Walk the earth fast forward 65 million years – and we have this – the amazfit t rex pro a ferocious and hard wearing smartwatch. If another meteor hits the planet, there is a good chance. This watch will still be standing because it’s past 15 military spec tests. Now i realize some of you will be familiar with the previous version of the t. Rex, the non pro variant – and you probably want to know what the upgrades are. So let me get those out of the way first, so first of all, we’ve got a new bezel design. We’Ve got this polycarbonate behind it, but they’ve kind of painted it to look metallic now so that’s. A big change from the previous version. They’Ve kept it polycarbonate to keep the weight down. We’Ve also got a new strap design, which is designed to look a bit cooler, but also should wick sweat away from your wrist. So hopefully, you won’t get sweaty wrists when you’re working out and the new version is slightly more rugged than the previous version, because the first gen only had 12 military spec tests passed, whereas this one, as i mentioned before – has 15, and the pro also supports 10 Atm, whereas the previous version only had 5 atm and when it comes to the sensors on board they’re quite similar, except this one has a brand new second gen light sensor in there. So it’s going to be more accurate at reading your heart rate and stuff like this you’ve also now got a barometric altimeter.

So it can gauge air pressure and stuff like that when you’re going mounting climbing or something along those lines, and if you are doing anything crazy like that, then this will be good too. The t rex can now connect to four satellite systems where the previous one could only do two. So if you do happen to get lost, this watch could help you out, and this is a significant upgrade if you are going to be using gps it’s going to drain more battery, and this will actually last a lot longer with gps running up to 40 hours. Now, which is a considerable upgrade from the previous watch, so that’s all the main upgrades out the way. Now let me show you what the t rex pro is all about, so it has a polycarbonate body with the bezel also being polycarbonate, as i mentioned before now, we’ve got that metallic paint finish on it and that misfit say they’ve taken this approach in order to Keep that weight down and it’s just under 60 grams, if you’re wondering the bezel is in a fixed position and it’s raised up which helps prevent the screen from taking direct impacts. The display itself is a 1.3 inch amoled with 360 by 360 display and the fact that it’s, an amoled means that you can have an always on display as well, which is good, and this is protected by an unbranded tempered glass. I have seen articles saying they use gorilla glass 3, but on the official website it doesn’t say that it just says tempered glass.

Let me know if you guys heard any different anyway. I would imagine, with the extreme tests that amazfit have put this through when it comes to military spec. This glass is certainly going to be hard enough. The wrist strap is comprised of a silicone rubber, with sweat, wicking quality and the strap is a proprietary watch, strap meaning you can’t change it to any. What straps you want so make sure you’re very mindful of your color choice. If you’re going to pick one of these up – and on that note, there are three colors to choose from you – have the meteorite black steel, blue and desert gray, this one here being the desert gray and the magnetic charger that comes with it is also proprietary. You do not want to lose this, otherwise you have to buy another one directly from atmosphere and if you’re thinking about buying the t rex to do swimming and water sports and stuff like that, you’ll be happy to know. It supports 10 atmospheres of pressure and it can go as deep as 100 meters in water and is salt, water, resistant and here’s, something i really like about the t rex pro and it’s the physical four buttons that it has yes, you’ve got that full touch screen As you would expect, but it’s really nice, that you can navigate the interface without having to touch the screen at all if you don’t want to, and these physical buttons are going to be especially useful for any sports that involve wearing gloves or if you’re swimming and Stuff like that as well, the screen isn’t going to be as responsive when it’s underwater, so you can actually activate tracking modes and stuff like that in those conditions, so let’s run very quickly through the operating system on the watch how it works.

I just want to show you guys how easy it is to navigate, but first of all, if you want to change the watch face, hold your finger down on the watch face here and then you can switch between the pre installed ones, the ones that you see With the pen underneath like these ones, you can actually customize some of the complications on the watch face. I personally like this one here now back on the watch face if you swipe from the left, you’ll have your notification window. So if you’ve linked your messaging services to the zep app, you can actually read your messages here on the notification section. If you swipe right, here’s all of your apps and settings and tools and everything on the watch, this is the main hub of the amis fit t rex pro and right at the bottom. You’Ll have your settings as well. Now the good thing about this watch compared to some of the other ones, is physical buttons. So the back button here will take you back this button here the select button once you click it brings up all of your workouts and then you can use these buttons here to navigate them. Of course, you can always swipe as well, which is going to be a bit quicker if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this menu, you can edit the list and just customize it to the workouts that you want to use and there’s.

So many really it’s crazy go to leisure. Here you can see there’s a bunch of stuff that you probably didn’t even know was workouts like this shuttlecock kicking. What in the hell is that i didn’t even know that was a thing but yeah there’s, so much stuff. You could do with this watch and the sports on the watch and if you go back to the home screen and swipe down from the top, you have a bunch of quick settings here. So you’ve got a torch. You’Ve got your ambient light sensor. You can adjust the brightness from auto to manually. You can find your phone if you click this one here, you’ve got, do not disturb you’ve got a power saving mode, a theater mode. If we can ever go to theaters again and then you can access your settings very quickly here as well and from here you can activate your always on display. So you just go to display settings. You can go down here and you can switch always on display on or off keep in mind that’s going to wear your battery down a bit. There are two different always on displays. You’Ve got an analog and a digital one i’m using the analog one. At this point in time now back on the home screen, if you swipe up from the bottom, you get a very sort of high level view of your day and your activity scroll down a bit more.

You see the weather, you can see your spo2 and your heart rate will also be on there as well. If you’ve got the 24 7 heart rate tracking on you’ll see that there i actually took the watch off to film this video that’s. Why there’s a big gap uh in this chart here anyway there’s a bunch more stuff? You can do within this software, but ain’t nobody got time for that right now, let’s crack on with the video now this bit is very important and i’ve always said this about smart watches, there’s, just one problem that all smart watches have when out of power they Become pretty stupid, but the great news here is the amisfit tvx pro can last up to 14 days on this ‘0 milliamp hour battery. Realistically, though, if you’re the outdoors type, then there’s a good chance, you’re going to be using this 24 hours a day and maybe even sleep tracking as well, if that’s, what you’re planning to do with this watch nine days is more realistic and if, furthermore, you add The gps and the always on display to that equation. You might end up with just five days but in my opinion, five days, it’s still pretty awesome, especially when you compare it to let’s, say the apple iwatch apple watch and there is an ambient light sensor on board which will adjust the brightness of the screen, depending On your conditions, and that should also help prolong that battery life and the screen is definitely bright enough for me, even in very bright conditions.

I never had a problem reading the time or anything like that. Okay, so now let’s talk about the improved gps tracking feature. The average fit t rex pro can utilize four different satellites now, but there is no map stored on board the device itself. However, when you sync it back up to your phone, it will sync with google maps and you can check on your phone where you’ve been the gps will also help you to more accurately track your distance and altitude and stuff like that as well. Now let’s talk about the sensors on the t rex pro we have 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope i’m, assuming this is going to be pitch roll and your as well as speed. You’Ve got the new optical sensor, which fires a bright light through your skin to measure your heart rate, as well as the new barometer to measure altitude and we’ve also got a geomagnetic sensor, which is essentially a compass and atmosphere, have a bunch of trademark tracking algorithms. On board as well that utilize, these sensors you’ve got bio tracker 2.0 for 24 hour, heart rate monitoring and heart rate variability again. If you activate this it’s going to drain the battery a little bit more, but you can keep tabs on your heart rate 24 hours. A day so, being aware of this might help you live a more healthier lifestyle, there’s also the trademarked exercise which can auto detect eight different workouts. So your sort of typical everyday workouts, just in case you forget to manually hit start before you start working out.

You’Ve. Also got amazfit’s omniscare for sleep tracking, so if you’re comfortable with wearing this watch at night, while you’re sleeping it will track your light sleep, your deep sleep, your rem, sleep and your breathing quality as well. So you can assess it the next day and figure out how you can get better sleep in the future and, of course, you’ve got amazfit’s very own pai system, the personal activity intelligence algorithm, which gives you a score based on how active you have been or how Lazy you’ve been, and it will prompt you to get up and be a bit more active, now here’s a couple of things. You absolutely need to know if you’re considering this watch, the vibration motor is very powerful and you won’t have any problems with that. In my opinion, i’ve used a lot of smart watches. It’S got a pretty forceful vibration motor. You can set up notifications for most apps on your smartphone text messages and whatsapps and stuff like that, will be displayed in their entirety, but you cannot reply via the watch in any way. There is no microphone on board. T rex pro so you can’t answer phone calls on the watch. However, it will alert you when your phone is ringing there’s, no on board storage on the t. Rex pro some other amazfit watches do have onboard storage. You can load music onto it. With this watch, you can only control your music that’s on your device and, if you’re thinking about using third party tracking software, for example, strava.

Yes, you can do that it is compatible with strava. Although i will say amisfit’s own official app. Zep does a good job of collating all your health tracking data into one nice easy to read format. I actually really like the zep app there’s, something really great you can do here as well as create your own custom watch faces using the zep app. You can also download new ones. The variety at the moment isn’t huge, but i would expect there’ll be more just like we’ve seen on the other amazfit watches. So overall, the amis fit t rex pro is a very good option. If you’re looking for a very hard wearing smart watch, which isn’t too expensive and while you can’t customize it like an android wear, watch amazfit have done a good job of providing pretty much all you would need in a smart watch all in one place. I’M. A big fan of the operating system – it’s very clean, very easy to use very self explanatory. It generally is a very good watch if there’s anything. I didn’t cover in this video that you guys want to know about hit me up in the comments. Let me know: i’ll do my best to answer those questions for you guys and and if this is the first time you’ve seen this channel and you enjoyed what you saw i’d appreciate a thumbs up and if you just subscribed you’re now one of the finest subscribers Known to man, i’ll see you guys in the next one don’t be late.