This is a 43 inch. Full hd, smart tv from sony and i’m really excited to see how this stacks up so without wasting any time let’s unbox it set it up and see how it performs. I’Ll also share the price and availability towards the end of this video so continue watching. But before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon so that you don’t miss an update, also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend let’s get started Music on the front of the box. Is the sony branding on the left is mentioned? 1080, full hd x reality pro x, protection, youtube 43 inch and the model number w66. Alright, let’s unbox it so inside the box is a setup guide, some more instruction manual and warranty card, a heavy duty power adapter to power. The tv two stands with screws to mount the stands and if you have a closer look at the stance, these are amazing stands and the best part about this is this: is a combination of metal and plastic you’ll say how is that so right in the top? You can see it’s made of plastic, it has a matte finish here and it has a glossy finish on the side. Now, if you turn the other way around, it’s got a metal skeleton and which is what makes the stand so strong and reliable amazing. It also has rubber at the bottom, so it gets a good grip on the table, love the quality of the stands.

This is where it screams quality and finally here’s the remote and two aaa batteries. Now, if you have a closer look at the remote, the remote is made of plastic, so the build quality is really good. It has shortcut keys for youtube and netflix. The only downside of this remote is this is an infrared remote and it doesn’t support any voice assistant if you have any other sony home theater system or sound bar, which can be also controlled directly from here. All right, let’s fix the stands to the tv so i’m. Installing the stands myself, but when you buy the tv a technician will come and set it up for you on the top right. You see a sticker mentioning some of its features and apps that it supports the tv also comes with x protection, pro so it’s protected by dust, lightning, electricity surge and humidity, and there we go. We have placed the tv on the table, so it has slim matte bezels on the three sides, brevia branding on the top right and sony branding at the bottom. The build towards the back is actually quite good. Some ports are on the side, while some are behind ethernet av. Composite and power input are behind, while two hdmi ports, two usb ports, one 3.5 headphone jack and antenna on the side. Yes, hdmi 1 supports arc, so you can connect your arc supported devices very easily. There is also a physical button on the side to turn on and off and adjust the volume, which is very helpful when the remote is in handy, the bezels aren’t, the slimmest, but still the build quality is excellent.

So first thing i’d like to bring up is that this is a linux based os and not android based, and there are a couple of benefits of the linux os and the first one being. It is extremely fluid and smooth something you won’t get an android like this it’s just buttery smooth the experience, the user experience and the best part is that it remains as smooth even in the long run, amazing. So right on the top, you can see a recommendation row of youtube and here you can see netflix further down. You can see the apps simple and easy to use. Netflix youtube z5 ros, now shimaru yup tv bigflix, and here is where you can stream stuff from your phone or laptop to your tv. It also comes with an fm radio, wow that’s amazing. Further down. You have prime videos that comes pre installed. You have sony live. You have voot, you have gamma play, you have all biology, you have youtube. Kids, you have to be. You have a browser as well as photo frame mode. It basically plays some music. Some scenery pictures shows you the calendar. The time it’s like it’s, like a screen. Saver wallpaper in on your tv screen further down, you have media. This is basically when you plug in a pen drive. You can see the pictures from it. You can play the videos and music directly from the media pen drive. Then there is settings system settings.

You have picture you have picture mode, you can change all the settings. Sound settings screen channel setup, parental control for the most setup. Is there usb auto start led indicator customer care further. You have network setup, customer support and help guide. The tv also comes with built in browser might come handy at the time of presentation or sharing a website with everyone on the big screen. So simple, easy to use and it’s really fluid the best part about this. Os is it’s buttery, smooth and super easy to use. Probably the only drawback i see is you: don’t, have access to and play store that you can’t install more apps, but if these are all the apps that you need, then this is just going to be amazing. How about let’s start with youtube? All right, let’s have a look at the display, so this is a full hd ips panel, with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, so here’s a video playing on youtube and it’s playing perfectly without any lag or drop frames. In fact, the first thing i have to say is the motion: smoothness it’s, brilliant sony has a motion enhancer, which they call motionflow xr200. So even though the native refresh rate is just 50 hertz it’s optimizing each frame to give you an extremely smooth viewing experience. Sports enthusiasts and gamers are simply going to love it. The image clarity is stellar, clear and crisp are pretty deep. The color reproduction is actually quite accurate and the best part is it’s not over saturated, since this is an ips panel, viewing angles are excellent.

It looks just as good from every side the picture, quality and sharpness is genuinely impressive for a full hd display. The display also supports hdr hdr10 and hlg it’s, also compatible for gaming consoles. Can’T. Wait to check out my ps4 on this shall cover that later. With a dedicated video, all right, let’s check out some other apps, starting with netflix, so here’s, the netflix app and it’s really well optimized snappy and super easy to use. Let’S play a movie, so the videos play smoothly without any problem. You can change the subtitles and audio from the option above alright moving to prime videos, so the app does take some time to boot and it’s also a little laggy, but when you play content, videos play without any lag or startup, unlike the app interface. Here too, you can change the subtitles and audio from the settings. Here are some sd channels, spraying from the setup box and thanks to the reality flow, upscaler, even low resolution content looks crisp and sharp here are some hd channels playing and they look absolutely stunning. My setup box is connected via hdmi cable, so quality might vary if connected by an av composite connection. The device also comes with phone mirroring, but this will work only with android phones. All you have to do is go to the input source on the tv and you can choose mirroring. Take your android phone go to the casting option. You’Ll see your tv’s name show up simply click and your phone mirrors to the tv it’s, mostly smooth.

So sharing pictures would be super. Convenient also made videos from my phone, and it played quite smoothly without any lag. Mirroring is really well optimized. On the sony w66, the sony w66 comes with 20 watt down firing. Speakers let’s have a quick demo. So first thing i’d, like to say, is the clarity is impeccable, very impressive. Of course these are basic tv speakers, which should suffice. Everyone’S need, however, a sony sound bar with this would take the experience to a whole new level. Now from where i see sony. Clearly, isn’t trying to compete with the other budget stream of tvs, it’s, giving you a clean, easy to use super fast interface with the most popular apps pre installed. If i had to pick out the cons, bluetooth is probably the only thing according to me should have been included in this tv. However, the biggest pro of the sony, w66 and probably the most important one too, is the picture quality it’s an unbeatable leader when it comes to the display the x reality pro. That brings out the clarity and detail in the videos the motion flow that makes the gaming and sports channel flow buttery. Smooth these things we usually tend to overlook are actually huge reasons to consider the sony tvs. I don’t even need to say it. Do i it’s a sony? The 43 inch full hd smart tv is selling for 37 000 on flipkart and about 38 000 on amazon.

I believe we’ll see a drop in price during the sale time. So, if you’re looking to buy a 43 inch sony smart tv with no frills and just a clean interface with all the apps, this one is definitely a good option. I’Ll leave the links below in the description. If you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out. I hope this video was helpful if there are any questions write down in the comments – and let me know i’ll be happy to answer them.