Are you a smartwatch lover and if you’re looking for one of the amazing and stylish watch in the market, then this is the one which is under 7 000 rupees, which can make you feel good, which trunks good and which looks even better. So there’s. No reason that you shouldn’t be picking this amazfit gts midi 2 watch, which is under 7000 rupees, so let’s get started with its amazing features so guys. The amazefit had launched a divide of smart watches over the past few months, and the smart watches, which are made for gta’s to have launched are under a maze for gts2 series, which are gts2, which comes in square shape. As s is symbolized and then gtr 2, which comes in a round shape, and they do have their other version called gts2e and then gtr2e and also they have recently launched this amaze for gts2 mini as well, which obviously comes in different shapes and sizes. This is very obvious from its name amaze for gts2 midi. It comes with a smaller form factor. However, this has a very slightest difference from its main watch, which is gts 2 or gtr 2 only 0.1 inch difference, so it perfectly fits in my wrist. If you are looking for a little biggish wash, then you have to add a little more money. However, in this price range you won’t find anything better than this watch first thing: first guys whenever we go in the market to get anything we’ll look for it’s looks how it looks from outside right.

So let’s talk about the colors, it comes in three standard colors. The first is standard black color, then green and then flamingo pink, which will remind you of apple watch, which comes in flamingo pink. Of course, this is standard black color. However, if it’s in pink color, then you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between a maze, fit and apple watch now let’s come to the strap guys. The amaze for gts2 mini uses soft silicon straps, which are extremely comfortable to use. I had this watch almost on my wrist for past 24 hours and not even once. I felt that i have to take this off or i felt any discomfort it’s extremely comfortable, so you won’t even realize that you’re wearing it, however it’s doing its magic. This watch and wholesome is pretty lightweight, despite the fact that the frame is of metal. This is even better so that you can use it while sleeping and it won’t cause you any discomfort. The amaze fit gts2 mini flaunts, somewhat very stylish and very posh. It looks very classy isn’t it. The answer is yes, it is. It looks very posh, because any smart watches which comes in such designs tend to cost a lot of money. However, amaze for gts2 mini is in your pocket friendly button, while there isn’t any distinctive factor for this watch. However, this could be compensatory for the people who thinks apple watch is quite expensive for them. Other smart watches, the amazing gta, is too many takes the major cues from this apple smartwatch.

Because of this square shaped design. Also, the smartwatch comes with 1.55 inches display screen with rounded corners, and it is one of the best smartwatch which i have seen in the market under 7000 rupees with such an amazing display screen, the display produces vibrant and crisp visuals that you wouldn’t have any issues. Reading, even under the direct sunlight now let’s talk about the style, this metal frame adds a fine touch to its watch and that gives a watch a very, very premium and posh look isn’t it. It looks very premium and, if not for the metal frame, this watch will look so ordinary that are available in the market and i wouldn’t go for those watches then. So this is another plus point for this watch guys display is covered with 2.5 dimensional curved glasses. That provides a vibrant graphics, two and a half dimension like pretty much close to 3d. However, it’s a bit lesser than that and right inside the crown button does the job of a home button that will take you to the different menus and different activities on the smartwatch and one of the most important part why it is called perfect for women, though It is a unisex watch because of the fact that it has a female cycle. Tracker and that’s gon na be a very, very plus point if you’re gon na get this watch for yourself now let’s talk about its performance. If we talk about this gts2 mini, then i would say it has borrowed only the main features from its elder sibling, which is gts or gtr2.

The mini doesn’t come with the inbuilt speakers or voice assistant facility. If you’re someone who is looking for the voice, assistant or nba speakers in your smart watches, then you should go for a gtr, 2 or gts to watch this tracks pretty much everything distracts your sleep distracts your heart rate. This tracks your steps activities, but it does not take your voice, commands now. Let’S talk about the pairing part or how you’re going to record your activities and other stuff for that. You need to pair your smartwatch with the zep app and that is pretty user friendly. You can just go through the steps, and that is very quick and easy to record or to pair your smartwatch with the zip app now coming to the sports activities. Amazfit gts comes with 70 plus inbuilt um sports activities such as running swimming cycling, yoga skipping your treadmill, your running elliptical trainer, climbing others. So basically, it will track pretty much everything personally i’ve used this for running and skipping, and the results are pretty accurate and consistent for me, but from the usual track. Is it tracks your oxygen level in the blood which is spo2, it tracks your heart rate, and it also attracts your stress level and the most important part for the female that attracts your menstrual cycle as well, so that’s very added advantages in this watch. However, there’s only one issue which i found in this amazing gts2 mini watch, which needs to be rectified that it’s very, very low refresh rate and that takes up the entire battery from it.

So that’s a little issue part, however, that doesn’t concern me much now coming to the most important part of the smartwatch, which is its battery life. The company claims that amaze for gta is too many. Despite of housing, 220 milliampere per hour battery, it lasts for 14 days on a normal use and seven days with a very heavy use, so use it wisely guys. For me, the battery lasted for more than seven days on a single charge. So i’m pretty happy with this. I guess one of the feature that drains out maximum battery from the smartwatch as it’s always on mode, and if you don’t want to use that feature, then you can just deselect that option also guys one of the another major feature in the smart watches by health Assessment system – and this helps people manage their own health status, with an easy to understand. Activity tracking indicator, that is by study, says that if any person who maintains the buy score over 100, then they can maintain a very good health life. Also guys. There are a few additional features as well like bluetooth camera, which will help remotely control your phone to take photos and to turn on the selfie camera that also, it has another major uh feature, which is five atm water resistant. Where you can wear this watch on a daily basis and you can do the swimming and other other water activities too and another is a pomodoro clock which, obviously you know guys.

So this seems like a perfect wash for the people who doesn’t require any high end feature guys under the very very affordable price of rupees, seven thousand only so at risk. Seven thousand the gts2 mini is the best solution when it comes to smart watches, so you’re still looking for option guys. No, i don’t think so. You shouldn’t be even looking for any option after this review and i hope you have enjoyed this video and it was very useful for you and if you have any suggestions or any feedback, please leave that in the comment section until then take care of yourself.