So every two years, i’ve upgraded. My apple watch um from 2015 to 2016. I upgraded that’s the only time, i’ve upgraded um in one year that’s, because my series zero had battery drain problems and i didn’t feel like getting it replaced. So then, with the series 2, i kept it until um. The series 4 came out, then the series 4. I kept it until this came out and then i bought this. I bought this over the series 6, mainly because i didn’t see a use in buying the series 6.. I never use the ekg or ecg whatever it’s called feature on the applewatch series. 4.. I tried it out once or twice, but it just really didn’t help me um it’s cool for some people. I really think that it’s a good feature for them to have, but i mainly use my watch for fitness tracking and notifications, so this was probably the perfect apple watch for me, so i bought um the 44 millimeter this time, i’ve had the smaller apple watch. For years, that’s mainly because they were less expensive and i could get a better model um, i think i had the base model. I don’t know i just had the smaller one, but this year i got this larger one, and i really like it. This is amazing, size um. I really think this size is better for the apple watch because of how you’re, interacting with the display so um. As you see, this display is not held up that well.

The next appalachia i’m gon na buy is probably gon na. Be a stainless steel one with the fake sapphire display, but um. As you see, this was from when i hit it against the wall um. When i was doing, i was just you know, walking and this hit against like a little pole thing on a wall and then the scratches are just from daily use, and that really annoys me because i like to keep my stuff in mint condition. I don’t like putting screen protectors on apple watches because they always fall off and yeah this band i’ve had since i got it i’m planning to switch it out eventually, but it’s held up okay um. I really don’t like how this fits, because right now it’s really tight and if i put it to the fourth hole this is. I think this is the large band by the way, but if i put it to the fourth hole, it just seems you know a bit loose and i don’t like it loose because it just you know, flies around my wrist and it’s just annoying but yeah. So over the years, i’ve really um stopped using my watch as a main device and used as a secondary device. When the first stopwatch came out, i used it instead of my phone second one. I used it a lot, but i really didn’t use it um as much as i used the first one, the fourth one.

I just used that thing as um a fitness tracker notification device – and you know i replied to messages on it. This one. I really haven’t done that much on it’s, mainly because it just you know it just works. How i use it – and i know i could have bought a fitbit for this, but i’ve used sap watches for years i’m used to them um. I, like the activity, ring feature i like the apple watch, so i don’t see really a use to buy um a more expensive. You know or a less expensive one that’s gon na last. You know a while, but it’s gon na you know have that small screen. If that makes any sense, probably doesn’t but yeah, so let me just put in my passcode and now let me show you the battery health, because that’s something that people care about um. I think that i’ve charged this every for the first like three or four months i’ve had it i charged it every other day. Then, for the past, like three months, i’ve charged it every night, so it’s been like every other day, then every night i have optimized battery charging turned off. I don’t know why i just don’t, like it anymore, on the apple watches and yeah. This is about how Music the battery drain is. I don’t know why that battery drain was so little, but normally it drains way more. So if i can yeah um, this watch has held up better than my original stain.

No, my original aluminum one like my original series – zero people call it because um this one, it looks like they redid the aluminum to make it more scratch resistant. The original aluminum would scratch up really bad. This is showing a lot more wear than my series. 4 was, and i’ve only had this, for you know since october um i did get this earlier than most of my other watches. I got the apple watch. Series 0 in october 2015 got the apple watch series 4 series 2 in december 2016, and i got the apple watch series 4 in april 2019, so uh yeah um. My apple watch series 4 was at like 94 battery health and it the battery did not last like it did not last a full day, anymore, um, so yeah. One of the things i do like about this, the se is the battery, will last a bit longer than the series six, because all those features are removed, and i think i don’t know what it is. I just guess: um you don’t have to you, know, have less battery or just have that feature running in the background um but yeah. This has had amazing battery life, though i um i’m not sure about this, but i think the bigger apple watches have bigger batteries. It would make sense, but um yeah, so really i do recommend this. If you’re gon na buy a series, six take a look at this first.

I know the cr6 is not that much more, but are you really gon na use any of the features that the t that the series six brings? If not, then you know why spend more money on something that you’re never gon na use, so um yeah i’ll? Do another update video, probably at the end of the year when i get this um for a year.