6 apple watch, but the apple watch is not just about fitness there’s, actually, a lot more features that come jam, packed into the series. Six we’re gon na dive into them. Oh one of those features, is the sleep function that’s built inside of this? Not only will the apple watch track your sleep, but it’s also gon na help build a bedtime routine to help give you a better night’s sleep, we’re, washing our hands more than ever right now, but you don’t have to worry about taking your apple watch off. To do it because this guy is water resistant up to 50 meters that just scratches the surface of what the apple watch series 6 can do. Did i mention that it also tells the time yeah, i’m running a little bit late, okay, the apple watch! This is the wow watch that really is going to help you with all of your new year’s resolutions. So maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you just want to get your heart healthier, and so you want to actually monitor your heart rate. Maybe you have a bunch of things on your to do list and you want a good app to help. You check them off your list. Maybe you just want to relax. Play games. Listen to music, you can do it all with the apple watch and we have an absolutely extraordinary value with this weekend. Bonus value and i’ll. Take you through your choices and what you’re going to get.

But the first thing you have to decide is: if you want the 40 millimeter or the 44, and actually, if you come out here, you can see the difference. Let me put these cases right beside each other, so i’m wearing the 40, which is the smaller. So you have the 40 or the 44.. The 40 is going to be five easy payments of 109.99, the 44 115.99 and so that’s, really just a size preference for you, so we’re going to go through everything this does, but this value is extraordinary and we’re doing special 12 month financing. So if you want to use your cue card, you can certainly do that and you’ll have no interest if paid within full within 12 months. So i want to say hello to justin hi justin. How are you i’m good sandra? How are you doing good, so justin i’m, really hoping that you can help me? Take our customers through everything they’re getting here because it’s a lot. It is a lot more than if i went to that apple store, which, by the way, are a little hard to get into right now because of just the crowds and trying to go to the stores. So if i went to the apple store right now, i would let’s just start by saying we would absolutely not find this pack up. No, this is exclusive here, so you would not find this pack up at the apple store at all and the stuff that you’re gon na get included sandra includes bluetooth headphones that you can actually connect directly to your apple watch.

So i love that you can use them directly with this we’re, giving you an additional watch band as well and that’s, going to be in your choice of color and you’re, also going to get that stand that’s going to help you to recharge now. As far as the colors go on this when it comes to the apple watch after you decide, if you want the 40 or the 44 millimeter you’re gon na decide what color in the watch you want and you’re going to decide. Based on the bezel of the watch itself, so when we refer to the colors, the red has the red: bezel also has that red apple sport band, the blue, has the blue bezel. The silver is a silver bezel with a white sport band, and then you have the gold which has that pinkish uh band to it. You also have the gray, which has the black banter. So when you’re referring your colors together, so we can and we’ll show everything as you talk about it. Okay, so we’re going to start right here with this beautiful gold and yeah. This is that really cool gold. That apple does, that has that, like rose gold, feel so that’s the gold, and then we have the blue, which is navy, which we were just talking about navy being like the hot color right now, then we have the red and it’s a super cool red. It kind of looks like it’s, almost like an orange red here’s, your black, very sleek, very sophisticated, perfect, neutral and here’s your silver and that comes with the white band.

But we are also giving you you pick here what color you want, but then you also can pick a sport band to go with it. So with your sport bands, you have the orange sport band, which, by the way, looks amazing with all of them all of them all, but all of these bands will work with all of these watches. So just pick the extra band that you like the most, so we have the orange. We have the gray and we have the blue, then you’re also getting your earbuds right here and justin. What i guess. I’M. Sorry, your earbuds right here they come in your choice of color, no that’s, not right so, depending on the type of stand that you get sandra and band will actually determine the color that you get with it. So we’ll do the black with the white, okay gotcha. That makes sense. Okay, god that makes sense. So we’ll we’ll send you one of those and then you also get a voucher, um and so yes, and that voucher actually includes groker, which is a fitness application. So fitness right from the beginning at this, you also have indoor premium that’s going to be there for three months, so you can take advantage of that in my media, which is a media store. So you have a lot of really great stuff coming in the bundle but there’s some amazing new features in here and one of the the questions i get asked most is.

Can i take this in the shower? Can i use this when i’m swimming i go in the ocean or the hot tub with this and well electronic than water doesn’t, usually mix, but with the apple watch it’s, not a problem. Take a look it’s still on there, it’s still functioning. I still can use my apple watch right, even though it’s in the water that touch screen is right on the front is actually a retina display to it, and i absolutely love how you can go ahead and take advantage of using all of the different applications that Come included with this and sandra you’re, going to notice that all these applications are the ones that you’re going to see on your iphone. Now you have to have the apple iphone, 6s or higher. In order for this to work, it will not work with an android it’s not going to work with an ipad. You have to have the iphone 6s or higher, but if you do, you can open up things in the ability to do stuff. Like read your blood oxygen level, that’s a new feature in here because of the sensors that are located in the back, you can actually get a reading on that isn’t that amazing. You know that’s actually interesting, because this whole idea of reading your blood oxygen when when things started to go haywire last year, it was actually really hard to get one of those sensors. If you just wanted to buy that for home, and then you know justin, i just think of like all the cool things you can do with this, like the fact that i, like that, if i’m out and about i can pay for things with my watch, i Can go into you know most grocery stores.

I don’t even need to take my credit card with me because i can pay off the watch. There’S international emergency, calling on here there’s um. All of the apps i mean the apps are unlimited everything from listening to music to you know getting doing meditation on here like there’s, pretty much something for everyone: justin, i’m telling i’m thinking about this and i’m like what’s, your new year’s resolution, because there’s an app For it on your apple watch, there absolutely is no matter what that resolution is. Your apple watch is going to be able to help out, maybe it’s getting in touch with people and being a little bit better and a little bit faster with doing so. This is the way to do it because, with the apple watch, you’re always in the know, uh you were talking about um the ability to do that meditation. How about some breathing exercises once a day? This is actually going to come in and coach you into breathing, which i know sounds a little bit funny, but guess what i have found this to be one of my favorite apps, because i will stop whatever it is that i’m doing throughout the day, and i Follow this – and we can actually literally do this together right now, when that gets large you’re going to breathe in you’re, going to inhale, as it gets smaller you’re going to exhale. So let’s do this we’re going to do it all together, ready, inhale and then exhale, and just for one minute, you’re going to follow this breathing exercise and it’s just going to be able to get you refocused, recalibrated for the day and that’s happening on your watch.

Now sandra this does tell the time i should mention that, because i can’t always forget that it’s, a watch, oh that’s, so funny, that’s kind of like your phone – will also allow you to talk to someone like because they’re also they’re, like our little computers. Now right – and so you know truly there’s, just so much that you can do with this, and i think you know if you, if you don’t, have an apple watch or maybe you have one of the first generations and it’s time to upgrade. Not only do they look real, like, i think, even cooler now but you’re getting really something that allows you to do just so much from you know. You can use the speaker and microphone on here um when you’re talking, which is awesome. You can um. I mean you can use this to call for help if you need to there’s actually emergency calling on here and then just to know that as you’re working out. Not only can you check your steps, but you can check your heart rate. I mean it’s just just an unlimited, it is and that emergency yeah. Of course you can that emergency uh, calling that you’re talking about there’s something amazing about this built inside this actually has fall detection in there, so let’s say i was falling down. My watch would actually recognize that wow. As long as my my emergency contacts are updating my health settings. If i was to fall down, this would ask for me to respond to it.

Ask if i’m okay, if i don’t respond, maybe i’m not able to it, will actually go ahead and dial into the emergency services and send my emergency contact. The notification to let them know that i have fallen down. Emergency services has been contacted so that peace of mind, of being able to put this on your wrist to know that that’s something that’s there, maybe it’s somebody who’s a little bit older. I think of my grandmother, who’s at an apartment, complex the fact that she can have this and use it for a variety of different reasons, but knowing that and giving us peace of mind well, that’s, really big yeah. Your phone calls your emails, your text, messages you’re. All going to be in the note here and a lot of people ask me: how do i talk on the phone here? Well, you literally talk to your wrist. I mean that’s how it’s going to work it’s the future to tell it’s very spacious. My dad had um had some issues a couple of years ago, some health issues, and so he got an apple watch because he likes to be able to check his heart rate throughout the day and it’s really been really so helpful to him. So let me just show you your choices again. Let us know if you want the 40 millimeter or the 44., so the 44 is just slightly larger and that’s. Just the they’ll both do the same thing: it’s just how you want the face to look on your wrist here’s, the gold.

It is the most popular we have the gold. The navy let’s call that the blue. This is red, which is like a super cool kind of orange red black and silver that has that white band, and then you can also pick another band here. You can pick a red band, a gray band or a blue band plus you’re also going to get your bluetooth earbuds, you get a charging stand, you get your charging cable and you get a voucher for these fitness suites services. If you go to qvc.com, you can check it all out on there and kind of mix and match and see what you want to get on there justin. Thank you so much sandra great singing. I got to tell you. I just saw my watch my neighbor texted me. She must be watching. My kids gave me this watch for christmas, specifically for the hard fall applications, but look at that. Oh that’s, so cool got it. For that reason, i love it and i do love that there’s. That stand right there, charging it up all right, justin, happy new year to you, it’s, always so nice to see you same to you bye, bye, i kind of want to get it just for this red. I think it’s, the coolest looking one um and if you have a cue card 12 months same as cash financing, so of course we do that five easy payments, but maybe for you you’d, prefer to pay no interest over 12 months.