You put your heart on a letter. Amazefit is known for their amazing, smart watches and for the remarkable health tracking features. Amazfit’S gts2e have been with us for a while now, but is this still a great smartwatch will be a good apple watch. Alternative let’s find out welcome to the review of the amaze fit gts 2e welcome back tiago here. How are you today? We have another great smart watch to review if you’re new. Here i do a lot tech reviews and unboxings like this one, if it’s something that interests you please consider subscribing in the end of the video, and if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. That will help the channel with this said. Let’S start the review of the amaze feed gts2e, starting with the price in uk, the price tag is 119 pounds and in us the price is 1′.99. Like always, i will leave affiliate links on the video description. Please check them out for the best price we are in the middle of 2021, and so many watches came out already. One of them was the amazfit gts2e with a great price. Now you will get gps, smart assistant, templar sensor and so many other functions. Let’S see what is inside of the box unboxing the maze fit is so pleasing. Just a side note: the company is part of the xiaomi ecosystem, so it’s a great brand for sure. On the box, you will get the gts 2e.

With the silicon, strap the charging cable and the user’s guide. Taking the watch out of the box, you will notice that is a great quality watch. It comes with silicone, strap with a 20 millimeters width and it can be replaced. The gts 2e have a 42.8 millimeter size with a ‘ grams weight. The body is made of a mini alloy with a temperate glass screen, with anti figure print. On top the back. You have a strong plastic material with the summer. Letters coming well, at least in uk you’ll, be pleased to know that the gts2e is waterproof and swimming proof until 50 meters. So you can do scuba diving. If that’s your thing, the gts2e looks great and have one amazing screen: it’s a 1.65 inches square amoled with tempered glass and a difficult print coating. In my opinion, all the watches should have that coating. Moving on to the full specs up to 20 days, battery life, hr tracking temperature sensor, spo2 sensor, stress and sleep monitoring, gps built in alexa, smart assistant, built in microphone with voice commands 246 million per hour battery inside a great app with plenty tracking features. The hardware doesn’t support, storing music, installing apps or maps navigation, but, in my opinion, that’s, not the most important characteristics on the smart watch, let’s see what we can do with the gtx 2e. Connecting the watch to your phone is no problem. I have used an iphone. The watches uses bluetooth, 5.

0 and haven’t noticed any loss of connection you’ll need a maze fit up installed and your phone zap is the name but more on up. In a few minutes, let’s see some of the features now, starting with the one that only a few smart watches have the temperature sensor. The sensor will measure the temp from your wrist and that is not the same value of your forehead temperature. With this in mind, it’s still a good implementation to track your health. The sensor works and reacts to temperature changes quickly, as you can see, but is not accurate at the moment. Moving on to the sp02 tracking sensor works only when you open the app on your watch and measures yourself, the hr tracking seems accurate and provides you 24 hours tracking other apps on the gts2e are the barometer altimeter stopwatch and the stress and sleep tracking. Next, one of the strongest points of the amazfit gts2e is the battery life. So let me tell you that i use the watch with all the features on with a few gps workouts and with the always display on between 7 am and 8 pm, and i got 5 days of battery life. But if you need more, you can always switch some features off or use the battery saver mode, and this one the battery will last for 20 days next workouts the maze vtds2e have an auto workout mode and most of the times will get fine with medium sensitivity.

This mode can auto track walking running and cycling. The sports data on the gts2e is great, with the gps, only sometimes a bit off target the sports data is precise, and the hr sensor is pretty good tracking your heart during the sports, as you can see, we have the app now zip is the name you Can see all the data on the app like the sleeping data or even the stress data when you check your bank account after a night out, for example, you can also update your watch and change the watch faces. You have hundreds of other different ones to choose for so what you guys think, let me know in the comments down below that’s it guys. This was my review on amaze vgts2e. I hope my review helped you to learn more about the watch and, if you like it, please give this video a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed. Yet now is the right time.