While we test out the device, but first things, first Music, squirrel living for nothing, Music, coffee, Jack and welcome to the National Forest of Im in Central Park. Thats thats, where I am but Im gon na Park Central Park that a lot of people dont really go to were actually at the Northern end, just south of Harlem and in between East Harlem and the higher part of the Upper West Side. I would say it has another name, but no one uses it its its. The higher part of the Upper West Side were also just a bit away from Morningside Heights, where Columbia University is. If youre curious about that, I did a video on my iPhone 14 pro Max, while exploring the hidden tunnels underneath Columbia, as well as the university itself Ill leave a link below to that. If you want to check it out now this area, I feel isnt as popular as the southern portion of Central Park, and that has a lot to do with the fact that Midtown, where the southern end is, is where most tourists stay when they come to the City, but also a lot more Manhattan itself, the borough of New York City and the name of the island itself is below the park so thats, just where a lot of people enter and a lot of others dont tend to make it up this far. So its a lot more locals that live around this part of the park compared to all the tours that are kind of in the lower end, and so, needless to say, the Northern end is a lot less selfie sticks and street performers and well explore more of This area of the park in a sec, but first if youre not familiar Central Park, is at 843 acre Park.

The country of Monaco is 500 Acres, just to put that into perspective and is the most visited Urban Park in the United States and one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world with over 42 million annual visitors. But more than two thirds of the visitors are regular Park users that enter the park at least once a week according to a 2011 report, at least and considering its history. That makes a lot of sense, since it was always planned to kind of be New Yorks backyard, while were here, though, lets quickly talk about the design of the Apple watch 8 and what the differences are between it and the Apple Watch series 7. hint not much So, firstly, it comes in two sizes, 41 and 45 millimeters. This is the same as Series 7, but its one millimeter bigger than series six now the display is also the same resolution has the same brightness and the same always on display option. We also have wr50 water resistance, so down to 50 meters of water for swimming and ip6x dust resistant. Just like the series 7., we have the S8 chipset, which is arguably very similar to the S7 and S6 chipsets from the last two models. The battery life is rated at the same 18 hours and 36 if you use the new low power mode that they launched in watch OS 9, but thats also coming to the series 7, so thats going to be the same as well.

We also have the same amount of storage at 32, gigs and frankly, if you put them next to each other, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between them unless you squinted really hard at the underside to read the model name from there. Now we do have some slightly different color options for the series 8. We have the aluminum model which comes in Midnight, Starlight, silver and product red, and we have the stainless steel that comes in graphite, silver and gold and if you arent familiar the difference between the aluminum and the stainless steel other than a jump in price is the Fact that the stainless steel is harder to scratch, the aluminum being a just softer metal is easier. Speaking of I already scratched my series 8 on the edge here while filming another video, where I slid onto a concrete step, and my watch just happened to graze it. You say I was very, I was not happy about that, and you know what really would have helped if I had it on that day, a case from todays sponsor Rhino Shield. Now Rhino Shield makes cases that arent just extremely impact protective. They also look good. I personally like that, theyre not bulky, especially the ones for the watch. Now they have them for the watch in a bunch of different colors, but they also have a solid suit line. That is their no fuss protective case that comes in a ton of designs, colors and finishes, and they also have their modular mod NX cases for iPhones which allow you to mix and match a backplate with various case Rim colors, but also swap out the back plate For a bumper case, if thats more your style, they also introduce a new grip that you can attach to the back of your phone, either with magsafe for iPhones or a super strong, reusable adhesive for the pixel and other Android phones.

That can be used to prop the phone up in various ways as well as use to hold the phone by when you slide it open. They have cases for all the new iPhones as well as many Flagship Android phones as well. They also ship worldwide and have free shipping for qualified orders, as well as a lifetime warranty for their cases, have the link in the description below to check out their cases and use discount code unlocker watch for 20 off the first week after this video goes live And 10 off after that, thanks again to Rhino Shield for sponsoring this video Music, someones gon na get home and realize they forgot something: Music welcome to the lock, which is the Scottish word for Lake, which it kind of isnt really nowadays, no, it was originally a Large body of water before time and poor maintenance allowed nature to do what it does with man made things eventually. Even man made lakes and thats a road them away so now its its more of a stream than a lock. Maybe now that stream, which is fed by the pool as its called from the west and feeds into the Harlem mirror at the northeastern edge of the park, which then eventually winds its way out to the Harlem River and eventually the East River. Now, what is kind of cool about the lock area, though other than the fact that it feels like youre in a forest more so than the rest of Central Park or parts of it? Do it actually houses three of the five, like mini waterfalls here in Central Park? Now they like the rest of the park, were all man made, but they look natural, as was the vision of the Parks, original designers, Frederick Law, Olmsted and Calvert Vox.

Maybe well do another video on the two of them and the design of this park one day. Let me know in the comments, if you want me to do that with another device, but the water isnt even come coming from a natural place for these, either its coming from a 48 inch pipe hidden by rocks at the pool Grotto on West 110th Street and Its actually New York City drinking water, not that Im going to test. That, though, while were here, though, what is the actual difference between the Apple Watch series 8 and the app watch series 7 and well a couple of sensors. So we have the same ECG heart rate sensor, same blood, oxygen sensor and same fall: detection sensors, but we now have a new high G accelerometer, with an improved gyroscope to allow for car crash detection. A feature also found in the new iPhone 14 series devices. Now, essentially, this uses motion, GPS barometer and microphone and other sensors to determine if youve been in a car crash once it attacks it. It gives you a bit of time to cancel it, but if not itll automatically contact the emergency authorities, then we have a temperature sensor, theres one on the back of the watch against your skin and one under the display to check against ambient temperature to compare between The two to help reduce bias from the environment, I.E, if its hot out, obviously your skin temp, will be higher.

So it needs to know that now, after five nights, it tracks this temperature. As you sleep, it will determine your Baseline and then, after that, can show you differences in your temperature compared to that Baseline over time. This can indicate exercise drinking jet lag illness potentially, but theres, nothing in the health app. That really makes any of this actionable to you. The only use case that apple is doing something with the data for now at least seems to be retroactively tracking menstrual cycles for women. The Apple watch since watch OS 6 can do cycle tracking to estimate ovulation, which is helpful, especially for Family Planning, but now it can use the temperature changes that often occur after ovulation. To retroactively. Tell you when it thinks youve ovulated to help you better plan for ovulation going forward so end use cases for people using the watch that we have that are new on this watch is that retroactive, ovulation detection and car crash detection, all of the other sensors. All of the other features all the fitness features. All of that is going to be the same on this watch as it was on the last okay and lets test the tracking on this watch, speaking of and see how it does, as we make our way to a different part of the park, foreign Music. Welcome to the block house, which was built in 1814 well before the park was even an idea, and all of this area was just Rocky land, and it is the only remaining of four block houses that were all built up here, which are essentially Lookout towers with Openings for guns, they were all built after the British sacked and burned Washington DC in the War of 1812 and New York City feared another attack from the north of the city.

Now these high hills near here were all prime lookout spots to protect the city. Now that attack never happened and instead they came from the south through Brooklyn, and so these block houses here never really saw battle. But this one thanks in part, two being built out of solid Stone, survived and Olmstead and Vox decided to keep it as part of the Parks design as a picturesque ruin, which it kind of is its also as mentioned on top of a hill and so lets See how the Apple watch tracked, my walk from where we were all the way up to here and the heart rate monitoring and everything is just its what you expect from an Apple Watch nowadays. But this does seem like a good place to talk about some of the new features in watch OS 9. That will be coming to this new watch now. Firstly, we have a new compass app. Now people originally thought that it was only on the ultra, but no its also here as well. Now it allows you to drop waypoints and then retrace your steps if you get lost handy. Obviously, if youre hiking and Central Park is Big, so maybe you could use it for this as well. You never know you can also do race routes that let you race against your previous times along a specific path. We also have the addition of heart rate zones, which is something weve seen on other smart watches, but it helps you get a sense of your intensity level during a workout.

Itll automatically create these for you and theyre color coded. So you know which one you were in and for how long, but you can also actually create them manually if you want, in addition to that, you can make custom workout routines as well to get alerts for Pace, heart rate, Cadence and power. I am not a person whos going to make a custom workout on my watch, because that seems like a lot while trying to do a workout, but I think there are some people out there, certain workouts, that this might make a little more sense than just. You know going to the gym and as mentioned before, we also have a new low power mode that supposedly gives you up to 36 hours of battery life when you enable it. Basically, it turns off the always on display and background sensor readings and it limits Wi, Fi and cellular if you have that, but it does leave heart rate and GPS working only during workouts, Music, okay, we made it home, but there are a couple of things that I still would like to test on the watch the battery first off, and I guess first well say the batterys at 64, when it was fully charged when I took it off of its charger at 10 am this morning, and we did all the things that you Saw me do today, but thats not the end of it, because I also want to test the sleep tracking and in conjunction with the two, how much battery you lose when you track a full nights, sleep and what you get over the course of a full 24 Hours so good night morning, another day, the same real world test.

Now that weve slept lets talk about the new features for sleeping, namely theres, a lot more data. It shows you, your REM, sleep, your core sleep, which is what other companies would call light sleep and your deep sleep as well as when you wake up throughout the night. Essentially, it is now on par with all of the other smart watches that I usually test that have sleep tracking, so thats good. I dont feel like its quite as accurate as some other smart watches Ive used like I know. I was up a lot last night. Awake, I have trouble sleeping lately, long story, but it showed that I was up for almost an hour. I was probably up for more than more than that, probably two or three regardless during all of that heres how much battery I lost. I locked now one last test because for me I like to always get sleep data, even if it is just to tell me how horrible I am at sleeping, and so I want to be able to charge my watch essentially while Im showering, because its the only Time that I really take it off so lets see how much this gets back while I shower and we got it back to 85 percent in 30 minutes, I took a shower. I got ready. I actually set a timer for 30 minutes just to keep things consistent, but thats almost 50 in 30 minutes. So that means that I could technically do this for multiple days in a row without having to do any other type of charging.

At some point I would have to maybe leave it on the charger for a bit longer to kind of make up for the loss that happened slowly over those three days four days whatever it is, so thats actually pretty good, but there we go so honestly. The end of the day, Im not sure that this is a big enough, upgrade, obviously to jump from a series 7 to a series. Eight like that. Just doesnt really make sense and honestly as well. Unless you know, youre really interested in your ovulation and the extra features that help that are important to you or if car crash detection is super important to you and you dont already own an iPhone 14, because that will also do the car crash anyway. Theres. No real reason to get a series: 8 youre, better off, at least for now, while there still are Apple Watch series 7 available that are new for a discount compared to this youre, probably better off doing that Ill leave links below to the best prices. I can find on the series 7 devices, as well as the series a because when the series 7 eventually runs out, which it will probably not too long, then series 8 becomes a much better option when the series 7 is no longer there, but you guys. Let me know in the comments below what do you think of the series 8, when the series Evan, would you if you had a series six? Is this worth it to you maybe curious to hear your thoughts, let me know otherwise I hope you guys enjoy the video enjoyed exploring somewhere with me, subscribe ding the Bell next door and subscribe, so you get notified when I do new videos and take another piece Of tech and go explore with it got a bunch of them still coming Im a little behind theres, a lot of products that got launched this year around this time of year.

Techtober Tech, Timber theyre things its a lot, but more videos for you. So stay tuned for that and Im exhausted from not sleeping its time for another coffee, bye, guys a train theres no train around here. Where is that coming from and welcome to the National Forest of Im in Central Park Im, not in a national forest. In case you can tell from the helicopter sounds: ah yes still in the city, theres a truck backing up in the park, Music someones on a phone call in the park. I mean I say that as somebody whos recording talking to himself in the park, so like pot calling the kettle black a little, I get that helicopter. They get close enough when youre in Central Park nowadays that you can feel the like propellers hitting you. It feels like helicopters, New York City, the 13 years Ive been here, whats going on, go away, go away, dont go far enough away. Lets come back Phillys one of those tours touring Central Park from the helicopter, ruining everyones day below them. Little do they know or care. My face is very, not lit. Well, Im a zebra Im, a leopard. Then we have a temperature center long day. Already in case you were wondering if you were still in New York City.