Tech model is lw 41, and this is a budget price. Smartwatch has an excellent design. Build quality is brilliant. It has a bit of weight to it as well, and it also has a colorful display. So you can see the bezels are to the edge, so it takes up all the space. The screen and just looks much better and touch. Control is very smooth. It operates very well as well, and it does have a lot of features packed into it. Now the screen size is 1.69 hd display. It has all the activity tracking built into this, and it also has a few features such as uh heart rate, monitor. It also has a sleep, monitor, call and messages notifications. It also has 11 sports mode as well. They can choose from so, for example, if i click on this, you can see there is walking running cycling and hold on here. You go climbing. You go basketball, swimming yoga, elliptical badminton, quicker, free training, so you’ve got quite a few to choose from then you got the activity there. Your hair steps calories that you’ve lost, and then you go here where the workout records, and then you got the heart rate monitor here. Then you go here which is the not wearing your watch, so you got a few other features there. This is the sleep monitor there as well. Then you got the the female option there as well uh and bit there as well.

Then you got the music control here. Then you got the weather, so you can. If you connect this to your smartwatch, you will give you the updated weather as well. Then you got the alarm clock. You got the stopwatch here. He also has the timer, and then he got notifications find my phone settings in the settings. You got languages here. They can choose from various various different languages, so they’ve got chinese a traditional chinese. English majority are european languages, but then he got extra languages as well. So, but you know we got a few languages to choose from that’s the good thing about it. It also has an app that you can download, so you’ve got more features to control from your smart smartphone and the app is called onware. So if you download that app called onware on your smartphone uh, you got more features to control that way as well. But i like i like the screen i like how colorful the display is uh, the touch control works very smoothly as well, and it just operates the operators very well. I got other features easy to use. Battery life is brilliant. It has a long battery life. It only takes around two to three hours to charge up, but it gives you at least up to six hours of usa um six days of usage time standby time would be around 20 to 30 days now as well, but it’s a build quality, stylish it’s cal.

You can use this as a way of working out or casual use, so you’ve got both ways. It also comes with a magnetic charge as well, so it connects very easily and charges up very quickly as well. It also comes with these extra pins as well, because you can actually remove these and strap and actually put a different strap on if you want – and it also has a secure strap. So it won’t come off your wrist that easily, and you can see that bumps here, it’s designed where, if you’re sweating the sweat won’t get clogged up, so it will. The sweat will just come out. It also comes with the user manual here as well, just showing you exactly what app to download by scanning the qr code here, um how to charge up um other other features that this watch has and the battery life. How long it takes to charge up and working time, etc? So it just gives you a few more extra features built in.