This is the iwatch that has been advertised on facebook that, on their video, makes it look like it’s, an original apple watch, which is why i bought this. So i could see what’s up there and tell people like how it is so that’s. What i did. I told people. Let them know that they shouldn’t be using clips from an original apple watch to advertise their video, because in the video they used um like the original apple watch, video, where it’s been like shown being used in water. You know like it’s. Waterproof like this is waterproof. So, since you know i seen that it was waterproof that’s, you know what made me want to get it for sure for sure. So i ended up getting it and i read the box and i didn’t really see on first of all, it didn’t even become like an apple watch box. Oh and second of all, i didn’t. I didn’t recall that it was being called an iwatch. I thought they were calling it an apple watch, though so the actual name was. I watched when i thought it was apple watch because, especially when the video was making look like an original apple watch, so i decided you know it’s possible, it’s, a scam, this net, but it’s worth getting there and telling since other people. You know that are looking into it, especially because i was curious as well, so i ended up getting. It was around 50 to 60 bucks.

So what is it about right here? That’S, the way it actually looks in their video they’re making it seem like they show that part right. They show that part making it look like it’s original here’s, the original it’s not even like, even but it doesn’t cool. You know that so that, right through this right here was black and red, i scratched it up and returned gold we’ll turn it on that’s the way it is you hard press you switch, then you go that way and i’ll show you all that there’s a phone Thing i don’t think i ever used it, though i think i did one time, but i don’t really remember so. I remember using that right there little camera that did come and use, but the thing is that you cannot see the photo that you could just see. A dot so you press it and it will take a picture on your phone, so it’s, just like a bun that you’ll just have a bun and the hurry sure has a light dirty. So i don’t know how accurate this is on the heart rate, but since it once i seen that it did that once i noticed it, i just stopped using it the heart rate, because i don’t know how accurate it is. Like i said the main thing i used, i never like once i had it and see what it can do. I just the main parts were just to probably take a photo um or use it for the time i never used it for, like a timer um.

You know the sleeve, none of that, like i never use it for neither i just i just used it for the time. So, if you wan na watch, i mean just to tell the time that looks like an apple watch. I guess here it is like. I said for 50 60 bucks. I wouldn’t. If i knew if there was a video out there, that showed me something i wouldn’t have gone. You know, but i was just curious, so so being curious and then buying it and then using it. I don’t really mind that i have it right, it’s, all right, it’s, not too bad, but if you know i’ve seen a video about it already. I wouldn’t have gotten here’s the apple watch. You can actually zoom in now with this one, the camera, you can actually see the picture, the heart rate i mean this is an apple watch, series 3, so i’m pretty sure it’s accurate, but the thing is that is that it does the same thing when i Press it so my bad just pissing me off probably pissing you guys off but, like i said, um without even putting anything, it still will tell you a heart rate, so that makes me wonder like what the hell, no, this one’s, actually working as well. You know what i mean shouldn’t be telling you a it: there’s no post, but they both do the same thing. So it’s pretty weird. This one will last longer and charge time well battery time right, pretty sure it charges faster.

So if you ever see this advertisement on facebook about the iwatch, this is what it’s like it’ll come with the a charger that fits that fits like this like see. My hands. Are these two? Oh, oh or clipping like that and there’s something and they don’t hold it like that. So it’s, not even original um charger as well, but that’s the iwatch for you that is being advertised on facebook. If you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe and like the video peace out, because this phone stops on me starts stops recording uh in 10 minutes and it’s already about 10 minutes.