So it comes with dual band 5 satellite positioning system, which means quick and stable connectivity while tracking your outdoor workouts. Then it goes through 15 military grade toughness tests and, frankly, i dont think theres any other smart watch that can even come close to this. Then we get the amulet display with always on mode. Of course, then it comes with 150 sports modes, 10 atm water, resistancy rating and tons of other health monitoring features, and so much more weve, barely even scratched the surface so lets quickly. Take you through an unboxing, followed by a full review and trust me. You dont want to miss this. One lets begin Music, so here is the retail packaging of the amazfit t. Rex ii, you can see the image of the watch right here below here. You can see some of its key features. Box packaging is really nice up. Your game really cool now towards the back. You can see some of the manufacturing details and the mrb of 21 999. Okay lets quickly unbox it all right here is the t. Rex two just gorgeous okay, well, have a look at it in just a moment, and here are lots and lots of paperwork user manual in multiple languages. So we get the standard magnetic charging cable that weve seen with other amaze fit devices it aligns and attaches magnetically. As you bring it closer, all right lets have a closer look at it. So first look and you know that its a t rex, the industrial rugged design, is extremely eye catchy.

The body is made of polymer alloy and the watch weighs 66.5 grams. It has passed 15 military grade toughness test, making it one of the strongest watches in this category. The straps are made of silicon and have this really unique design t rex written on the strap itself, then you can spot four buttons on this watch two on the left. While two on the right then towards the back right in the center, you can spot the sensors and the charging terminals. The watch comes with 1080m water resistancy rating, so i can say its safe to wear in the rain at the gym for a shower or even while you swim in fact its ideal for professional swimmers as it even comes with swim tracking. Then it can resist minus 30 degrees temperatures. So if youre, like a mountain climber, where temperatures drop sub zero, this is going to be just fine. So now you know that a maze fit has generally built this watch like a tank. In fact, it also looks like one coming to the display, so we get a 1.’ inch amoled display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels, the color reproduction and clarity is one of the best you can get on any smartwatch. It also comes with 1000 nits of peak brightness, which means it gets bright enough, making it ideal to use outdoors during the day as well. By the way, the interface is really smooth and very well optimized.

The best part of trx watches is that you can use the buttons on the side to scroll through up and down its got a nice tactile feedback, which makes it even more precise than touch. However, you can use the touch display as well press and hold on the home page to change. The pre installed watch faces now. Theres, a decent collection of analog and digital watch faces here now ill. Just briefly, take you through the interface when you go back and you come to the home page. If you swipe from up you can access the quick toggles theres torch theres do not disturb theres theta mode, theres date theres battery. By the way it also comes with auto brightness feature, which means the brightness will adapt, as per the lighting conditions, very very helpful. This helps also save battery, also especially worth mentioning. The display comes with anti fingerprint coating, so basically doesnt attract any fingerprints or smudges really really handy. Then, if you swipe them down, you can access the weather its like cards. Your last workout your workout status, pai alarms your sleep tracking heart rate, im sure you can see that the interface is buttery, smooth, look at that. It actually feels like swiping on your phones display its that smooth. Then you come back. If you swipe right, you can access the menu theres, pi theres, workouts, theres, workout history, workout status, heart rate, spo2, one tap, measuring stress, tracking activity, the sleep tracking, this compass, theres barometer, theres weather, theres, music, theres, alarms, theres calendar theres settings and here are some more Apps so first is sun and moon, where you can see the sunrise time moon rise time sunset time, all that in detail, then the second is the menstrual cycle tracking for women, then theres a breathe app stopwatch countdown find my phone world clock to do list pomodoro Timer and camera remote, then, if you go inside the settings you can change your watch faces and time.

If youre going to display, you can set the brightness duration of the screen, always on mode. Yes, you can set always on mode and you can also choose the style. You want an analog clock like this check these out, wow, pretty good collection. Then the sound and vibration work out, theres, auto workout detection. You can turn it on and off its for walking indoor walking outdoor running treadmill outdoor cycling. You can enable it right from here so whenever you start a workout and forget to turn it on and if this is chosen, itll actually collect your workout data. Itll also use the gps, you can choose the accuracy levels about regulatory, restart shutdown and factory asap. So, overall, the interface is really well optimized, as you can see no problem, in fact, youre going to love it. Then the trx2 comes with dual band: 5 satellite positioning system: theres, gps, theres, galileo, theres, cloners, theres, baidu, theres, qsed ss. Everything you need is here. Basically it helps map your outdoor workouts like running cycling, trekking more accurately. We tested it for an outdoor run and it got a fix on our location, almost instantly and thats all thanks to that dual band support. Then, during our workout you can see the time you can see the heart rate. You can see the pace and all the necessary details, and when your workout is complete, you can see the map and summary of your workout as well.

Then it comes with 150 workout modes. You can check out the collection, its huge anything that you need is here, in fact, theres also auto detection mode for eight workouts. So it features the biotracker 3.0 ppg biometric sensor to monitor your heart rate, blood, oxygen levels, stress tracking and even sleep tracking. Above all, it has this one app one tab test that tracks your health, where you receive the result in as little as 45 seconds there you go its kind of all in one. Then i wore this watch to also track my sleep and it gave me pretty comprehensive readings from heart rate to sleep tracking, to my breathing pattern, and i have to say that the t rex too, provides one of the most accurate and detailed readings when it came To health monitoring, however, still keep it in mind that use this just for reference and not for medical purposes. Then we also receive call alerts with vibration. You can see the callers name and an option to silent the ringer or reject the call. There is no way to answer or talk using this watch remember this is not a phone calling watch its design, keeping fitness, workout health, tracking and military sturdiness as a priority. Similarly, you receive app notifications where you can see app icons and read the message. Theres no way to reply coming to the battery, so the t rex 2 comes with a mammoth 500 mah battery on board and they claim 24 days of battery life with typical use.

Now this is the kind of watch that you charge and forget. Of course, battery life will still vary depending on how you use it like using the gps too often for workouts will drastically impact your battery life theres, always on mode brightness level. Things like these, but still i can say 10 to 15 days, is what youre going to breeze through easily battery life on the t. Rex 2 is solid. No two words about that. Coming to the zep app so right here on the home page, starting from the top, are the steps taken. The distance walked the calories burned in sleep trekking. You can see a lot more detail about your sleep pattern. Coming back here you have your heart rate. Your pai, your activities, your outdoor workouts in tools, youre running walking, watch faces. If you come to app alerts you can choose from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you dont further down in health. You can see your activity if you come into profile. You can see the connected devices, the battery percentage. If you come into ad accounts, you can share your data with wechat apple health, strava and relive. If youre using an android phone or a google phone, you can share your data even with google fit very, very handy feature then further, if you go in here, you can see the battery percentage health monitoring, so you can choose auto heart rate tracking, active heart rate, Monitoring auto sleep, assist stress, monitoring, blood, oxygen level.

All auto features that you can enable, but remember this will drain a lot of battery life. Then further in notifications, you can choose incoming call alerts. App alerts again stand reminder incoming sms incoming email, gold notifications, then coming to watch faces. You can see you have loads of collection available here. Analog digital just go crazy check that out, frankly, the ones that come pre installed are also very impressive. So im sticking to that, but even if you like to there are so many more that you can download from it just click and sync and there you go. The new watch face has been transferred to the watch ill go to the default one because i really really like it. Similarly, you can also custom set watch faces. You can come into this option. Take an image from your phone gallery. There you go. Click choose click sync and there you go custom watch face also is set. Then you have app list management, shortcut cards, find watch, discoverable, hot activity, real time data system update and about this device. So, overall, this is a really really nice and it has everything you need all your workout data. You can also share your data and its fairly easy to use all right coming to the price, so the amaze fit tdx 2 is priced at 15 999 and its available in four colors theres black, the one im wearing theres black and gold theres wild, green and Theres khaki, you know this is one of those few watches, i believe, looks good on men and women, its eye catchy its trendy, its functional, its dependable, its terrific.

Yes, i know some of you would want that phone calling feature too, but remember thats. What the amazfit gtr3 pro is for. This is a military grade, smartwatch for fitness, enthusiasts trekkers and sports person. Cant go wrong with this one ill share the links for all the colors in the description. If you like to buy one, you should definitely check this out, so i hope this video was helpful.