The se came out on september 18, 2020, when apple released, their sixth iteration of apple watches. Alongside the apple series x, the se is their new cost effective model that comes in at a lower price point, making it more affordable for more people. With regards to the key differences and features, the two models are virtually identical for the everyday user. The key differences between the 6 and the se is that the 6 has the capabilities of performing an electrocardiogram as well as monitoring blood oxygen levels. Moving on to the specs and the functions of the apple watch, se, we see a sleek aluminum casing that is available in silver space grey, as well as a gold finish. You can pair the watch face alongside a variety of default sport bands, as well as an abundance of third party wristbands. These combinations are available in two different watch face sizes coming in at 40 and 44 millimeters. I personally went for the 44 millimeter model, as i found it. This larger size gave it more of a watch feel versus just wearable technology. Both sizes feature retina, ltpo, led display, which really makes the colors pop. At all times of the day, i decided to go for the pure gps model versus the cellular one due to the difference in cost honestly. I’M perfectly fine, just carrying my phone with me to handle certain functionalities like notifications and listening to music, while we’re on the topic of functionality.

The apple watch se features gps tracking when enabled water resistance up to 50 meters, an optical heart rate sensor to track your heart rate, emergency sos a speaker, a gyroscope, a microphone, and it also supports apple pay. Now everybody has their different reasons of why they want to get certain tech and the reason why i got it was because in the past i was kind of hesitant to get into the world of wearable technology. But over the past year, or so i got really into running and began looking for other options to better track my performance to help reach my goals. I was actually looking at a few different fitbits and garmin watches, but being already involved in the apple ecosystem. I kind of figured that the apple watch would be a nice addition to that environment. Now it may not be as technical or analytical as some of the other running watches on the market, but the wide berth of functionalities, as well as the integration with their iphone and apple account, has made it a no brainer. For me, my expectations going into this purchase was uh. Like i said before, i was a little apprehensive to purchase a smart watch, the main reason being the high cost and not buying into the hype, really uh. The only practicality i found for products like the apple watch was really only for the fitness capabilities. Once i decided to make the purchase, my expectations were pretty bare bones.

I thought i would use it solely as a fitness accessory to track my physical activity and running routes, as well as to check notifications for when my phone is out of reach. Now, we’re going to move on to the fitness review i’m a huge fan of the activity tracking application, as it does an awesome job at keeping you motivated to meet your goals even on rest days, which i was completely surprised by apple, does a great job at Gamifying your fitness goals and makes you kind of want to level up to earn awards. Another great feature that is available within the app is the competitions feature where you can challenge your friends to earn points. On days that i feel lazy and unmotivated i’m able to see that my girlfriend has completed a massive workout. Then i feel the urge to mash her, so i don’t fall behind in the competition. I won by the way the only other default function that i really use. Apart from the activities app is the workout app once you get into the app you can choose from a wide range of different activities from indoor or outdoor runs swimming yoga, whatever you might want to do for the day, once you start a workout, it tracks stats. Like your heart rate, your time, splits, calories, burned and a few other basic statistics, i’m sure there are other apps that might be better and more specific for your goals. But i find the integration into your health and activity.

App is seamless and overall it’s really easy to use a month into using it and i’ve noticed that i’ve been much more efficient at achieving my fitness goals, because i have all this information. So next we’re gon na go through some things that i personally liked about. The launch you can analyze the data deeper in your iphone and pull large data compilations i’m, not as knowledgeable about the other smart watches, but apple, has a wide variety of apps that you can download and interact with on your phone when you’re setting up your apple Watch you can actually just one touch download all of the available apps that are on your phone to your watch. You can check your bank, you can look at sports scores and even order pizza. Take a look at my domino’s pizza app on the flip side. I don’t really have too many coils with the apple watch. Uh i’ve noticed that every once in a while, i will feel like a ghost notification from the buzz on my wrist uh i’m, not sure if that’s the watch or my head. But i have read online that it’s, something that happens to a lot of users, so maybe i’m, actually not going crazy. My only real critique is that i wish there was an easier way to turn off notifications or be a bit more selective with what notifications. I do receive i’m sure there’s, probably some ways in the settings to manage that, but i haven’t discovered that yet overall, i love my se.

It blew my low expectations out of the water and i often catch myself using it for more than just fitness. The siri functionality allows you to send texts and make phone calls, which i never really thought that i would utilize. Although i haven’t had a hands on experience with the series 6, i can’t justify spending an extra couple hundred dollars when the se is here at a way more attractive price point, as well as nearly identical functionality. If you’re someone, that is on the fence about getting an apple watch, i would personally say get it: it will definitely exceed your expectations, but again it comes down to preference.