So this is the noise color fit cube, which is the latest smart watch launched by noise in exclusively in flipkart as well as go noise, so it is launched at around 249 rupees. So in this video let’s see what all things are in this. How good is this, how bad it is, so everything discuss so let’s start, so it comes in this gray packaging. So on top you can see this color fit cube return and then, on the right side, you can see designed in india left side. Listen to the noise within on the back. You can see some of the features, so it has 1.4 inch, touchscreen, multi sport smooth 7 days battery smart notifications, 24 7 heart rate monitor ip68 waterproofing and it has the application. So this is the pairing application which you need the noise track, so you get a qr code as well as it’s, available in app store and play store, so let’s quickly, unbox it upon unboxing. You get the user manual a warranty card as well as a magnetic charging cable and the watch itself, so let’s talk about the build quality. So first thing is this looks like an absolute replica of the apple watch series. 3. I mean in terms of the space gray color also it looks somewhat similar, so the design uh the. What is the what is the thickness? The thickness of the watch is also similar on the right side. You can see a digital crown actually it’s, not a digital crown, rather it’s, just a button which is used to turn on and off the screen.

And if you take a look at the straps, the straps are very good. I mean the quality of the straps. Is nice and on the back of the watch you can see the heart rate monitoring and it has been returned at its bluetooth, 5.0, 180 milliampere of battery and it’s ip68 waterproofing, and you can also see the two uh charging pads. So now let’s start with the display itself, so the display is actually a 1.4 inch 214 to 240 pixels touchscreen. But actually, if you notice the entire screen, no entire screen is not the display. So inside that screen you can see a small square box, so that is a display. So on the left hand right and top, you can see equal vessels and on the bottom you can see a little bigger bezel. So that is where the display comes now. The display is adequately bright. I mean it has three brightness levels. So when you are going outdoors, if you are keeping in the highest brightness level, there will be no issues with the visibility under this one. So that is good and also the colors in the display are pretty nice. So if you take a close look at the screen, you will not be able to see any pixels and all so. The pixel density is also pretty good now in order to boot. This up, you need the noise fit track application. So once you install that application, you just have to pair it it’s rather straightforward process.

So once you do that you’ll end up in the screen now from this it’s a touch screen, so you just have to swipe from the right to the left and you can see some of the inbuilt actions of this watch. Basically, this touch is actually a little different from the normal smart watches see. You might have noticed that if you have used a smart watch before when you swipe something now the screen actually follows with your fingers. So if you are swiping fast, it will come fast. If you are slow, it will come slow, so this one is actually little different. So when you swipe now in this one when you swipe, when you lift the finger right when you lift the finger from the screen, that is when the animation and the swiping happens. So i think this has been intelligently done so that there will not be any sluggishness or lag while switching from one screen to another, so the animations are pretty smooth. Now when it comes to the features uh, you can see the step it can track the sleep. It has a heart rate, sensor, 24, 7 heart rate sensor, and it has a seven sport smooth. So if you are into running walking, cycling, hiking, climbing or treadmill spinning or yoga, then this has all that sports modes. And then, apart from this, what do you have apart from this? You have the something called messages it’s. Actually, your phone’s notifications.

If you turn on, for which all apps you have turned on in the app you’ll, be able to get it in this watch and then we have a weather app, and i, like this weather, app, actually it’s, uh, it’s kind of you know animated. You can see some animations if it is rainy or sunny, and you can also see the weather report of the next five days and then, additionally, you get a camera feature. So it’s not like it has a camera it’s, just a camera remote. So if you open the camera application through the noise with application in your phone, you just have to press on this camera and you’ll be able to control the camera. Now next is the music mode. So, basically you know right to control the tracks to play pause. Next or previous, so that is the music mode, and then we have the normal watch functions like stopwatch timer alarms and if you in case put your phone somewhere and you want to find it out from the watch then find phone is also there. Then you have the settings so inside the settings you can see the dial, which means you will be able to change the watch faces. So basically, these are cloud based watch faces, you can turn on and off and you can install watch faces from the noise fit application in your phone and you can even keep your own photos as watch faces, no issues in that and then we have the brightness And that’s it now, if you take a look at this, noise fits track application.

So here you can see in detail how much steps you have walked. What was your sleep and continuous heart rate monitoring? Then, if you have taken any training, simon workouts, with this watches, you can see the workout data and then you have the details of the watch like how much percentage it is. You want to change the watch faces if you want to turn on notifications for a particular application that also you can do it, then we can set alarms, shutter everything and basically that’s all the functionalities that you are getting in this application. So one thing that confuses people is: it has a button to turn on and off the screen right. So people think that it works only like this, but no. This has something called quick view. So when you just lift your hand, then automatically the screen will light up. So you have that such functionality. You can turn it on in the application. Now, when it comes to notifications, you get call notifications, so you will be able to cut the call or mute the call. You will not be able to take and speak because this doesn’t have a microphone and a speaker and it also vibrates when it comes so. Those are the things that comes regarding the notification. Now when it comes to charging uh, you will get around seven days of battery five to seven days of battery life. If you are turning on the 24 7 heart rate monitoring, if you don’t, then you will be getting around 10 days of battery life.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this watch so pros. If you are talking i’ll definitely say the build quality is good, i mean for 2500 rupees. You are getting everything that a 2500 fitness ban has, but with a bigger screen, and it has an ip68 rating. Notifications are working pretty good and 24 7 heart rate monitoring is there so, basically all the things that you need in a beginner smart watch is there. Nothing is missing sp2 sensor, if you want you can say, but the price point is very aggressive. That you’ll not be able to like it’s fine if it is not having an sp on two more now when it comes to cones. One thing i notice is when you send messages right, so it can display messages, but the problem is, you will not be able to see emojis so in place of emojis. Some chinese letters are coming, so that is uh one thing and second thing that i have to say is uh. If you, if you take a look, if you take a look at the box of this product, you can see uh. This watch face right. This is actually not there. This watch, which i did not find in the application i don’t know they might add or not. But basically, if you see this, it looks like it has a big full, rounded screen right, basically uh. This is not the case, so the screen is not that big screen is a little inside.

The screen is inside this bigger screen, so that is one thing which might be a slight misleading. If you are looking the product from this image aspect, this product is exclusively launched on flipkart, as well as go noise website for 2499 rupees. So if you want to check out i’ll leave a link in the description below. So if you enjoyed this video, do subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so that you don’t miss a new video until next time.