We were able to get a few more back kind of a new configuration for you. I’M. So glad we have these back in stock because when it comes to smart watches i’m a little bit of a stickler i like to run, but i also want to track my sleep and i want to track all my activities i want. I want credit for every single step i don’t want to have to stop and charge my watch every day or every other day. Well, what? If you can get 14 hours of battery life a built in gps, which means even if you aren’t, tethered to your phone? The gps still works. You also can get smart notifications alerts track. Your heart rate check your sleep, every single step, oh and loads of customizations. You would think there would be maybe a two in front of this price. We have a really amazing – and i say that because that’s the name amaze fit smart watch where, instead of spending 188 dollars, because you’re also going to get a voucher you’re going to get your smart watch, your charger it’s only 99., so you’re about 89, less i’ve Used this watch, it feels so high end and the setup has never been easier. 19.99 on five easy payments, we’ve got a few different colors that i want to show you and then we’ll chat with paige. So you can do all black, which i think just looks really. You know chic.

We do have a blush pink now. If you want the pink, we only have about two dozen blue there’s, two dozen, then we’ve got this orange it’s kind of like that tomato orange red, which is cool, and then we go into the gold. The gold is on a kind of creamy band. Okay, paige is going to join us. She brings us so many great tech items for our life and paige, and i were chatting before the show, because this is unlike a lot of other, i should say at this price point. This is unlike a lot of other smart watches on the market. It feels like because of all the features there’d be that two or something in in front of it unbelievable ali. I cannot believe this is such a powerhouse it’s robust with so many of that customization. That you talked about, but i know we’re, calling it a smart watch. I call it my life companion because it is the easiest way to take control of my health to take control of my connectivity. My app any type of notifications, i’m going to get from friends and family and social media all built into one a huge screen. I mean we’re talking one point: did you put my face? Wait! A second: did you put my face on your watch? Of course, i did i said customization i mean this is how i like to go about my day ally. I want to look at your beautiful face and imagine allie.

You should do this for your husband and hand this over holiday morning and let him open this and guess what that’s just one of the many ways we talked about. If maybe you want to maybe put on a holiday card on your watch, maybe you’re someone who wants more of like a techie interface, like my husband that’s, all in here 62 customization watch, faces that you can select from built in now. You talked about that gps. I’M so happy you mentioned that that is a kind of a rare find when you’re talking about these smart watches and here’s. Why i’m going to show you this is from a day back in november, but this will track it. You do not even need to bring your smartphone gps is built into your watch. So when you come back home all this data, your steps, your walking your heart rate, all built in including where you were, and how long you were gone, etc. It’S about that personalization, your own data, your own analysis, all at the comfort of your risk, i think paige with amaze fit it’s really about knowledge is power, because if we know how we’re sleeping we know how active we are, you know being able to get a Text notification and see it if we need to respond. If not, then you just let it go right, it’s about having that knowledge and your activity, your heart rate, all these types of things right on your wrist.

We are heading in to a new year. In a matter of weeks i mean it’s like once christmas hits. It feels like all of a sudden, it’s new years has your goal been before i want to be more active, but maybe you didn’t have the right tools to encourage you to give you that knowledge to help track. This is the smart watch to do that and it’s going to do so much more, but i promise you because if i can manage it and i can set it up, you can too now. I want to tell you, because at just 99 we are starting to get limited a couple of these colors. This one is brand new, but we we did bring in a maze fit. I think it was about a month ago, page correct me if i’m wrong – and it was so popular here’s, your black here’s, your pink it’s, a really soft kind of blush, pink there’s. Only a dozen then we have blue got about a dozen in the blue. These are gon na get limited man. Okay, then we’ve got the orange. It is this great, like um tomato orange right. Look at that tomato red. My favorite, though, is this gold on this cream band. Really pretty. This looks like it looks very discreet right it almost. It looks like one of the high end brands page, but it’s amaze fit, and they do a really good job right. They’Re committed to quality to innovation, tell us a little bit more about amaze fit sure, and in fact you know you talked about the customization right here on my smart watch right now, just like the other ones, you mentioned we’re, getting those notifications, mine’s telling me it Just told me that i have to send ally for holiday card.

Why? Because i built that into the app and that’s what this company want. Me is all about they’re, a global leader when it comes to smart watches, and even though you don’t know them they’ve been recognized for design and innovation. We have they’ve been around for years, we’re just introducing them here at qvc and we’re, so excited about this partnership because one of the many things they do and i have a fun little video. I want to show you of all the cool notifications that they do, but they have a very robust health management system. One of the things we’ve been getting rave reviews about is right here, your sleep analysis, so you know it’s pretty eye opening and i think you’ll agree with me allie once you start using a tracker and you look and you reflect on your night and you say: Gosh i’m really groggy today or i’m, really dragging, and you look back and here it will break it down your deep sleep. Your light sleep it’ll, give you recommendations, it’ll even give you nudges throughout the day, maybe when you’re sedentary to help help you later that night get a great night plea. Now notifications very robust in the notifications and ally. I i don’t know if you’re okay, if we show that video but yeah, we get your text, your email, any type of social media notifications. You can see the phone calls all coming onto your wrist and i’m, a big fan of having that notification on my wrist.

However, it doesn’t mean i have to run to my phone ally, good point right so i’m connected, but i am free. I got it before we’re selling out of colors because here’s another surprise, so the blue and the pink are gone, but i think for so many of you you’re recognizing okay. Some of these features a 14 hour battery life built in gps. I could go for a walk, still track my miles, my steps, without necessarily having to have my phone water resistant. If you want to swim, wear it in the shower you’re golden it’s, a glass case that silicone strap. You get two different sizes too, to be able to adjust. I mean it’s got all the bells. The whistles, like everything that you’re looking for in that smart watch, but really to give you that insight to your health, your heart rate, monitor sleep right all those things, but not the high price 99.96. If you’ve always wanted to give a tracker a try. This is the one i’d love for you to start with from amaze fit so we’ve got black. We have the orange, which is like that orange red, so it’s a little bit of that chameleon color, i think it’s really cool. Then the gold that one is my favorite now this one’s going to be the next one to sell out it’s, definitely been the most popular 250. Just in this show have already been spoken, for you know i think paige it really comes down to you know for a lot of us.

We want to be more active, and this is what i’ve discovered when i wear a maze fitter like a smart tracker. Is it is that insight like? I used to think that if i had a day off – and i was you know, running errands to the with the kids, i was you know, running to the store, dropping books off back at the library. Maybe picking someone up dropping that i thought well. I’M active i’ve been on my feet and busy all day sure until then, i’d actually see the steps or how long. My heart rate was in a certain zone right all these types of insights, and this now is the clues to give you the tools right. This now is the insight, so you can make better decisions for somebody. You love here’s. What i would do, maybe you like to do a fun family gift, you’re thinking gosh? What am i going to get like my sister, my brother? What if you all got one well friendly competition right so because you can completely have a little fun but paige here’s. The video that we can walk through so as you’re placing your orders you’re putting this in your cart, take a look at how some of the notifications work. Well, we love this. This is a huge, huge amoled screen 1.6 inches. Just to give you a frame of reference. Your phone calls coming in. You can see that on your wrist, so no more missing those important phone calls.

You can customize this. You can receive those texts so when you’re out and about maybe your children or family members trying to reach you, i love the notification features i put in all types of daily reminders: allen, carpool doctors, appointments, maybe take medication and the customization. We talked about the health management feature, we are getting rave reviews about that and even you know your sleep analysis, heart rate tracker with very precise monitoring and if it recognizes too high of a value, you get an alert. You get a ding ding ding. Have you been sitting too long? You can customize that maybe that’s your goal for the new year or, if you’re, looking to get this for someone it doesn’t matter if they have an apple phone or an android phone. This is compatible with them and this is a wonderful piece if you want to use for your activity. There’S 12 customized sports built in so, if you’re, a rower, if you’re a runner or if you’re, a walker, you can actually designate that, so it gets more accuracy. So you get the data that you want about your steps, your anaerobic, your indoor, cycling, maybe you’re a swimmer, and we know that we’re washing our hands now more than ever allie. This is water. Resistant up to 50 meters. Keep your watch on wash your hands. Go swimming in it jump in the shower. We want you to keep it on ally, and i were saying earlier: you want credit for all those steps right and it’s, not worth it.

If you don’t get that credit, but you can see here those 12 sports modes. They’Re all built in, if you like the cycle and we love that waterproof resistant feature built in so you don’t, have to worry about the swimming or the raindrops, or perhaps the snow that’s upon us in the next couple days. I love the sleep body how it really goes from day to night, and it becomes almost that signature piece that conversation piece you know often i’m wearing this and people come up to me. I want to know what it is all about, and what type of information are we getting? It is that life companion, giving you personalized data personalized analysis to be your best so which color are you going to get today is the day if you’ve ever thought about getting a smart watch. I want you to look at this amaze fit because of all these features. Paige and i have been rolling through here’s, your black. We also have the orange and the gold we’ve sold out of two colors. This one is brand new that we were able to bring this back to the gold has been the most popular now over 350 have been ordered. You know paige i used to so i used to have a gps watch. This was years ago. My husband told me if i signed up for the twin cities marathon, he would finally get me a gps watch that i wanted, and this is like back in the day where that’s all it did.

If i wanted to see the results i had to like upload it with a cord, not wirelessly to the computer and then be able to look at it now, i still use that gps watch, but part of the reason i kind of struggled with i’m, not ready To upgrade is because some of the other options on the market i had to then carry my phone with me and when i would train for, like a 20 mile run, you don’t bring extra baggage along for a run like that, you don’t bring extra weight. You know that you’re carrying, i just wanted a watch. Well when amaze fit came to us here at qvc. My mind was blown because i thought wait a second. I can still get smart notifications a 14 hour or 14 day battery life. I can get a heart rate, monitor workouts, while still being a gps watch and looking cool sold. How much do i pay under a hundred dollars done? This is so smart, which is why 400 of you have already picked this up way to go i’m so excited for you, we’ve got the black we’ve got the orange, and then the gold is going to be the next to go. So make sure you make your choice before it’s gone, it’s e, two three four: seven one four it’s safe to say that you’re gon na be making a step in the right direction of 2021. Hey paige! Thanks for hanging with us.

I know you’re going to be bringing us another item in the show that might be the light of our night all right, so that was just a little tease.