This watch is definitely an investment purchase. I believe it cost 379 pounds, and this is only the gps version. If you want the cellular version it’s about 749 pounds, and also that if you want um, customizations, larger screens and certain watch straps, you could be easily paying up to a thousand pounds for one of these things. So it is not cheap, so let’s go ahead and start by looking at some of the features of the apple watch. Six, the great thing is that you can customize your watch face literally, there are thousands of different watch faces that are constantly being updated and there’s. Some really fun ones as well. So, no matter what your personality, your interests, you can find a watch face to suit you. If you don’t, like any of the apple watch faces. You can also make your own from your own photos. Using this cool kaleidoscope function, you can slide the dial and make loads of different, really cool effects from your photographs. The apple watch is also water resistant, not waterproof. So if you do get any water into your watch, this cool little feature will eject it, which is pretty nifty, as you might expect, with apple, a lot of their features sent around health and fitness, including the ability to take an ecg for the hypochondriacs. Among us, hello, um it’s, not something you’re going to be doing all the time, but it’s good to kind of do it whenever you feel like it, you know just to feel like you’re on an episode of house or something.

Similarly, you can also check your heart rate, which actually is pretty useful when it comes to monitoring your fitness long term. One of the most famous features of this watch is the blood oxygen reading, which, to be honest, is a bit of a novelty. Not gon na lie, there is also attention on your mental health. With this cool little brief function. Every time your watch detects you’re getting a bit stressed, it asks you to do some breathing exercises, which i find is very helpful, and i have definitely noticed. I feel a lot calmer since i’ve been doing the breathe exercises the hand washing feature is also pretty cool, so it does alert you when you’re washing your hands to make sure that you do wash for the full 20 seconds. Although i have noticed it, doesn’t always detect when you are washing your hands, so it’s a bit of a hit and miss with that one. I think the best place to start is actually telling you about the cons of this watch, because sometimes that can make you make a more informed decision than just telling you how great something is, and everybody worships apple, so it’s kind of difficult, sometimes to get honest Bit of feedback, so the first con actually relates to apple fitness plus, which is strange because that’s, actually a big pro of this watch and overall, i do love apple fitness plus. However, you do really need an ipad or an apple tv to get the best viewing experience with the apple fitness plus.

So this whole watch is centered around apple fitness plus and all your workouts are linked with it, which is great. However, because i don’t have an ipad or an apple tv, i can only stream my apple workouts on my phone, which is really small, and the problem with that is. If you can’t see the workouts properly. It’S really difficult to um have good form when you’re exercising and i found the the more advanced workouts i’ve been doing like sometimes i don’t know the moves they’re talking about, and i do need to look at the screen to kind of have a look at how They’Re doing a certain move but you’re buying this watch, hoping that you can stream on your laptop or even um a phone that is an iphone you’re gon na be very disappointed because at the very least you do need an iphone to get the best out of This watch another con, i think with the apple watch, is that there are too many options which might sound like a strange con. But when you’re trying to compare like 20 different models, different colors, different screen sizes, different straps, whether it’s, cellular or gps, which version of the apple watch is actually really confusing to know and which one is right for you for me. I opted for the gps version, which is a lot cheaper than the cellular. The cellular is about 400 pounds more um which in dollars, i have no idea how much that would be probably like 500, more really really expensive and it kind of seems like overkill to need to make phone calls from your watch.

You can still get face time and messages and emails to your watch with the gps um. But you do you know if you want the full um watch experience and it’s an extra 400 pounds and i think for a consumer it’s kind of confusing and you don’t always know if you’re getting the right thing so on to the pros and the biggest pro Is that the apple watch keeps you accountable, because every single day, it’s going to tell you how long you’ve been stood up for how good your sleep was? How much you moved if you hit your calorie target it’s going to tell you all of that? Another good point to know if you do get a rubber strap with this watch. Is that it’s the easiest type to clean, particularly if you’re going to be using it for workouts? You do need to be washing the strap at least once a week and then it’s very easy to snap it all back together. Once you have dried it. Charging is also a breeze. It comes with this nifty little charger. It takes about half an hour to do a full charge, so make sure you do charge it in the morning before you work out, so the oil calories are counted for the day. So overall, i am really pleased with the apple watch um. I am very pleased that i bought it, but i will say that the fact that you cannot stream apple fitness plus on to your tv or your imac or your macbook pro without apple tv.

I think that’s a real downside, because um it’s basically saying you need the headphones. You need an ipad. You need apple tv. You need basically over a thousand pounds worth of kit to use this watch, as you know, to its full potential.