If you are new to wesno’s tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way we can be talking about the specs all day long, because the master gtr 2e is a great watch. It’S, a smartwatch that’s, basically a shortcut, a slightly shortcut version of the amasfit gtr 2.. It looks stunning, it looks amazing, well, let’s, be honest. 1.’ inch, amoled display with the 326 ppi just can’t. Look that bad as well as the borderless display. It’S got 90 sport modes, and six of these are actually auto detected. Now that’s, just amazing, there’s, inbuilt gps, there’s voice control to keep you happy. Alexa is coming via an ota update anytime soon. Now you get so many apps, so much features and functionality such as continuous heart rate, monitoring, continuous stress monitoring. You have your on demand or spot spo2 readings as well as that you’ve got your three sleep stages, so you deep your light and rem sleep as well as that it actually records naps as long as they’re over 20 minutes. On top of that, you get pie. The personal activity index – and we all know about that – just keep the value above 100 points and statistically speaking, you’re 25 percent less prone to getting heart disease. I can talk about that display for another day because it’s just amazing, 326 ppi. On top of that, you got the ambient light sensor, so you are going to get auto brightness.

You can do always on display. You’Ve got so many faces that you can download in the zepp app and if you’re not happy with any of them, then of course you do have the choice of actually uploading a picture from your smartphone to your watch. Face easy as pie and another thing with amazfit smartwatches: it doesn’t matter if you’re using an ios device as an iphone or you’re using an android phone and that can be anything from samsung to hawaii to xiaomi it doesn’t matter. So that’s, really quite good. Now, when the gtr 2w has just been delivered to me, i’ve actually done an intro to the gtr2e and i’ve put it up against the gtr 2.. So if you haven’t seen that review um i’m just gon na, have it up in the cards above me right now, so have a look at that uh just to get a feeling of what the gtr2e and in that video, i actually show that the difference is So minuscule so tiny between the two watches. Yes, the gtr 2, the flagship it does have a slightly better screen. The actual glass is 3d. Instead of the 2.5 d, i actually explained the differences there. The gtr gtr2 also has inbuilt storage for music. The gtr28 does not have that, but the gtr2e does have a temperature gauge. It looks just like it it’s only a little bit thicker by 0.1 millimeters, so i doubt you’re going to notice that and of course, it’s slightly heavier by half a gram.

So that’s not major but anyway that’s the gtr2e and i’ve, actually got it right here. So there we go. This beast right here, that’s what we’re going to be testing today. This is a comprehensive test where we are testing resting, heart rate, active heart rate as well as the gps, so without further ado let’s get into it. So let’s start with the accuracy of the gps, so we can see from the gpx app, as well as from the polar b tap that i’ve been out walking for 34 and a half minutes and i’ve covered a distance of 3.08 kilometers. Now let’s take a look at what the gtr 2e actually recorded on its inbuilt gps, and here we also see that the walking time or the workout time was 34 and a half minutes, but the distance registered was 3.19 kilometers. So we are off by about 110 meters or about three percent for the wrestling heart rate, we’re going to be checking what the optical heart rate sensor on the gto2e has actually measured and we’re going to be putting that against the o2 ring from welloo, so that O2 ring is actually medical grade, so it’s a continuous spo2 as well as heart rate, monitor, and here it is so. The spo2 ring has actually registered 62 beats per minute as the average resting heart rate over the night. Now the gtr2e has actually registered 63 beats per minute. The difference is minuscule it’s, tiny, it’s, almost non existent, and now i think, we’re ready to get into the most interesting and exciting bit of this accuracy, test we’re going to be looking at the active heart rate.

As tracked by the optical heart rate sensor on the gto2e and the polar h10 ecg, chest, strap so let’s quickly look at what the polar h10 has actually registered. So it picked up the average heart rate of 146 beats per minute, while the max heart rate was registered at 167 beats per minute. The gtr 2e has actually picked up. The average heart rate at 138 beats per minute, giving us a variance of eight beats per minute or five point: five percent, so that’s an underestimation of five and a half percent. Now the max heart rate was also underestimated by four beats per minute or 2.4 percent. If we look at the chart, we can see where the problem area is so about three four minutes into the workout. We can see that the peak just sort of drops down and while the ecg chest strap, is picking up quite high activity, where my heart rate is up above 140 beats per minute. The gtr 2e is just reducing the heart rate and it drops down all the way to 120 beats per minute, and we can see that this underestimation actually lasts for about four minutes. Then it does pick up, but once again one of the peaks where we can actually see the 167 beats per minute being reached by the ecg chest, strap that’s not registered it’s cut off by the gtr 2e. Then we go down to the throw the throw seems to be fine, it does pick it up.

We can see an obvious lag in the pickup of the heart rate and in the last three minutes or so of the workout. The gt r2 is doing a good. A relatively good tracing of the ecg chest strap overall problem areas, and this is something that we’ve picked up on another model from a mass fit the gts 2e. If you recall it also undercuts and underestimates the peaks of your heart rate, i would say the gtr2 does perform slightly better than the gts2e, but still it’s way worse than the gtr or the gts2 mini, and by the way the gta is too many wow. We love that optical heart rate sensor in basically every test and comparisons against garmin fitbit samsung. It just kills them like the gts2 mini heart rate sensor is amazing, but anyway, back to the gtr 2e it’s a great watch, it does show good potential. If we talk about the other metrics like gps, sleep accuracy as well as uh resting heart rate, i think that the gtr 2e actually performed really well. We can see that there are no problems again. Things are happening when we are working out. The peaks are being underestimated and that’s a slight problem. I don’t think it’s major but it’s there anyways thanks for watching.