Yes, in the market, there is amazfit, gts2 and i’m going to tell you the real truth, whether you should purchase this gts one instead of upgrading it or purchasing it directly to the amazon, gts2 it’s gon na be a very simple and realistic video. I have been using this product since june 2019. This is the product black you get various colors, such as gray and golden color golden. In the sense, this body is golden, first of all from body what i think this body is not made up of ceramic. Like many people, many youtubers said it is ceramic body. This is definitely not as in the last video. If you are stay tuned on my channel, you would have seen that i had a tester in which it showed that this is made up of premium plastic, not aluminium or anything like that. So, yes, we got to know the truth as of now, and you can see these are removable straps, but yes, people did not. Manufacturers did not manufacture real good ma good straps for this, so i didn’t yet purchase it, but talking about the screen quality. This is something to really look on it and talk about it. You can see it’s too too fast, like there’s no lag with it. There’S no screen guard on it from side. If you can see like i’ll just change the color of it and yes, you can see the real thing. The screen to display ratio is also about 82 percent, which is very acceptable at it.

Cost like, as we know that the amish gts cost has been reduced somewhat by thousand or 1500s, so it is much more affordable than the gts2. What up more features you get in the gts 2 is nothing but the bps manager and all those few features and a little change of style. From here over down. You can see the same sensor used in the gts2, so there is not a big deal and the sensor is pretty much accurate here and there up to two pulses, as you have seen, i’ve already done, the differentiate uh difference test between, like i had two amazing Gts, one of it is gray, and one of it is black. Both i had wore on either of the hands and both showed almost same one or two 86 87. It was showing so yep. Also talking about the strength of this watch, i have never dropped it. So i have no idea: i’ve been carrying it and using yes, it’s been on coins or soft or sharp objects like knife pocket knife, and yet there are no major scratches, like you can’t, say major. Only one scratch is there that too over here that’s, not because of any sharp object, that’s natural and you can see watch faces are interchangeable from here. Custom watching uh faces can take or burn a lot of battery lot of, in the sense, not like the apple watches that you have to charge daily and it’s, just a routine and a work or a responsibility.

You just have to charge 15 days once or 20 days once i have been you not using this watch since, like um, maybe 25 30 days so it’s, just 28 percent uh yep it’s 25. In the morning it was 28, so yep three percent instant drop. Is there and you can pair wire the phone and just get the interface like interface in terms of like, if you wear the watch, while sleeping you can get to know like how much sleep and what i felt about the amish fit app is the app is Much more consistent on its health it’s, not like the other oppo apps or any me apps. The mi apps definitely is of this amazing show me getting the point: it’s a circle but what’s the difference. It’S out of the circle there’s a different app built up for this watch, which is known as amaze fit, and this amaze fit is like so precise in terms not of its calculations. Only in terms of it’s like it can understand when, like it, can understand the sleep pattern, then it gives us a notification and then it says you should sleep at this time that time eat that time drink this much psa and all those burn. This much calorie and it will get you in a healthy routine, so that is so much attention to detail which people do not understand before purchasing so like it’s. Another reason why to purchase this smart watch also, we can’t expect any always on display on it, and it is too thin.

It looks like apple watches, like it builds up the brand new personality when you wear it and yup. This does not offer such different sizes of straps, so this is the standard size we don’t get any sort of warranty guarantees. They don’t care there’s been like a lot of viral videos, just search on google. After this video pause, this or after this video just search, ami’s fit gts expose after sales service it’s, like so sad enough to say, always made in china, but they could have set up a call center proper call center, like you have to wait at least 15 Minutes and then after 15 minutes they’ll, like uh we’ll, get a chance to talk them with them and they’ll be like first give us five star and reviews, and all those things and later just the problem will not get solved like. If you think your display is cracked, then you just have to purchase not the thing like replacing the iphone battery. You have to search a lot or do a lot of hard work or maybe just lose the like. Keep the watch inside the drawer. Don’T wear it. If it’s break broken like ass attitude on loka, that’s happened like in a lot of people’s cases, not with me, because i have been seeing other people’s videos. So i just got a short info by that, and charging time is somewhat if you use the apple’s lowest. Five or charge it will give you a charging time for approximately five or not five, sorry um, maybe one hour or one and a half hours, but that’s not the deal.

You can just charge it with this power bank as well, and also with laptop connection people who think that this is this rotatable. This is not rotatable like over. Here you can see. This is a dial somewhat looks like the apple watch, which is rotatable. Suppose if i go in this section, if i try to rotate it it’s, not getting rotated it’s, just dial, which gets rotated without any function, there’s no specific function for that, so yep it’s. Just for sure, just to go home button back, nothing else, just press on this. The haptic touch is very sweet. You know i just felt the haptic touch when i pressed on this it’s, so sweet haptic touch. It could have been better, but at this price range, why to expect more it’s, just good cross, cutting nikia, guys koshma and yes, we can see compass also features like more features. Countdown find mobile, timer compass looks so much so much. You can see next level. While i think op like this, you have to do in order to get the direction of the compass, because that’s somewhat of the like, like make sure you don’t, have any magnetic strap, because i had the armies fit bip and i had the magnetic strap and it Made just a big problem because i thought there’s some defect in the smart watch after i changed, interchange the straps, then i got to know that the problem is of the strap, because, if there’s magnet near it, you know right.

How does how will a compass work? Then you can see from here it’s like you, can call the apple. Okay just kidding the environmental air pressure. This is and the altitude from the sea level it just it’s. Just so amazing like in the sense you can imagine you’re 600 meters up and the thing is that it does it itself. It has a sony, glonass, uh, gps sensor, built in it, which they have done. Partnership with and also you can see, these two dots are of the charging magnetic sensor and if you have any query guys, you can comment down below and i’ll reply to your genuine comment within within within very soon, and i hope you like share comment and subscribe And turn on the notification bell – and i hope you got the reason why to purchase this watch rather than the gt s2, because gts2 again you have to you, have to do an investment more than two three thousand. I know it’s not a big deal, but yet it’s, not that satisfactory watch – and this looks much better than the amaze fit gts2 or gts2 mini – is also a good choice.