sign them in the zeb app straight out of the box, a swipe to the left will bring up the weather for your current location. A swipe down will give you more information, while further exploration gives you weather for nearly a full week. Pretty neat swipe left again and you will come up on your heart rate monitor and if you go deeper, you can get some more details, but whats really going on with your ticker. Another swipe to your left takes you to your pi score.

Another takes you to your step counter which, when you swipe down breaks down your steps into distance covered, a final swipe to your left opens up the music controls. You can go back and forth to do your music and even rings all over the volume. Whether you are listening on your phone or via bluetooth, headset, all of those options for swiping left right or up and down, can be fully customized inside the zep app overall, the user experience of the zepp os is pretty smooth and straightforward. There arent enough apps to cause the watch to lag or slow down and the connection to your phone almost always never drops, and it connects quite quickly after the first time around thats the misfit bip s lite its, not a fully functioning smartwatch, as there are too Many glaring omissions that lose it out of that category, but the deceibric is not a fully functioning fitness device either because its just lacking in some ways what it does have going for. It, though, is a great screen: long lasting battery life and a decent array of fitness tracking apps its somewhere in between and thats, quite fine, considering its price and the price of its competitors. If youve got a bit more to spend, then you can check out some of the other options from amaze fit and if youre looking for something with wear os, but you dont want to break the bank, then you should check out some of teak watches courtesy of Mob boy – hey, that was fun, hope you enjoyed the review and if you did hit the like button and dont forget to drop a comment below ill, be sure to reply.