I’M doing it again for yet another smartwatch. But if you want to see it more often for more products, let me know in the comment sections down below drop some likes on this video and, of course, subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t already with all of that said, though let’s jump into this it’s joshua vergara what’s, going on everybody here – are my thoughts on this latest smartwatch. That is super rugged and has quite a few things to offer. This is the amazefit t, rex pro so we’re, going to start off with what worked, and the first thing that i love are the looks and the strong build if you like, the g shock look, but you want a little bit more in terms of functionality. The t rex pro makes it happen. This is definitely a large and in charge watch it’s far from subtle, especially with the color that i got, but i do like this color because it stands out more than the black edition, while blending in with just enough of my casual and active wear. Now this and the other colorful edition are muted, colors of sort of sandstone and blue, ensuring that they aren’t super loud, even if the design is quite obvious, the design makes it very clear. This is a rugged product. This is a waterproof, mil spec watch that can take a beating. You can even go swimming and track that swimming with this watch, and all of this is centered around the 1.

3 inch responsive touch screen covering up all of the connectivity features and sensors and then there’s. What is one of the most important parts of a smart wearable for me, which is the vibration motor it’s? Also quite strong? The haptics are enough to get me to pay attention to any notifications coming in, but even better it’s enough to physically wake me up in the mornings. The looks fit with what this smart watch is supposed to be it’s, all about being active, and in that regard, the t rex pro definitely fits the bill. All of the things that the watch can track go from very simple to very specific. You have things like step, tracking and heart rate monitoring that can be done continuously, so you have a simple look at everyday activity and then the watch will also ping you to stand up if you’ve been idle for too long now i say idle because there are Times when it tells me to get up even though i’m at my standing desk, maybe it was just a little bit too still and it wanted me to get around and move a bit more but being told to get up when i’m already up, it’s interesting there’s. Also stress tracking, which is interesting, where it can scan every five minutes and give you a graph of your stress levels throughout the day and it’s based on amazefit’s own zero to 100 scale. And then, of course, there are the dozens and dozens and dozens of different workouts that can be tracked, so it’s been great to bring the watch to the gym, which i’m really happy to finally be able to return to.

But i want you to bear in mind that i can’t speak much about the gps tracking, because i don’t do distance based training. Now the tracking gives you a great look into what you did, how much you burned, etc, and all of that comes together into a pi pai score, which is also known as personal activity. Intelligence. It gives you a look at your last seven days of activity or non activity. This is true for almost all tracking systems, but keeping that pi score high is a good way of knowing that you’re staying active. I always stop short of saying that smart watches like these are 100 accurate compared to pro level products, including things like chess mounted, heart rate monitors, and i still think that’s true for the t rex pro, but for a wearable that is focused on activity tracking. I think that a maze fit continues to fit the bill, especially considering the modest price point now speaking of active while you’re staying active, the watch remains active with battery life that can go for days now. The watch, as you can see here, does have a always on display and having that on, brings the battery life down to around five days still, which is still awesome, but after that it doesn’t take long on the proprietary charger to go for almost another week. Another thing that i’ll applaud here is the simple software. If you’re looking for a watch with some added functionality, the trx pro is one of the bigger examples.

It continues the trend of smart watches that are a bit simpler than some of their well known competitors. The proprietary software is a far cry from like wear os watch, os or even tizen based systems, but that also means you don’t have to fiddle with too much to get the most out of the t. Rex pro you might fiddle a little bit to be fair. There are the buttons that serve for navigation, but i’ll get to those a little bit more later. Also, the operating system can stutter a little bit when you’re trying to navigate through it, even though raise to wake takes a second for it to actually activate like there. You go the paired smartphone app, which is now the zepp app uh, gives you a lot of room for customization and for seeing your stats from the tracking. After that, you can change which apps actually send notifications to your watch, which don’t give you any room for replies or any specific actions. But what also worked is that this is not a completely closed system. One thing i adore about certain wearable companies like amazefit, is that they’re just open enough to allow third party developers to extend their use. The same goes for the trx pro which can open up. If you pay a few extra dollars and get something like the amaze fit tools in the play store, the app itself might be a little convoluted, but you can customize some button presses and get more granular control over the smartwatch.

My favorite thing, however, is to connect this watch to my favorite sleep tracking software, which is sleep as android it’s, not to say that amazefit’s own built in sleep tracking is bad. I’D. Just like to add these extra layers, which include smart sleep, cycle, wake ups, which then, of course, will use the haptics to actually wake me up at that time. While the phone blares out the sound alarm amazefit leaving the door just a little ajar for extra development is great, and while my use of such extended abilities might be specific, i have to give it props for even being there at all. Okay, so let’s go into what didn’t work, and i would actually argue that the design is part of it. You see a hardcore design that fits the name. T rex means that it’s a bit niche. This is not a watch that you’ll be wearing with like a suit or any type of formal wear, because it’ll simply clash. This is also not a watch that people with smaller wrists, women or otherwise will find comfortable or stylish. It is just the right size for my wrist, but it’s definitely a lot thicker than the majority of wearables that i’ve seen recently. This thought about accessibility extends further than the straight up. Looks though, the watch band is not a universal design, making it harder. To put your own straps, if you do prefer them this, almost proprietary design cue, makes it pretty clear amaze fit wanted to make an all in one experience.

Basically, what you see is what you wear and while i do like the look of the watch overall, i can totally see why first impressions can keep what is otherwise a pretty powerful wearable from ultimately calling your wrist it’s home. There are also let’s say a couple too many buttons. I was really excited to see navigation buttons on the t rex pro, but their actual use doesn’t quite hit their potential. You get four buttons and they are pretty obvious with what they do select to go back to go back and up and down to go well up and down. But while it’s nice to use in some places like in the timer for precise selection, i do wish they can do more in more places. For example, when i’m doing, workouts up and down could be useful for things like media volume control, while i’m lifting. But you have to actively go over to the music app, which you can’t even do, while you’re working out to make it do any of that stuff. And even then, ultimately, i end up defaulting to the touchscreen more often than not, which probably says everything the buttons. Simply don’t do anything to make them invaluable to the overall experience, much less to add essential, unique methodologies to the established norms. But if you’re at all used to the more feature, rich or highly capable competitors out there, you might feel like something is missing. In this t rex pro even i missed the times when i could go over to certain applications and have good smart watch companions like simple fasting, headspace, audible and authy.

None of that is going to happen here so let’s consider something if i were to call this. A sheep in wolf’s clothing, what happens when you shed that clothing? Well, i say that phrase because this is basically an activity tracker in a large smartwatch body, so you have to really want this large size and this rugged exterior to justify paying the higher premium. Now i can point to plenty of other options: some of them, even in amazefit’s own catalog, that give you the same level of activity, tracking and the simplified smarts, and a lot of them cost quite a bit less. So it really matters how much the style the build and the durability matters to you when there are other ways of getting the similar internals and experience. Don’T. Get me wrong. I’M, not saying that the t rex pro doesn’t live up to the name of pro or even t rex. This is a watch that i’ve been happy to wear for the last couple of weeks but i’m in a unique position where i have other things like the me smart band, 6 sitting on the counter ready to pop onto one of my wrists and when i look At them side by side, i see the almost 100 price difference or more depending on where you buy it, and whether or not i would pick one over the other starts with a simple question: how much money do you have to spare? The trx pro makes it clear that there are a ton of options out there to choose from which is a great thing: it’s, just that amazefit’s latest sits a little higher up on the hierarchy than the rest, and you know what as well.

It should for more on wearables, like the amazefit trx pro make sure you subscribe to my channel. Let me know what you think of this smart watch in the comments down below and don’t forget to drop likes on this video. With all of that said, we’re gon na go ahead and call it on this one. Thank you so much for watching. Please take care of yourselves and each other and enjoy your tea.