There are plenty of ear tips to choose from, i choose the smallest size and they fit my ears perfectly. The ear tips are very nice and soft and they feel nice in my ears, even after hours of using the earphones, the zenbots are designed to block out unwanted sounds to help. You fall asleep faster according to amazefit. The umbrella structure of the earbuds fits perfectly across your air ridge, effectively lowering the noise level from external surroundings, as well as soothing you to a better sleep state. Throughout my experience, the buzz have always stayed perfectly in my ears during the night's sleep. In addition to this, they did not irritate my ears, like the majority of ear plugs i've tested before, even though i tend to turn quite a lot while i'm sleeping just for your reference, each earpiece only weighs 1.78 grams noise. Isolating properties are also pretty good, as they blocked out all of the unwanted sounds when i wanted to fall asleep. However, instead of completely isolating the sound, the boss masks those sounds with natural soothing tunes which, according to research, is far better than simply trying to block it out. The earphones come in this really nice charging case that can be opened by rotating it, and it can be recharged using the supplied, usb type c cable. The case can provide the airbus with an extra continuous playing time of about 56 hours.

A fully charged pair of amaze, with zenbots can last for 12 hours when using playback duration mode.

If you switch to unlimited duration, you will get a full 8 hours of sleep inducing sounds so, who is amazed with zenbots 4 is designed for those who either have trouble falling asleep or want to fall asleep faster in a natural way or simply want to have The best possible sleep quality, even if you think you sleep tight, it can always be better right. So this is how it works. You take the bus out of the charging case pair them up with your phone using the amazefit, app put the earphones into your ears and choose a soothing, sound that's best, for you, then simply go to sleep. This is just an initial setup once you have done that, put the earphones on and they will start playing the last used tunes automatically, so you can go to sleep without any hassle from chirping birds to ocean waves. These earbuds use curated sounds that trigger the sleep cycle and make sure you sleep easy. My favorites include night in the forest and forest birds in my case, a combination of these soothing, tunes and great noise isolation. Properties of the earbuds definitely helped me relax and fall asleep much faster. However, i had to reduce the volume to the minimum as i like whiteness. You can also download the new sounds from the music library. I'Ve tried, breathing exercises that actually do their job.

Relieving. The stress, after long hours of work, what makes the earphones unique is the smart playback feature which automatically detects when you fall asleep and stops playing the tunes.

That means that you just go to bed with tunes and wake up in silence as the tunes stop playing automatically once you fall asleep really neat, but this is just one of the smart features. The zenbots track, your sleep quality in detail in the amazefit app. You can see the deep and light sleep time and awake time, which leads to a certain sleep scar. You can also see your average heart rate. The variety of built in sensors also show your sleeping position and the number of turns to be honest with you. I didn't even know before i started using the zenbots that i mostly sleep on my right side. On the other hand, sometimes i sleep most in the supine position. One of my favorite features air plug alarm. That means that the alarm won't wake anyone up who's around you also. You can snooze the alarm for 10 minutes by simply tapping one of the earbuds. This is actually a really cool feature, as you don't need to reach for your phone when you just wake up. Do not disturb during sleep feature is also really useful, as it blocks out notifications as soon as you fall asleep. Other useful features include arrest and focus modes. The rest mode helps you take an afternoon nap and the focus mode helps you isolate yourself from the noise to work or study with a higher efficiency.

For instance, i use a pomodoro timer, which includes 25 minutes of work and five minutes of rest.

I use forest sounds to help me, concentrate and relax. I have to tell you that these tunes work surprisingly well, especially if you love working on your laptop outdoors. An incoming call notification feature is useful, so you don't miss it when you are in the middle of your productivity stretch. The earphones do not support music streaming because that's not their intended purpose, as this is a product designed to improve your sleep quality by replacing traditional earplugs with its advanced functions overall, the amaze fit zenbots is a really interesting product at first. I thought this would be just a gimmick, but after using them for nearly three weeks, i found them to be my best sleeping, relaxing and focused companion. I wouldn't say i track all of the sleeping positions in the app, but the earbuds definitely help me fall asleep. Much faster by playing soothing sounds and blocking out outside noise. In addition to this, the butts do not fall off my ears, as some other earplugs do, and i feel much better in the morning due to a better sleep quality. Therefore, i can definitely recommend the amaze, with zenbus as unique and truly helpful device that helps you take care of your health. The zenbots have already reached over six thousand percent of their indiegogo campaign goal, meaning that a lot of users see a huge potential in this product if you're interested in picking one up check out the video description for the best prices.