. This was requested by samantha meyer. So thank you so much for your comment. Um let’s get right into the video sorry about any background noise. You hear also my air vent is currently going if you can hear that um, but let’s talk about pricing. First now, currently on the apple website, you can get the watch i have, which is the series three for um, 100 or 199 200 um, so it’s not super expensive um. I actually got this one on a christmas deal uh it was a no. It was black friday deal um. I got mine for 80 off, which was good if you want something like a higher model, there’s a the se, which is um 279. um that’s for the i or applewatch s e. So you can read through those all like pause. The video, if you want to read through those um and then there’s, the top of the line, one which is the apple watch series six, which is obviously the most expensive which is let’s, see okay. This watch um will be around four um for the cheapest one. It’S let’s see oh it’s around 450, so this one is more expensive. Obviously, but it does have an always on display um, which is nice, add blood. It has a blood oxygen sensor, but let’s talk about um this one. We have right here, um, so let’s get into just features. It has in general, now let’s talk about bands.

If you go to the back side of your apple watch, you should see um these two buttons there’s one right there and right there. All you’re gon na have to do is just um, sorry about the shadows. Um let’s flip around the band like this, so you guys can see better so um. All you have to do is press this button and slide the band right out press. The other button same exact thing slide it out, and now i have another band right here: um it’s, a red one, obviously um, so all you do to put it in – is um the exact opposite of what you did see if we can get the exact opposite Of what you did to take it out just take it slip, it just slip it right in. It goes right in just like that, and now you have a new band put on something cool about the apple watch. Is you can also text people as long as your phone is nearby? So i can look at this conversation scroll down. I could find a quick message, see clip nope and it’s, sent now on the app watch, there’s a workout app which will track how many calories you burn and how long you’ve been going for. You also can change your apple watch face. If you want to have something different, also something cool about the apple watch, you have a remote camera feature, so you can take photos while it’s connected to your phone.

So there’s you guys. Actually you can see yourself um, but you can basically take pictures with it. Um, if you say you’re taking a big group photo, you can go on there and take a picture so that’s. Another thing why that apple watch, i believe, is worth it and of course you can track your activity with this watch. Just click here you can see all your rings um. You can see what each one of them means. If you go down, you can see your steps. How many miles you’ve traveled um, you can actually challenge friends so send them or send your friends to an apple watch them a request, and they can. You guys can do like an activity challenge, so you can get the most steps and rings filled and stuff. So that’s also another reason why the apple watch, i believe, is worth it that is going to conclude today’s video guys if you did enjoy please make sure to go down hit that subscribe button and like the video and comment any other things you guys think i Should do once again thank you to samantha myers for commenting this um, so, in my opinion, yes, i think the apple watch is worth it. It helps me in my day to day life to stay active. It helps me to stay healthy and i think i’d recommend it. So if you guys have any more questions, please comment down below if there’s anything.

I missed then also comment down below um i’ll try to go over those things in another video, probably and so yeah. Thank you guys. So much for watching have an amazing day.