I need to see their paths almost there hey. What? How is this Music me Music? How are you doing this? How is this possible uh, so there’s no play thing: Music. Wait! Oh mother, bless that girl bless you both boy. She saved me, i just want to boy seal your lips, they are outcasts both and she is motherless. Come now back to mother’s heart seal, your lips stay away, no mother away from there back to picking barry you’re bleeding. Let me have a look here: hold still i’ll get it. Why Music? He said: we’d go hunting this morning. Why isn’t he here where’s he gone to Applause what’s! He doing up there, he’s just standing there what’s going on with him! Hey lloyd! Here! Did you want to be alone? No, we must speak. I’Ve been thinking about your training, eli you’ve learned to hop, but i fear there’s a lesson i failed to teach you. Would you learn it now, of course, i’ll always learn what you have to teach there’s been some trouble recently. It affords an opportunity to learn this lesson, but it will be dangerous. You must come prepared or you will die descend into the embrace and hunt until you’ve gathered fire arrows. What kind of trouble are we talking about once you have the parts you will meet me there at the gate, beyond the village of mother’s heart, the north gate? At the edge of the embrace, yes, now is something else bothering you no i’m fine i’ll go gather the parts hey that man breaks the law every time he speaks to you and i’m glad he does.

I want to buy a trip, caster and no other trader. Will sell to outcasts stock it with ammunition, then you’ll find use for that weapon tonight. That sounds ominous Applause, hello, Music. They embrace my whole life. I’Ve, never gone beyond this valley, that’ll change! After the proving two days why i was cast out at birth as if there could be an excuse for that all right time to gather the parts for some fire arrows, i should find a herd Music brother’s heart two more days, then i’ll know what it’s like In there it’s, so many people crammed into one place.