You guys are doing absolutely fantastic in this video. Let me show this amazfit gts2 mini a quality smart watch with a great value for money. In my opinion, i’m going to start with a quick unboxing and then guys are going to check all the specs at least i’ll try to if you’re not subscribed to the channel. Please consider subscribing. Thank you very much for your support. Let’S go guys all right! So let’s do a quick unboxing. I know this is the boring part of the video. Let me just show you the box, so at the front here you have, of course the amaze fit gts2 mini, as you can see, slim and light design, always on display blood, oxygen, saturation measurement, 70 plus sports mode, and here, on the other side, you can see Women’S cycle tracking 24 hours, art rate monitoring, sleep, quality, monitoring and 14 days of battery life. Okay, so you have the user manual charging cable and basically the gts2 mini watch. Looking good with, in this sage, green, all right, let’s turn it on we’re, presented straight away with the qr code to download the app which we already have. Of course, i have my old gtr still love it and if you notice over there there’s the amaze feet, beep light already reviewed on the channel links down below for both reviews. Let’S just quickly add the watch to the app so add the watch with the qr code, and then the only thing you need to do is point it there.

It will start searching Music accept, binding and that’s it. Your watch will be paired with your phone there’s. Only one watch kit that can be paired with your app at once so let’s pair this one and skip the gtr for now. Okay, so now the device is paired with my phone completely and we are asked to do a firmware update straight away, which you’re going to do. Okay looks like the update is now completed. Okay, now, let’s have a look at the design. Let’S, do a quick walk around so very lightweight guys, 19.5 grams. You can get it in three colors mine is the sage green, as i mentioned, and it will match the case here. The plastic case on the back – and you have this alloy here and, of course, this beautiful amoled 1.55 inch always on display, as you guys can see. Now you went back to what always on that will match the watch face you have at the moment. Hopefully, you guys can tell the quality of the display through this camera. If you want to change, for example, the display just press, an alt, you can change it to a different one and always on display will match whatever you have there yeah, as you guys can see there. Music speaking of the face is a cool feature of the watches. You can edit the face itself different parts of the face, for example here this bit at the bottom, or that so let’s change this one that and then you can change to a different setting.

Art rate, for example, you got the battery level, calories, etc same day, the weather, uv, humidity, yeah. You get the idea pretty pretty nice stuff this one, for example, as the alexa trigger straight away. Also, better luck in london and you get the info there. Nice, the display itself has 450 nits of brightness. This watch has gps built in so it will track your exercise on the map as well and is waterproof in terms of the strap the manufacturer called skin friendly silicone material. The battery itself, amazefit saying, is last 14 days to be honest with you guys from my experience i think seven days, it’s quite a good number in terms of normal use, at least for me Music. So here you have the crown you can press. If you rotate it nothing happens. You need to use the touch screen display. So if you push it downwards, you get kind of a quick settings. You can turn on. Do not um disturb your alarms straight away to the brightness can say to automatically adjust the brightness in here then the watch face settings i mentioned before. If you scroll to the right, you get your activity goal that can be set on the app. The heart rate, monitor blood, oxygen, monitor, stress level, and this is the p a i you’ve got the weather and you can pair it with your phone to have the controls of the music there to go to the menus.

Just press. The button you’ll see loads of menus guys i’m, not going to cover everything in this video. But let me just really quick show you have the the activity goal that i showed before heart rate monitor. Of course, this watch shouldn’t be used as a medical instrument, which is not just a smart watch, show have that in mind guys you got the heart rate. Monitor sleep monitor the workout i’m, going to show you that in a minute, workout history let’s, for example, have a look. I did some tests where you can see this outdoor cycling. I wasn’t cycling. I was driving, but you get the idea. There’S loads of info that are registered in the watch itself and on the app i’ll show you that in a minute yeah guys overall, i think it’s a very nice unit, alexa bringing exercise um woman cycle tracking. You have your to do list your alarms in in terms of settings here, there’s plenty of stuff that you can tweak now. Let’S talk about the fitness tracking itself. So if you go here guys, you see plenty of sports by plenty i mean 70 plus, according to a maze, fit there’s plenty of stuff there. So if you go to more sports, we have even more there just endless endless. So you pick the sport you want. So rowing machine and then go, and you can in real time see your heart rate, monitor, etc. If you are outside it will track using the built in gps.

It will track you on the map. Speaking of that guys, let me just show you the app really quick when put it on the screen. You can see just a small history, a small log of what happened. For example, looking at the sleep monitor, the app will tell you how many hours you slept deep sleep, rem, light sleep as you guys can tell, and if you press it like so you’ll see the amount of minutes, and here will give you kind of a report Of that, as well same with the exercise, and then you can select let’s, say cycling, and here, if you press this one you’ll see on the map, the exercise you did and over here at the bottom, you can see different aspects about the exit sites, very detailed Guys gon na spend a lot of time on the app on the watch settings itself. Of course you can get different watch faces to your watch. There’S plenty to choose from and looking here you got a notification where you can turn on or off the notifications. You want let’s just try the call notification on the phone and sms, so the thunder hearing is from my phone. The watch won’t produce any sound, but here you can reject the call or turn it down like. So, like mute, the call i mean after that, you get a notification there in terms of sms. I tried on the iphone and on the android, and i couldn’t get notifications to work the whatsapp it does work.

Let me just try to show you here guys yeah and you get the preview as well, so that’s, good, okay, continuing on the app you can set different vibrations. You have the elf monitoring here and on the watch settings you can send the main location and set your language. Hey guys, there’s plenty of stuff. You can do we’re going to be here forever if we cover everything, yeah guys so far, i’m happy with this watch, as you guys can tell i charged the battery yesterday and i only have 77 left yeah guys so far i’m enjoying this watch a lot. It looks premium i do like the the features it has, but most of all i do like this screen. Let me know in the comment section if you want to see or if you want to know anything in particular: okay, guys so let’s wrap the video i’m going to leave a link down below. So you guys can check it out. The watch and the current price overall guys i’m a bit biased. I do like the amaze fit as a brand. I do have my gtr there, the beep light, and now this gts2 mini it’s, not disappointing at all. It does look good looks premium. The screen is amazing, but a smooth touch screen the battery could be a bit better, but of course, the way you charge it’s, very straightforward, yeah, guys hope you enjoyed this video if you did click the like button and please don’t forget subscribe to the channel.

Thank you very much for your support. Like always guys, thank you very much for watching and hope.