We havent done one in a while, in fact, i think its been several years now so when amazefit reached out and asked if they could sponsor a video, a mystery unboxing to be exact, as, like sure lets do this ive heard a lot about this company, but I havent really covered them on this channel, but ive heard great things and recently ive been into wearables, so im secretly hoping that theres a new wearable inside this box. They sent this box theyre, calling it the amaze box. So i guess its time to open it. Together, they kind of alluded to it by calling it their biggest update ever alright lets lift this up. This is a pretty tall box. The suspense is killing me first up, theres theres a lot of shredded paper in here. I got something: oh a hat. Lets wear it. How do i look next? What else could be in here a note card? It says: are you ready to up your game with the all new amaze fit? Yes, try out our brand new smart watch for your vip hands only and see how it takes you to the next level. Thank you guys. Alright lets see what else is in here a plaque. It says: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero! Two! I wonder: who got zero? Zero one, if you guys ever find out, let me know in the comments section below okay, i think theres one more thing in here, another box: it has a question mark on it.

This has to be the big surprise and amazement says its their biggest update ever. Are you guys ready – because i sure am tada – looks like its a new smart watch, all right, its the gtr 3 pro? So, apparently, the team from amaze fit left instructions with chai to state my case to be able to publicly announce my wish list before i open the box, which is pretty bold so here they are. If i were to design a smart watch, i would want it to have amazing battery life more than a day. I would love comprehensive, workout tracking and comprehensive sleep tracking, alright lets open it up and take it for a spin inside. We can find the watch itself. The amaze fit gtr 3 pro in brown leather and over here on this side, some paperwork and, on the other side, a charging, cable Music. So its been a few days since the unboxing and as it turns out amazefit just announced the gtr3 pro, which is kind of cool because ive been using it in the wild for almost a week. Now, as this is a sponsored video, i just want to reiterate that this is not a review, but because ive used the device for a bit and because i want you to walk away. Having learned something here are things that i love about the new the maze fit gtr 3 pro Music, while the apple watch requires you to own an iphone and the galaxy watch for an android phone.

Regardless of what phone you like to use, the amazefit 3 pro supports it to set it up just download the zep app available on either androids google play store or apples app store. All features are available, regardless of what platform youre on, i know looks arent everything, but come on apart from being packed with features. A good smart watch needs to look great too and with its matte aluminum finish and beveled circular display. This watch will look good on you, whether youre working out or dressing up its a bit of a modern and classic timepiece. At the same time, the watch comes in two flavors brown, leather and infinite black, which comes with an anti bacterial floral elastomer strap. It also accepts third party 22 millimeter bands, so you can go from sporty to dressed up in a cinch. I also like how big the watch face is at 1.45 inches its one of the largest screens on a smartwatch today, with an equally large screen to body ratio of 70.6 Music. Smart watches these days come with a host of health sensors that can measure things like your blood oxygen level and your heart rate on the gtr3 pro thanks to its biotracker 3.0 sensor. You can measure four things all at the same time: blood oxygen, saturation, stress levels, breathing rate and heart rate. All you have to do is look for one tap, measuring it takes 45 seconds and make sure to sit still.

These are my results by the way, if youd like you, can have the watch continuously track. Your stress levels and heart rate just know that this will drain your battery faster Music. Everyone rants about smart watches that cant even last you a whole day, amaze fit promises. 12 days of battery life, which is possible, if you have the right settings but could also be a stretch, if you have the always on display, turned on and youre tracking your workouts every day. But i got close to a week of use and thats pretty good compared to other smart watches, ive tested lately, amazefit runs its own smartwatch operating system called zepp os. To be honest, i havent used it before, but it was easy to figure out and to navigate everything feels familiar you just swipe down to access the control center. You swipe to the right for shortcuts to frequently use tools and when you press on the crown you get to your list of apps, the crown is also a navigation tool. So while you can scroll up and down with your fingers, you can also turn the crown like you would: a navigation dial. The second button is an assignable shortcut button. I currently have it set to workouts, but you could also assign it to the watchs built in assistant, alexa, Music. Remember this any good. Smart watch needs to be a good fitness tracker too, and thankfully amazefit is able to track up to 150 different workouts.

I recently just reviewed the galaxy watch 4 and my biggest complaint was that it didnt have strength, training or hit workouts, which i do often so i was happy to see that the gtr 3 pro tracks, both of them as a runner. I also like a feature called virtual pacer. You can find it in running settings and it allows you to set a pace you want to maintain and on your run, it will notify you if you fall below that pace. Music. Lately ive been obsessed with tracking my sleep. It helps me to be able to improve my sleep hygiene so that i wake up, refreshed and ready to take on each new day. The gtr3 pro does a good job at tracking sleep. It can even detect naps. Your sleep score is broken down into how much deep light and rem sleep youre getting and for an even more detailed report. You can also choose to turn on sleep breathing quality. Overall, i really enjoyed my time testing out the new amaze fit gtr 3 pro. In fact, im thinking, i might even want to do a review. Let me know if thats something that you want to see and if you do make sure youre subscribed to this youtube channel and hit that bell notification so that you get notified as soon as we upload. Follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes. Fun stuff and, as always, make gadgetmatch.