The apple watch series 8, which launches on september 16th, starting at 3.99. The biggest thing thats different about the series 8 this year is its new temperature sensor, so theres, actually, two temperature sensors in the watch, one close to the skin, underneath the watch and one under the display and apple says that this should make the readings more accurate. Since it can better distinguish between environmental factors and what might be happening inside your body, the biggest reason why apple wanted to bring a temperature sensor to the apple watch is to help with female health, tracking and family planning. So now that the apple watch series 8 has these sensors and it can detect some baseline changes in your temperature as youre sleeping overnight. It can actually provide retrospective ovulation readings, so we can tell if youve been ovulating. This is a big deal because it really kind of rounds out the apple watch series 8 as a health and wellness device, and this is something that apple has seemingly been working towards for a long time. The other big thing that were going to see in the series, 8 and apples other new watches is car crash detection. So this feature is basically exactly what it sounds like. It should be able to detect car crashes and then notify emergency services and your emergency contacts, and the reason why this is in the new watches and not some of apples. Older watches is because it relies on the new gyroscope and accelerometer in the new batch of apple watches.

Those are the biggest things coming to the apple watch series 8. But of course, the series 8 also has a lot of the features that have been on previous apple watches, like fall, detection, emergency, sos the ability to track blood, oxygen saturation levels and the ability to take an ecg from your wrist. So again, this is really just another step in the direction of the apple watch becoming a full fledged health and wellness device. We had a few minutes to go hands on with the apple watch, and you know just looking at it there isnt much that you can tell on the surface thats really different, because a lot of these features kind of happen passively. In the background and the other thing that is also coming to the new watches, as well as the series 4 and higher, is a new low power mode now, this is great because, as wonderful as the apple watch is as a fitness tracker, the battery life just Isnt long enough, especially if you want to use it for sleep tracking, so what this new feature does is it turns off certain features that drain the battery faster, such as the always on display and automatic workout detection, and it it cuts out those features so that It can actually extend the apple watchs battery life, and this is huge because again it can prolong that battery life and even though i would still love to see longer battery life in the apple watch, this seems like it could be a good substitute.

The apple watch. Se is an upgraded version of the apple watch, se that launched back in 2020. There isnt too much thats different this time around, but the new watch does have an updated apple s8 processor, which is the same chip that powers the new series eight, and that alone is probably the biggest selling proposition here, because it means that the apple watch will Last for years to come and will probably be able to support new features coming in new software versions of the apple watch, the previous se by comparison runs on an older s5 chip which is starting to get a little bit old by now other than that. There isnt too much thats new with this years, se, but i am excited because its actually cheaper than the previous version, so the new apple watch se, will cost 249 dollars, while the previous one was priced at 279 and thats great. Because not only is this meant to replace the old se, but its also replacing the series 3, which apple previously sold for two hundred dollars and that watch. If you read seen it youll know that we dont recommend buying that watch anymore uh. That watch, even though it was pretty cheap, it was really old. The processor was getting slow, it doesnt even support, watch os nine and the screen is a lot smaller than apples, newer watches. So this is 50 more than the series 3, but i feel like the changes are definitely worth it.