So let’s take a look at this. This little ziploc bag comes with the tool, the bars to get it connected, a little sticker, qualified certificate, nice touch and also in the package, a business card happy with your order. If you don’t know how to express your happiness, you could share your experience on the product page or we can send an email, well, that’s cool. I like it when companies do that and cool service card let’s take a look at the watch, so this is made out of silicone, and this is the black and gray one nice nice metal buckle. Well, when it comes to watch bands, i kind of look for several things, one, the look i like the look, i like the feel it’s, not too rigid, but it doesn’t feel like it’s, just gon na fall apart. It looks like they did. The connection points pretty well, so this is the watch that i bought. The band for this is called the sunburst yellow, and this is the garment, instinct solar. So it’s, not the quick release band, but instead – and this is really nice – that they give you the little tool to do it and just in case you need extra little bars. Oh good they’re little little shock, absorbers, watch socks and this tool looks just like a sim ejector, but i bet it works, so the cost is good that’s. The other thing that i look for when i buy watch bands is how much is the watch band gon na set me back and if you have done some searching online, you can spend a lot of money on watch bands.

So if we set that down so right, there there’s a little pin, you can press Music and that releases the band. Now we can put on this one, so we just slide it in like so then it goes right up there slide one in and then, if you just kind of press that, in with your thumbnail Music click, hey that looks pretty good. Now do the other side. So again, there’s a little pin, it’s kind of hard to tell. Let me zoom in here see right there, so you just need to press that and that releases the band click Music. Now we put on the new one Music. Now, once you do these a couple times and if you’re not doing a video, it’s, actually it’s easier to get them on than it is to get them off, and then you just wait for it to click there we go. So these are actually black and these are silver, but you can barely tell yeah that looks pretty good now. As far as the length same as the oem uh i’ll throw the exact measurements on the screen, but they’re it’s, whatever the website said nine or something so let’s see how it looks. That looks pretty good with the sunburst yellow, because this has black on it. Music and then, as far as look and feel, it feels really similar and looks really similar to the one that garmin sent me with the watch. But this was about fourth, the price uh less than 20 bucks, whereas the garmin ones will run you about 50.

. And i like how Music the little tongue holders have the little cleats in them so that way it keeps the watch the watch been tongue in place there we go yeah. I like that. So, as far as the warranty, i believe, it’s a one year, warranty so that’s good. The feels good compatibility of their watches. Well, it’s compatibility it’s compatible with not just the solar, but also just the regular instinct, because it has that type of band connection on there. Here i’ll take it off, so you can see it again and then ease of swapping out the band. Well, it’s, not too bad. You know once you uh get used to pressing that thing, just click it and then you could easily swap back to the other band. So it just it has a unique connection on that. Unlike other quick release, bands like this one, you know it’s a different it’s, a different connection. This is a different garmin band anyway, i like it so now you can really see the holes where the band bar goes there. We go that didn’t take too long and the weight 1.13 ounces and yeah i like to feel of silicone just depends, and i like that they have the holes in there for breathing, but i’ll uh wear this for a couple weeks and i’ll have to post a Follow up video on amazon as well, and this is how the band looks outside in the sun and there you go that’s.

My quick review of the and cool watch band for the instinct solar. If you have any questions or comments, just put those down below and i’ll try to respond or someone else on amazon will okay.