. Where are the differences which one is better and what do they have in common? All of that in todays video, hey folks, my name is leonard youre watching the product with your and thats me, of course. Now i dont want to waste your time, so lets start with our big first difference, which is the compatibility now. As you may know, the apple watch 7 is only compatible with ios devices like your iphone now thats, not such a big surprise, but the galaxy watch 4 is also only compatible with android smartphones. So it really comes to the fact which smartphone you are using if youre using an iphone, you can only go with the apple watch and if youre using a android smartphone, you can only go with the guys you watch for or any other smartwatch okay. That was more or less the obvious difference, but what else do we got? Lets start with the battery life and without the power saving mode which both of these watches have, of course, the apple ward, 7 lasts the whole day and a whole night. So i charge my apple watch in the morning before i go to work and after work, i have about 40 of battery life left, which is enough for the rest of the day tonight, and i can set an alarm for the morning now, with the galaxy watch. 4, its a slightly different stories now dont get me wrong. Its still, not bad.

You get about like 20 hours of battery life out of it, but i wouldnt count on the alarm in the morning. The next benefit that the apple board 7 has over the galaxy watch. 4 is the faster charging time now with the newer charging cable. The apple watch 7 charges 30 percent faster than on the previous model, which means to get from 0 to 90. In just 45 minutes, the galaxy watch 4 takes a little bit longer so from 0 to 7. It takes about 50 minutes. So the clear winner right here is the apple r7, so much for the battery life. But what about all of the other cool features so lets start with the cool features that we only get with the apple watch 7.. So, first up we got a navigation. We have two physical buttons on the side of the watch, so we have the side button with which you can open up our tabs and a rotatable main button with which we get to our apps zoom in and out and scroll through our notifications. The next feature that we only get on the apple watch 7 is a noise app. This one tells you how loud your surroundings are and what long time effects that can have on your hearings, but you can actually have a little workaround on guys watch 4. Since this one is just an app, and since you have a build in mic and speaker that will work on the guys you watch for as well apple uses for its cheaper material models like the aluminum one imx glass, which is 50 thicker than on the previous Models so very durable.

Now for the high end materials you get sapphire glass, which is known for its durability. It is hard to get scratches on and even harder to get a crack. In now this watch is also water. Resistant up to 5 atm is dust and water resistant and you can get it in two different sizes: 41 millimeters and 45 millimeters. Both are also available in a cellular option. So you can call your friends right from your wrist without having your smartphone being nearby, and you can just leave that one at home. Well, you could arguably say that the s7 processor of the app ward 7 is the best one that you can get in any smartwatch right now. Well, actually, its the same one that we got in the apple ware 6, just with the newer name, so they transferred s6 processor to s7 and tada. We got our new best processor in the world right now. Well, fortunately, enough for apple, no other brand was able to compete with the s6 processor. So we still have the best processor in the world in our apple watch 7.. Now, compared to the external w920 of the guys you watch for which is not as fast and responsive and is a little bit more laggy. The appleware 7 is the clear winner in that category. Now lets get to the galaxy watch four and some things that we only get on this one. A big fitness feature exclusively for the guys watch for and that we do not get with the edward 7 is the bio electrical impedance analysis which uses the optical hardware sensor, as well as to two sensors in the side, buttons of your watch for a body composition, Measurement that actually means it will detect your level of fat that is stored in your body, as well as lean body mass, which is another word of saying how fat you really are.

Of course, these numbers are not 100 correct, but it gives you a rough overview of your physical stats and a good baseline in case something changes in the next few weeks or months. Beside these features, we get a rotatable bezel on the classic model and a haptic bezel on the active model with them. You can navigate through your different tiles and apps without having to swipe, left and right its just another way of navigating on this watch. You also have two physical buttons on the side, which are even customizable and can be connected to any of your apps by double pressing, the home key i get to my spotify and by long pressing it it will open up the bixby voice assistant, the lower one. Can be set to either go to the previous page or show more recent apps. As for the last feature on the gazebos 4, we have the blood pressure measurement now, once you set that one up with the real blood pressure measurement, gadget and configurate that one, you can always measure your blood pressure wherever you are now, if you got that far Into the video please smash the like button and subscribe to my channel if youre new also click the notification bell to never miss out on any new content, its just three clicks its for free and it will help me out a whole lot. But besides these features there arent that many differences left between these two high end smartwatches, both watches, have an ecg function.

Optical hardware sensor, a sleep tracker or which i think the guys watch for is a little bit better in tracking your sleep. It can actually tell you if youre snoring during the night, but unless you just leave me alone, your partner would have told you that anyway years ago, both watches are also capable of tracking your blood oxygen saturation during the night and as well as during the day By manual measuring it, it also only takes a few seconds until you get your results, so the next two pretty useful features on these watches are the fireman device and notification features. So, on both watches, you cannot only receive all kinds of messages, but you can also reply to them in various ways as well. The apple watch 7 and the guys watch 4 also have a way of tracking down your devices which are connected to their accounts. So dont worry: if you lose your apple or seven or your guys in watch four. There is a way to retrieve them by looking into your smartphone and find them right away. It also works the other way around. If you lose your iphone, the watch will tell you where it is and the fastest route and once youre in the area you can make it ring to locate it faster, pretty useful. In my opinion, you can also track your stress level. 24. 7. On the guys watch 4 and do some breathing exercises on either of these smart watches to find your inner peace.

One of the most important features you can get on any smart watch is the music player. So, on the apple and on the guides watch you can listen to music offline either by spotify, or you can just download music to transfer them to your smart versions. Both have more than enough internal storage. Now thats especially important when you go for a run and you dont want to have your smartphone with you, so you can just leave that one at home since you have beaten gps, you have offline music and you have basically everything you want now. Speaking of running workouts, you basically have every sport more coverage with these two watches, if its running swimming hiking or some advanced stuff, like dancing boxing or winter sports, these watches got you covered. Just the accuracy of the built in gps on the apple watch. 7 seems a little bit better in my testings. It was just more consistent over longer distances in the city or outside in the park. Also, the accuracy of the heart rate was a little bit better on the apple watch 7, which is more important to me than the building gps. Now i can tell you neither of these watches are bad. It just happened that the appleware 7 is a little bit better than a guys watch for and folks thats it for the video.