My name is hassan – has to fix today. I’Ve got this amazing. I misfit gs2 mini watch. Let me show you what’s inside the box and the features, as you guys can see, it’s got a split light. Design let’s go always on display, they blood oxygen, it’s got cycling, tracking sleeping quality motions 14 days battery life, so i’ve actually tried. This watch i’ve opened already i’m, just showing you guys for the video purpose, but it does actually 14 days. It does if you’re not using as much if you’re, not using like phone calls and all that stuff, if you’re, just using just watch as a normal watch, nothing it can last for me, lasted like 12 days but it’s almost there, because i use something. Sometimes i use the music and stuff the features quite amazing, so let’s open it Music. So this is Music here Music, so i used to have apple watch until the screen’s broken as you guys can see the glasses broke and my warranty is finished. I had more than a year i can’t fix the parts problems with the parts there’s no original parts and they’re not functioning properly. So there’s no point in trying to fix it. As you guess, you can see the design they’re going for this atmosphere. It’S, almost the same Music for the aluminium metal frame, the side same so this is the charger. The charge is actually quite nice. It’S got nice easy attach to attach as easily Music it’s got so many things you guys can do it it’s also about an app that you can use to download all the interface this face.

All you do just hold it and you can change whichever face you want, as you can see, it gives you different features, but once you go on the app on the phone you download it, it gives you a lot more. You can download it. You can see you can do it. It’S got enough memory for you to download and store some stuff inside it. It’S got a lot of stuff a lot of apps. You can store same like the apple watch there’s, so many things Music. This one’s also called all you need to just connect your phone to your bluetooth and you can use it like. So the reason i went for this for this watch it’s a lot cheaper than apple watch, the apple watch. The price is going for. The lowest price is 330.. This one recorded for 80 pounds and play for dollar spa nearly 100 Music. So i watched i can do similar stuff to the apple watch times: cheaper, it’s, no brainer and the quality is actually quite good. Music. The quality feels nice Music. Once you download the app on your phone, this is how it’s gon na look. You can just download once your profile is connected Music, and then it gives you a lot more Music. You can download it tracks keeps all your record on the app. So you can follow and see what progress have you done in the week? A lot of stuff? You can do you can check your workouts and everything you can do.

Music, Music, let’s call this active gold it’s, the monetary sleeping we work out work. Our history keeps all the records. Everything it’s got, alarms got even more stuffs, and this is actually the price that you get for it’s amazing. So if you guys find this helpful, please subscribe to my channel and check out my description. I’Ll put a link on where you can get the watch from. I believe this watch now is in bargain price. I think in the future. They’Re gon na put the price up. This also comes with three different colors.