This is the amazefit t rex pro the second generation amaze fit t rex and, of course, now capable of providing us even more activities to track a long battery life oxygen level of measuring, as well as the fact that it actually has up to 10 atmosphere of Waterproof resistance – this is tk, and this is my review of the trx pro from amazefit let’s check it out like and subscribe and make sure you hit that bell icon so that you’re always notified to whenever we have new videos on the channel. But this is the trx pro it’s made by a company called amazefit we’ve done another video here, obviously on the channel. I love using this watch specifically for its fitness tracking, but also because it nicely works with their smart scale. The maze fit does also sell. This is called the amaze fit t rex pro second generation, you’ll kind of see the t rex there, and one of the reasons why they call it t rex is because this is supposed to be a monster of a smart watch or a fitness tracker in a Smart watch body, the os that we have in here is actually called the rtos directly from amazefit, and it runs really nicely. We have a very nice long battery ‘0 milliampere batteries that can be rated up to 18 days, although with my users for the last three weeks, i’ve been getting roughly about 10 days out of the first two initial charges and right now, we’re literally down to about Nine percent on my third charge and again about 10 days, is roughly what i’m being able to get the overall measurement here is a 22 millimeter style watch a 1.

3 inch display here, it’s an hd amoled display 360 by 360.. We do have support for always on display, as i mentioned to you guys at the beginning, up to 10 atmosphere of protection or waterproofing in water temperature protection, all the way up to 70 celsius and all the way down to minus 40 celsius. So really: good protection from high temperatures and low temperatures, salt, water resistance as well as ice. So this is literally going to be the watch that you can take it and if you had to kind of remember back in the days when cassio used to make those really ruggedized watches, this is pretty much what i’m getting here. A very heavy nostalgia. Look at a very ruggedized smartwatch that fits on my wrist and not only that this also does night tracking, so basically sleep tracking, as far as well as up to a hundred different sport activities that are categorized and built into this watch. As far as what we get in the box, we get the instruction manual that explains to us, obviously how to use it, but also how to download the zep app, which essentially is needed because wait customize the watch, but also be able to actually use some of Those functionalities and, of course, the charger that’s a standard, usb type, a to two pin connector it is magnetic and it does connect directly to the watch. Now. It’S also nicely magnetic magnetized on the back, so that you actually can put it under your desk and maybe wrap it around one of the stands that hold your desk up.

If, as long as it’s made out of metal, it will connect to it all. You have to do is match the two pin connectors next to the sensors at the bottom and, of course, magnetically connects and you’ll be able to start charging it as soon as you plug it into anything so right there. Now it does charge it from zero to 100 in about an hour, so it’s definitely not the longest time and of course, could last you all the way up to 18 days, depending on the usage that you’ve been using for me again roughly about 10 days, solid 10 days, performance on the amazefit trx pro and, of course, i’ve been using it directly with my smartphone and you do need to download and install the zepp app as the zepp app now. This is amazing, most granular type of uh, basically fitness tracking app that you can get on a smartphone and it works great. So i have it connected right now to both my scale. You’Ll notice right there it’s asking me to charge the watch because it’s below 10 and of course it also works with their watches, so it may fit, and you can see here under my profile, i’ve used it with the trx pro the gts2 mini, as well as The gts2, which we’ve done a video on for you for you guys before as far as the setup on the app is pretty simple, you get your steps, your sleep tracking, your heart rate, monitoring your pia.

Basically, your daily goals, uh your weight management and again i haven’t, weighed myself today, body score and, of course, last time of reaching standard. You know consecutively, so basically your your goals, essentially on how you’re doing and of course you have different ability of checking different options in here. You also have a nice little shortcut here to be able to jump into different activities and then check all the other options here that you can actually customize and, of course, just add them or just make them part of your shortcuts right there now under the enjoy Tab, you can actually alarm clock. Uh event reminders find my device watch base swimming plan, of course weight holding by uh baby. This is for obviously for obviously for different uh users, so it has more options that probably you cannot use guest mode, uh, relatives and friends. This is for this uh for the scale and then target setting and incoming call and information, app alert, vibration, mode, unlock screen, of course, and, of course, balance ability uh. The last thing here this is where you’ll be able to customize and update your watch. You have the ability of jumping in directly into it. It says that it’s charging 12 percent. Now again it was nine percent. Just a second ago, you can access the actual amaze fit store to download additional watch faces so there’s a lot of watch cases that we can download and then sync up directly into the watch, notification or reminders.

This is where we’ll be able to connect it. Health monitoring, you can customize the different information. Of course, all the help, heart rate, monitoring and stuff now, enabling more features obviously will enable some things um. I guess i would say, use more battery, so just be aware, but again i had had all of my options turned on and still within 10 days i was able to kind of make sure to keep using it find my watch activity. Heart rate uh charging uh. You know sharing here real time, data and uh, basically binding limit in the running background now activity sharing here. This is, if you want to share with another amazefit user. This is not with other systems. Now, as far as system update, i did receive one update, or i think you want to say almost two updates since i’ve had the device you can go about, and of course, if you want to remove it, you just unpair it and it will removed. It will remove it from your profile. You can rename it here as you cannotice right there. I made mine tk’s t rex, essentially the tk rex pro and of course you can go in and customize your profile and add a whole bunch of different things. But literally this is going to be the place where you keep all your information, so heart right here you can go weeks months and of course year. I haven’t had it that long, but essentially you can see here how long i’ve been tracking my information i’ve used.

It with different apps, so that’s, one of the main benefits sleep tracking, as you can imagine, definitely tracks all the different sleep, all the different activities, deep sleep and so on, and it works very nicely it’s a very light for what it looks like. Even though it’s recognized, it definitely does not feel like you’re wearing a watch. All the time skip, step. Counting is pretty straight forward same thing weeks months and then of course, year uh. You could definitely see some of the days where we were on vacation. We decided to go walk in san diego at the zoo. I did a video for that a couple of days ago and, of course, all of that data syncs very nicely directly to the watch if you’re using the scale, it also does connect via wi fi. To that, so it uploads the data to the mazefit servers and then download it directly onto your system and, of course, you’re able to go in there and check your weight depending on where you actually scale. So you notice right there. I haven’t measured myself for uh. Today but i’ve been basically working on losing some weight and, of course, with ramadan being around that that was something that was definitely on my gold. You can kind of see how history works and you can track your information now. The watch itself is a little bit on the thicker side, but you do get navigation buttons, so you have an up and down a select and a back.

So short answer is: if you’re on the screen screen, you click once you’ll turn on the display. Click again takes you straight into the activities tracking and you can go through and then just definitely check out the different modes again up to 110 different modes. They even actually have tracking to this one mode that i found that it’s really really interesting and it’s. Actually, driving that you can actually track a drive, so, although it’s not technically exercise, but it does actually keep track of how long the distance and it uses gps to keep sure that your your tracking information is correct on the main home screen, you have access to The notification panel so turn on the flashlight automatic brightness. Of course, vibration mode do not disturb settings theater mode and then lastly, battery saving mode tells you the time and date and of course, if you swipe up from the bottom, you have access to the different information. The weather, all of those things, are all back here on the left. If you swipe you get notifications now, there’s, no notifications right now, but typically what you get from the notifications here is just essentially a short message. We don’t have a way of responding so that’s one thing to keep in mind. One of the reasons why i mentioned that this is more of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch body than it is a smartwatch uh. Notifications are pretty much limited to just telling you that there’s a notification and you still need to access the phone to get the notifications from there hitting the back button.

Just takes us straight into the apps uh, and this is pretty straightforward. You have access to the pia the hardware monitoring the spo2, obviously oxygen level, workout mode, uh, workout records. You can actually jump into those, and those are things that you can check directly on the watch. So you can see right there. When i did my drive. It was a 13 minute drive, you can actually access, it attracts my swimming. It tracks my walking sessions. All of those things are easy and very simple to track. You can see them directly within the actual app store or application drawer here, workout status, stress level, also very nice. You can actually check it and see how your stress level is doing. It does measure it out actively activity goals. You can go in there and obviously it does the rings as we’re typically seen lasting. Here we have obviously weather it does sync that from the watch from the phone alarm compass barometer, stop watch timer events, music player for controlling music directly off your phone. It does not allow us to sync: it find my phone notifications, of course, and settings pretty straightforward, all the information that you can imagine again. This does have gps and it works great for tracking runs walks outside or even driving. As i showed you, it has a lot of different functionalities to track, so the t rex pro is truly trying to feed into that name. The t rex a very strong, very ruggedized, smart watch, or at least fitness tracker and a smart watch body to give us all the tracking that we need.

I think the zep app from amaze fit is absolutely one of the best fitness apps that we can get on our smartphones because of the level of detail that we can get from it. You cannot only initiate activities from it, but you can also track and use other smart devices like their smart scale, that they also sell. For me, that was something that was a very unique experience, because tracking my data on here is one part, but since i do my weighting once a week or i weigh myself once a week, i like to be able to keep track of that data. Also in the same app so that i can actually get all of my information aggregated in one simple system, the battery lasts us literally about 10 days, solid 10 days. For me, at least with my usage and consistent notifications. Although we can’t respond to the notifications at least we’re able to see them so that at least it gives us the ability of knowing, if i do, i want to take out my phone and basically check it for me, overall, fitness tracking going out for walks going For a swim, just all around you know sleep tracking, even any of those things work absolutely flawlessly on the amazing on the amaze fit zeb app if you’re looking for a smart watch for the right price. That offers a lot of features i feel, like the t. Rex pro is the right smart watch or fitness watch that you can get in 2021.

I think amazefit did a really really nice job and this is again more focused into the ruggedized version, so there’s. Nowhere. I would say: don’t worry about basically banging this against the wall. This route again reminds us about the old casio g shock, watches where, basically, you could just throw anything at them and the things just kept going. This is definitely there lightweight easy to use and, of course, navigation buttons, so you don’t have to just rely on gestures. You could definitely feel exactly the experience that you want to get there like and subscribe as usual. Thank you very much for the support and thank you to amazefit for sending me this unity to check it out. I’Ll, give you guys some links in the description below if you’d like to check it out yourself. This is tk.