Actually looks very similar to older apple watches with rounded edges. The big change is that there are now two case sizes, a 41 and 45 millimeter option, as opposed to the 40 and 44 millimeter options from older apple watches. It will come in five new colors, as well as a stainless steel and titanium finish now. The good news to note, if you are upgrading from an old apple watch or youre thinking about it, is that the series 7 will be backwards compatible with apple watch bands from older models, so that larger case size also means a slightly larger display, its actually twenty Percent, more screen real estate than the series six and theres also a new design, so the glass will basically go edge to edge with the case. The screen also has this wrap around effect, so the glass will curve down to meet the case and that there are two new watch faces to take advantage of that kind of cascading effect. The watch also hasnt always on display thats the same as the series 5 and series 6 and thats the feature that lets you not have to raise your wrist to see the time its always going to be active on the watch face and its supposed to be Brighter on the series 7 indoors than it is on older models now, speaking of that always on display, if youre an apple watch user – and you turn it on, you are very used to charging your watch pretty much every single day now bad news.

First, youre not getting any extra battery life out of this series. Seven good news is that the speed of charging is going to be significantly faster on this series. Seven about 33 percent faster than before and youll also be able to get an eight hour. Sleep tracking session, with just eight minutes of charge, time lets talk about some of the health sensors on board. Now there is an ecg or electrocardiogram app thats the same as weve seen since the series 4, as well as a blood oxygen sensor and thats the same as on the series 6.. So if you have the newest series, 6 youre – probably not going to upgrade specifically for those two features, because youve already got them, but there are some other new workout features that might be intriguing, theres, now automatic workout detection for cycling. So if you forget to start a workout before you jump on the bike, the apple watch can now detect it and prompt you to begin that workout. It will also detect when you start and stop riding, for example, so youre waiting at the traffic lights or something and you dont want that to eat into your workout time. The watch will know and then automatically pause the workout and resume again. When you pick up the workout app will also better calculate active calories during ebike, workouts and youll, be able to use the apple watch speaker or through your bluetooth headphones, for example, to hear workout metrics spoken to you.

So you wont have to glance at your wrist and one of my favorite new features is fall detection for cycling. So if you take a tumble on your bike, similar to how full detection would normally work, it will be able to call emergency services or a select number of contacts. If you dont respond, heres hoping you never have to use that feature. But if you do take a tumble, the front is covered in a crack resistance crystal, so it is more strong than previous apple watches. It is also ip6x rated. So that means it is totally resistant to any sort of dust ingress and, of course, its water resistant up to 50 meters. So the big question is: should you upgrade well its really hard to say just by looking at the specs and not having hands on with the series 7, but just from the details that we know it does look like a fairly iterative update, but things like the Enhanced durability and the larger screen are very welcomed. The good news is, if youre, not thinking of upgrading many of those cool software features are actually coming to older apple watches, with the update of watch os 8, and that includes things like the full detection for cycling, which is a really cool thing. Its going to come to older apple watches from the series 4 and onwards now speaking of watchos 8 thats, the operating system that the apple watch runs on ive done a full deep dive on some of the extra features bells and whistles to expect in the update And that video is linked in the description below and good news on that front, we do have a release date for watch os 8.

. It is coming monday september 20 youll be able to download it to your series three and onwards. The other big question is: how much is this going to cost, and when can i get one well, the series seven is going to be available later in the fall. As i said at the start of the video were not getting it right now we dont have an exact date or timeline, yet so youre, just gon na have to stay tuned ill pop another link down in the description where you can keep an eye on things Like potential pre orders and details about when it becomes available, pricing, though we do know, fortunately it is going to start at the same debut price as the series six. So that means ‘9 us dollars and of course the price will go up from there, depending on things like the finishes and, of course, the case size that you choose. What is interesting is that apple is keeping the series 3 in the lineup, so that is going to be 199 us dollars and the apple watch se, which was released last year, is right in the middle at 279 dollars. So thats all the details. We know about the apple watch series 7.. As i mentioned, there are a couple of links in the description below to help you find out more details as it becomes available and as we find out a release date.