So let’s just start off the bar. There is so many different exercise options on this watch it’s unreal, everything from running all the way up to badminton a nice extra is the gps, so if you’ve ever on a long, walk or run – and you want to track your vitals and distance. This is great. I won’t say it’s perfect, but i would give it a strong 9 out of 10 and it will get the location pretty spot on. The screen is an lcd instead of oled screen this isn’t a bad thing at all. It brings the price down and in doing this, so it’s able to pack more into the actual watch, so you can set the screen timer to stay active for around 2 to 11 seconds, depending on your preference. If you want to activate the screen, all you need to do is tap it or another way you can do. This is actually twist your wrist vigorously and it will turn on. Hopefully all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work i’m going to be honest with you, but if you do it for the majority of the time, it will work. If you don’t want to do either of them two methods, you can just click the button on the right side of the watch. Very versatile in being able to switch your screen on in three different ways. Notifications are present with everything from whatsapp facebook and smn on it. The watch does notify you when you do have a call, but because it’s not got bluetooth, enabled voice activation.

So, unfortunately, you’re not able to answer the phone on the watch, you can either decline the call or send a custom message. I would have liked to be able to actually answer the phone. One feature that i do really like if you like, for me, i’m, forever doing a to do list. I do a to do list to do a to do list and you’re able to create one of these on the xenapp that’s, the app for the smartwatch on your mobile phone. You can set date times and it will also notify you so that’s a great little addition to the watch, there’s so much packed into this device it’s unreal, and once you get to grips with it, you won’t be disappointed at all. Now, when it comes to fitness, one thing you always want to keep an eye on is your heart rate? Well, the amaze fit be. You pro does this and achieves this, but at a cost – and i say this because it’s only i create around 75 of the time which isn’t a bad thing at all for the price. But if you do want something that’s going to get you 100 accurate. I would recommend going for a more expensive smartwatch. Music control is here this works flawlessly, but you will need to have your phone on you at all times: you’re, not able to upload any tracks or mp3s onto this device, like you were on the previous amaze fit devices that is a bit of a downfall, but As i say, it comes down to the cost again and if you’re looking to scroll through your playlist and pick a different song, unfortunately you’re not going to be able to do this, you can only pick next or previous or stock and pause.

Pretty basic alexa is also included in this, but i haven’t got around to really using this. The device runs off the zen, app and it’s pretty easy to get up and running just install the app and scan the qr code and you’re good to go just make sure. Once you open the app to go to settings and select which wrist you will wear this on, because if you put it on the wrong wrist and put it on the wrong tracking setting, it won’t actually track correctly. As i found out a couple of things to watch out for, if you have tattoos, you would need to put this on a place that you don’t have a tattoo. Yes, it seems silly, but for me, i’ve got tattoos all along my left, wrist and arm. I basically got a sleeve and for some reason, the heart rate monitor didn’t pick it up. I had to push the watch up slightly to where i had some skin left with no ink on it and another thing to watch out, for if you do like the watch a bit slack and loose on your wrist, it won’t actually track your heart rate. This failed numerous times on me. If i didn’t have it tight enough and i’ve got ta say when you do put it quite tight, the band does get quite sweaty quickly, so i would highly recommend getting a new strap for this, because the straps that they provide are just really really irritating.

After so long, if you’ve done a really sweaty workout, you will actually feel it on the wrist and your wrist will become really irritating. So one thing i haven’t been able to get to work on this is the sleep tracker i’ve tried on numerous wrists i’ve gone to sleep with it. I sleep with it pretty much every night, but it just doesn’t seem to track it correctly. It tracks it hit and miss so sometimes it will track it when i’m in a deep sleep, but not other times. It may be the settings that i need to play around with, but this isn’t really a big part of why i got the watch. So, for me, it’s not really a big issue. There is various different face plates you can get on the watch as well there’s, quite a lot it’s in the zen app. So all you need to do is go into the zen app go into library and then choose the relevant one. You want make sure bluetooth is on and it will download it straight to your phone now, if you’re like me and you suffer with anxiety, there is also a breathing app on it and it also tracks your stress. But for me these are a bit of a gimmicky addition. Not a lot of people will use them i’m, not gon na lie. I do use the breathing technique every now and again, but for me it’s just something that they’ve added in extra that i wouldn’t really use on a day to day basis.

You’Ve got a compass on there as well, so if you’re ever in the wild and you get lost, you’ll, be able to find yourself back with the compass now, if we scroll up on the watch, we get the notification screen shortcut. If we scroll down, we get the settings so we’ve got the light. Timer we’ve got various other settings, so we’ve got to the auto screen, screen, locking light upon notification and various other settings. If we go back and we go on to the left, then we’ve got alexa and then, if we go to the right, we’ve got all our activity, goals and our heart rate and so on, and you can customize this as well. So if you want different things to activate from swiping left or right, you’re able to do this as well, we’ve also got the weather on it, which does help me out a lot and when it’s raining you know i will not be walking home. So one thing i do want to mention on this as well: it has got a cycle tracker for all the females and it’s also got to find my phone. So when the app is connected to the phone and you lose a phone, all you need to do is click this and you will hear a long, sharp buzz and it will go for around three to four seconds and if you keep pressing it you’ll be able To find your phone so that’s, quite nice as well now.

In conclusion, the watch is not perfect, but for the money that you pay, it comes in for around 55 pounds in the uk and i believe, around 60 to 70 dollars in the us. You can’t go wrong with this smart watch. I would highly recommend it and i’ve used this for the last month. As my daily driver and i’ve got ta say i got no complaints with it at all, but i would say isn’t scratch proof, but it does take a lot of a battery and i would highly recommend getting a scratch proof case or cover for this. So let me know guys if you have got this watch or what kind of smart watch you use and what you like about it and what you don’t.