If you fancy yourself pretty much all of the features that youd get in a Samsung or an apple Smartwatch, but with the added bonus of superior battery life, then the amazfit gtr4 May well be what youre after and this latest model also boasts. Upgraded GPS tracking for serious accuracy, so Ive had this thing cling into my arm now for the best part of a fortnight, using it as my full time, Smartwatch so heres my in depth, Amaze Fit gtr4 review and for more on the listening greatest Tech. Please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers so lets start with how it looks and feels and yeah. You could certainly see that the amazfit watch gtr4 looks pretty simple and straightforward, but it is also a smart. Looking Smart Watch youve got an aluminum frame which is cut from a single piece of metal, and it is super light, despite the size of it at just 34 grams, and the gtr4 is impressively skinny as well suddenly compared with a lot of other smart watches. So you barely even feel it when its sat on your wrist. If you wanted to be a bit of a Debbie Downer, you could see. It was quite boring, though isnt it theres, really not much going on Beyond. You know a little bit of red on the buttons there, but to be fair, the likes the more expensive Samsung Galaxy watch also didnt, really pack any Frills or Flair in there personally Id just rather have something.

Thats neat and tidy like this on the edge there that stainless steel Crown can be rotated to scroll up and down through relevant menus, and you can also long press it to call up Alexa and jump into the app of your Chosen and likewise that bottom button Is a shortcut button? You can quick tap it to load up whichever app you like by default. It starts to work out and after a couple of weeks of full on use, the misfit watch gtr4 is still box fresh, absolutely no Nicks or scuffs, or scratches to speak of anywhere on that screen or the actual frame and youve also got five atmospheres of water Resistance, you can take it swimming in Auckland, whatever youre into this right here is the nylon strap that comes bundled with your Misfit watch gtr4, but youve got a couple of different options. You could also grab it in leather or flu raw, alas, fleural elastomer. I always got that goddamn word fluoro elastomer and, like more smart watches these days, you can quickly and easily whip off. This strap Chuck another one on to change up the look and feel now when you first get your Misfit watch, gtr4 youll want to download and install the Zep app onto your smartphone. This is used to set up the watch and its super quick and easy, and the great thing is: if you swap your smartphone as well, you can quickly and easily transfer your Smartwatch onto the new phone without having to reset it or anything like that.

As you can see, Ive reviewed a few of the emirs fit watches in my time and as well as setting up the smart watch. This app allows you to completely configure it as well lots of different tools and settings to play around with so, for instance, in here, youll be able to set up your health monitoring options, including heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, all that good stuff. You can also set up your notifications as well as seeing exactly which apps are allowed to give you a little buzz on the wrist. You can also Download Fresh watch faces from in here. If you get bored of the default ones, you can change up the widgets that appear on the watch and youve got some little tools like find watch if it gets lost down the back of the sofa on inside the dog or something. And if you ever fancy a detailed breakdown of exactly how healthy or unhealthy you happen to be just jump on into the Zep app Ive done a mighty 73 steps. So far, today, Im going to calm it down before my heart explodes now. The display here on the misfit watch gtr4 is a 1.43 inch. Amoled screen thats a mattes bollock smaller than the old gtr3 pro panel, its once again an absolute Corker, though 326 pixels per inch. So nice and crisp like most AMOLED displays youve got nice sharp contrast. Those blacks are well and truly black nice poppy colors as well, and its bright enough to clearly see Outdoors even when the sun is shining.

The auto brightness does the job nicely as well, so itll dim down in more ambient light and then boost right up to the maximum levels. When you are Outdoors nice wide viewing angles as well. So just as good as the displays youll find on most premium. Smart watches, as for the actual UI, while its not wear Os or anything like that on here, what youve got instead is zeppos version 2.0 baby, its pretty streamlined and a reasonably smooth experience as well as you can see when youre flipping around you rarely get much In the way of judders, its just little things like when you flick to the media controls just takes a fraction of a second just for the the information to actually pop up. All the widgets you see here are fully customizable, so you can take some out put some fresh ones in if you dont, like the general setup. The easiest way of doing this is once again via that Zep up. As you can see, these are all the ones that we currently dont have on there. Theres lots to choose from you could also reorder them, so theyre set up any way you like, and if you just flick your finger right from that main watch, face youll bring up this rather handy all encompassing Mega widget screen again fully customizable. This gives you fast access to the Alexa assistant, your media controls and lots of health stats and shenanigans, the weather, Etc.

Again by default, you can fully customize this. My only complaint here is that, once again, those media controls can be a little bit slow to get going and if you flick down from the main watch face, you can play around with pretty much any of the watch settings right here on the device itself. Youve got the usual handy stuff, like you can mess around with the brightness levels. Youve got theater more to do not disturb good old sleep mode as well, for when youre getting a bit of 40 Winks at night top this little Cog icon down here at the bottom and as you can see there, youve got fast access to all of your Settings so its really good that you can play around with this stuff directly on the watch as well as via the Zep app. As for the watch faces well, theres, not a massive number pre installed here on the watch, gtr4 and theyre. All kind of similar, mostly analog, mostly just very straightforward, black background, boring effects, but if you want to shake things up a bit just dive back on into that Zep app go to watch faces and youve got a much wider variety on here. The only problem being that quite a lot of them, you do have to actually pay real life money for so of the 200 or so watch faces that are on offer. Quite a lot of them do come money thats it its probably about half and half.

This. Does include a selection of very funky animated watch faces, however, to really liven up your wrist, of course, because these were a bit bigger than just the static watch faces. You are look at it quite a considerable amount of time to actually sync things up, so I hope youre, the patient type and pretty much all of the smart watches, have a matching always on display as well just to keep the experience consistent and if you go To the custom background section, you can actually download your own photos and images or use pictures of your family, your pets, whatever you fancy and create your own personalized watch face now. If you push in the crown just the ones dont long press it, then youll bring up a list of all of the apps that are downloaded here onto the watch. Gtr4. All of the basics are on here, including your weather, app, your music, your alarm, calendars, timers! All that good stuff, you got a compass and a barometer youve, got stress tracking voice memos, even a Pomodoro Timer, which Ive never even heard of before I reviewed this watch, apparently its a form of time management. You just sell it for anything between 5 and 60 Minutes on five minute increments, and the watch will then count down giving you that amount of time to focus on a particular task. Notifications will be blocked off and everything as well to keep you in the zone and then, when that time is over, you get a little bit of respite, and then you can start all over again.

If you want, you can actually store music on the watch as well. If you want to untether from your smartphone, go, enjoy some complete Freedom. Youve got about two gigs of space to play with so certainly a very healthy selection of apps, and you can actually download more via the Zep app as well. Its got its own built in App Store. This is very poorly organized, though it is literally just a list which is rather great and but to be fair, theres only a few dozen apps in here. So it wont take you long to check them all out anyway, and most of these are very basic indeed, or they basically do the same job as another app that youve already got on the watch so pretty pointless. You do have a small selection of games and time wasters as well, if youre really really bored, my favorite is most definitely the tap the numbers in the correct order game its an absolute Thriller who needs GTA, 6 eh, all sarcasm aside, though you do have to Immediately download Discord, flashlight, which is just the best thing ever lets, get the party started now. Notifications here on the amazfit GTR 4 are pretty decent to be fair. Youve got full control over which apps are allowed to notify you, and when you do get an email, you do get a fair bit of text to flick through. So you can decide whether its worth responding to or not.

Unfortunately, with the vast majority of apps you cant actually respond via the watch itself. All you can do is delete a notification. If you want to actually reply, youll have to go to all the trouble of pulling your phone out of your pocket and doing it the old fashioned way. Now the amazfit watch gtr4 comes with a built in speaker and mic like many premium. Smart watches out there great, if you just want to you, know, answer a phone call right there on your wrist without any other faff of picking up your smartphone Mike does a pretty good job of picking up your voice, even in a fairly noisy environment, not too Raucous, of course, and the speaker is loud enough, so you can hear what is going on again as long as theres, not too much background noise going on and as far as smart watch assistance go where youve got Alexa baked into this thing. But unfortunately I was really struggling to get it to work at my time with the gtr4. For some reason, my Amazon account wasnt like in life on the Zep app. So I kept getting this check internet connection message Im going to keep on working at it see if I can figure out what the bloody problem is now slapped here on the bottom end of the Amaze fit watch. Gtr4 is the fresh new bio tracker 4.0 sensor, which is apparently is even more accurate than previous models, and also can record more Shenanigans than ever before.

Now as before, you have an app on here which can record four different metrics with just a single Puck thats. Your heart rate, your sbr2 levels, which is basically your blood oxygen, your stress levels and also your breathing rate, only takes 45 seconds and its handy. If you want all those metrics all in one quick go and the amazfit watch, gtr4 can also keep track of your Pi score, which is basically just a way of showing you how active youve been over the past seven days and, of course, youve got the usual Step count Shenanigans, all that good stuff as well. Although the step count seems a bit all over the place. To be honest, it seems reasonably accurate when Im actually walking but then other times. Itll reckon Ive done literally thousands of steps when Ive just been stirred In This Very Room right here, just shooting videos or not really sure whats. Up with that – and I pretty much all smart watches these days – the misfit watch GTR 4 can track a frankly ludicrous number of different exercises and workouts, whether youre into combat water balls even stuff that could never feasibly be described as a workout like putting a nice Game a Ludo Im, sorry, but if its not Twisted, then surely it is not a workout and the misfit watch gtr4 can also automatically start tracking a small number of exercises, including walking, running rolling and cycling. I certainly did find, though, with the Walker now to boost the sensitivity of the auto tracking up to high.

Otherwise, it just would not even acknowledge that I was moving about the place, but once Id done that it then worked really really well picked up. But when I started walking almost immediately and recorded the full route, only finally stopping when I actually stopped for around a minute or so and again when you are in the middle of a workout session, the UI will look very familiar to anyone. Whos used to wear OS and things like that. You got all your stats popping up there on the main display. You can flick this way to access your media controls and you can flick at least away to either pause or finish the workouts. The watch can also help you do interval training if youre weightlifting or something like that. As for your third party Health, app support where you got Strava support on the gtr4 and apparently Adidas running support will be added in a future update. Now one of the big upgrades for the gtr4 of a previous amazfit smart watches is the satellite tracking. Apparently, this thing uses five different Positioning Systems and thats, also, apparently not enough, because support for a sixth one will be added in a future update, and certainly when Ive done, you know a walk or a run checked out the route map. Afterwards, the accuracy is very impressive. Indeed, it never seems to stream more than a couple of feet from where I actually went and if youre the kind of person who likes generally piddling about in the wilderness, for whatever reason and youre having to get yourself lost.

Well, no worries this watch can help generally guide you back to where you started without too much hassle. Youve also got full support for sleep tracking here on The Miz fit watch gtr4 and it can allegedly even record any daytime naps. You take so be warned. This thing knows when youre skiving off work. Sadly, I didnt really have a chance to test out this deer time, snoozy feature because everyone has released an all of the tech right now got ta say the sleep tracking isnt, the most accurate or useful here on the Amaze fit watch, for instance like this deer. Here I woke up several times during the night spent a good couple of hours, just staring at the ceiling having your usual mild anxiety, attack. All of that good stuff and apparently theyd, give me a sleep score of 95 and at no point did the watch actually recognize that I was awake. However, as usual with the mirrors fit, it is all good news. When it comes to the battery life, youve actually got a bigger battery, stuffed inside of the gtr4 compared with previous models, its 475 milliamp hours. Now a misfit reckons. This will deliver 14 days of standard use, its actually closer to about eight days of use and thats. If youre doing lots of exercise tracking on this thing, youve got the always on display, active, etc, etc. So, over a week still, which is very bloody good for a modern, Smart Watch, especially when you consider most wear OS watches and the likes of the Apple watch.

Ultra, which is basically like having a house bricks strapped to your arm, they can only go a couple of days between charges at best and youve got the usual power saver mode. If you want to strip away most of the smart functionality, leave it with the most basic functions such as you know telling the time, and that gives you then about a month of use on a single charge. So good news. If youre buggering off into the middle of nowhere, where theres no PowerPoints to charge it back up again and then when it is fully drained your slap, the misfit watch gtr4 and the bundled magnetic dock at about two hours on there well give you a full charge. So there you have it my lovelies, that is my full final Frank review of The Miz fit watch GTR for a pretty solid feature, packed Smartwatch costing just 200 pounds, which is a damn sight cheaper than the likes of your Apple watches. Your Samsung Galaxy watches is despite the fact, youve got much better battery life. Of course, on the flip side, the amazfit watch gtr4. Yes, it can be a bit more shonky, its not quite as slick you dont have the same, dedicated app support, for instance. But what do you guys reckon are you tempted by the amazfit watch gtr4, be great to your thoughts in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell for more on the latest and greatest Tech and have yourselves a really wonderful rest of the week.

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