This is going to be a review of the amaze fit gts2e. I have been using this watch for around about a month now, so i have been using it a lot. We are going to see the difference between this watch and the original gts2, which was released not long before, but this is a slightly different version with a few changes. It features a temperature sensor which is not available on the gts2. It also features some other changes and improved battery life, but also some downgrades in terms of some other features that are no longer there. So let’s take a look and see what the gts2e is like if you’re interested in this watch stay tuned because i’m about to tell you everything you need to know: let’s go let’s, have some fun um yeah Music, so the gts2e comes hot off the trails of The gts2, which is obviously a similar smartwatch, they look basically the same, but there are some differences. Let’S just go into those differences straight away in case. That is what you are wondering for a start. The gts2 features built in storage, which allows you to store music files onto the watch, which allows you to have offline access to music. It features four gigabytes of memory, which is more than enough for hundreds of songs. The gts2e does not have any inbuilt storage, so you can only really control music via bluetooth when connected to your phone. The gts2 features wi fi connection, whereas the gts2e does not, it can only connect via bluetooth when it comes to sensors and tracking.

They are again basically the same. However, the gts2e also features a temperature sensor, which the gts2 does not the only other major difference between the two is the battery life. According to amazefit, the gts2e can last almost double the length of the gts2 14 days on a single charge, as opposed to just seven. So those are the main differences between the 2e and the gts2, but let’s just focus on the 2e for now we’re going to take a look at uh what it can do, and especially that temperature sensor but let’s first look at the design of the watch. The gts2e is a very small slim smartwatch. It weighs just 25 grams. It measures 42.8 millimeters by 35.6 millimeters by 9.85 millimeters. If you prefer thinner, smaller watches, then this is definitely something you should consider. It resembles in many ways an apple watch. It has that kind of square rectangular, ish design, with a single manual button on the side it’s made with an aluminium alloy. So it’s not made out of plastic, which is a good sign. It doesn’t look cheap, it doesn’t feel cheap. It definitely feels more expensive than it is bearing in mind. This is among uh, probably the budget line of smart watches, or at least mid range, smart watches that are available right now. The screen is a super retina amoled display with a ppi of 341.. The screen is very bright, very colorful, very clear. It will be as good as your smartphone as long as you have one that’s been released recently.

The watch is extremely responsive. It features an always on display mode which you can activate. However, i would suggest not doing that because it will drain the battery life. However, it can detect when you are looking at the watch. So, every time you raise your wrist, the screen will automatically turn on so, even though it’s not always on it, doesn’t really matter that much now focusing more on the fitness and health tracking features of the watch, like i said before, it’s virtually identical to the gts2. It features a accelerometer, a gyroscope, a geomagnetic sensor and a temperature sensor. It also features a heart rate monitor and an sp02 tracker, so bearing so with all of those it can track quite a lot of health and fitness metrics. The accuracy of these sensors is not the market leader, definitely not as good as a samsung or a garmin or a fitbit. Uh amazefit are known to be not the best when it comes to tracking fit health and fitness, i must say, but it’s not awful. It still does the job for me it can still detect when you are working out when your heart rate is high, when um you’re sleeping and when you’re napping it will give you pretty accurate, pretty accurate measurements. Much more expensive. Smart watches, like the garmin range, will probably be around 19 to 95 percent, accurate, whereas i’d say the amaze fit range of watches is probably more like 80, accurate or 80 of the time so that’s the kind of payoff we’re.

Getting i mean these watches are much cheaper, but that is more than enough to track everyday health and fitness. The temperature sensor, which is a sensor not found in very many other smartwatches, regardless of whether they be amazefit or any others, it’s kind of a new thing. When i’ve heard about it, i thought it would be like a really good idea, because obviously um health tracking is becoming um more important, i guess and being able to track your temperature may allow you to react more to if you’re unwell. You know it may give you that indication. However, the temperature sensor in a smart watch is not gon na, really help you that much because all it does is detect the surface temperature of your skin. If you have a fever, if you are unwell and you uh, your temperature body temperature raises the only way to really accurately detect that is internal body temperature. Hence why you put a thermometer in your mouth under your tongue to detect your internal body temperature that’s? How you work out, if you have a fever and if your body temperature is higher than it should be body, surface temperature. While i mean it can kind of raise when you’re unwell, but it can also go up and down based on just generally how hot you are, how many clothes you’re wearing if you go for a run, if you um are outside and the heat is going to Be much more sensitive, so it’s not really that useful in terms of tracking your health, so take it with a pinch of salt.

The 2e also features internal gps for tracking your location, so perfect for running cycling. Anything outside. If you want to track your distance, your routes, obviously it can be put onto a map. So all of those things really awesome to have an internal gps is something i recommend for anyone who gets a smartwatch and the accuracy of the gps is getting better and it’s, not again as good as much more expensive, smart watches. If you want that super high accuracy, you’re going to have to pay quite a lot more, but for the price of the watch, it doesn’t do a bad job, it’s, probably accurate to around about 10 meters or so now bear in mind. The gts 2e does not feature an app store it. You can’t, expand the functionality like you can, with a apple watch or a samsung or some other watches aware os devices. So you are stuck with what you get, but it does feature some other smartwatch features. For example, it features a speaker, no, it doesn’t it doesn’t. It features a microphone which allows you to use the voice activated features the voice commands which allows you to start workout stop workouts, basically control your watch with your voice, not always 100 useful. All the time. I can’t see myself using it a lot, but i have used a few times at the gym when i didn’t want to have to start and stop tracking stuff so um it can have its uses.

Apparently, amazefit is supposed to install amazon alexa on here i’m. Not sure if they’ve done it yet they’re supposed to do it in a software update, i haven’t i don’t, really use that. I don’t use amazon alexa. I don’t really use any of the voice stuff, but it’s there it’s coming and if you are into that, then that is a feature for you. It also has the built in sports modes sports tracking for different different kinds of sports um, but it basically uses all the same sensors it just kind of then groups them allows you to see progress in certain sports. If you want to track a specific activity over a certain period of time and of course it features other things like music control, you can control spotify or any other kind of music. You have on your phone, you can view notifications on the watch, but unfortunately you can’t respond to them. You can’t action them. You can just see what people have sent you um. You can reject, calls there’s a calculator, some other random little uh apps i mean you. Can see the weather events there’s some widgets i’m, not even sure what that is. Finally, i guess the final word is on the battery life now amazfit claims it should last around 14 days on a single charge. I don’t think it quite manages that i think it’s more, like 11 or 12 days on average. I think that’s pretty much what i found.

I do tend to activate all of the features, though so you know, if you didn’t have everything activated it would last longer, but still that is pretty good for a smartwatch that can do all of the things that i’ve explained um and still look pretty good and Still have a great screen, so that is fine for me. Anything above like five days, i think, is great, so yeah guys that is the amaze fit gts2e. I actually think it’s a better value watch than the gts2 that you don’t really miss out on that much. I don’t really miss having storage or having a speaker or having wi fi that’s, basically, the three things that it gets rid of, but this is still a great value: smartwatch it’s pretty cheap for what it is guys for what you get and i think it’s you’re Gon na be hard you’re gon na be hard pressed to find a better value. Watch that’s been released in the last six months or so um yeah for me for just tracking fitness working out and for being very comfortable foot to wear every day. Looking great yeah, i can’t argue i’m, not i’m, not mad about it. I have the gts2, which i’m probably gon na sell, because i just don’t see the need for it. For me, the cheaper gts2e is perfect um. I will be keeping it until i until something better comes along, make sure to subscribe, there’ll be more videos coming soon.

I will be back before you know it at least one video a week, so yeah guys that’s. It see you next time.