. It has a bigger screen, faster charging and a more durable design that comes in new colors when it comes to wearables. Smaller is usually better, but having a larger screen on your wrist actually comes in handy more than you might think its the first apple watch i actually enjoy using for replying to text messages and certain watch faces just look nicer on the bigger display. That being said, the series 7 really feels like the series 6s, rather than a whole new generation of apple watch. The functionality is all the same compared to the series 6, but the bigger screen and faster charging just make a lot of things feel more convenient. My advice, if you have a series 5 or series 6 dont upgrade yet, but if you have an older watch, the series 7 will feel like a big leap forward, since it comes with everything else. Youve been missing in the last few watch generations. That includes an always on display and ecg readings, among other things, now lets dive in and take a look at whats new in the series 7.. The first thing, youll notice about the series 7, is its bigger screen, its about 20 percent larger than the screen on the series 6 and more than 50 larger than the screen on the series. 3.. You might be wondering why you even need a bigger screen on your wrist. Well, for one thing, ive noticed that i dont have to reach for my phone as often since i can actually type on this watch ive been responding to messages more easily from my wrist.

Rather than having to pull out my phone – yes thats right apple has added a full qwerty keyboard to the series 7. swiping between letters on the keyboard is a lot easier than scribbling, with my finger its great for sending short messages, but youll still want to use Your phone for any message thats longer than a few words since the screen is larger. You also have more options to make the text size bigger on the series 7 compared to the series 6.. The series 7 screen is brighter too, but only in always on mode. That means when your wrist is down. You can see the time and your watch face more easily without having to wake the screen. The series 7 is also getting two new watch faces that make better use of that bigger display. The new modular duo face can show more information at a glance and the new contour face spills over the edges of the display. Thanks to the series 7s curved corners speaking of design apple has also made some other changes to the way its watch looks and feels with the series 7.. This is the first apple watch to get ip6x dust resistance and the watchs front crystal is 50 thicker than the series 6s. The aluminum model comes in new colors too, just like the starlight color ive been wearing, but one change that i really appreciated more, when switching from the series 6 to the series 7 was its faster charging.

Apples new watch can charge up to 33 percent faster than the series 6, which is especially useful if you wear your watch overnight to track your sleep. These are all great changes, but theyre really refinements to the series 6, rather than major upgrades other than faster charging. A more durable design and a bigger screen there really isnt much thats new in the series 7., just like the series 6, the 7 hasnt, always on display safety features like fall, detection and emergency, sos the ability to take an ecg from your wrist and measure blood Oxygen levels and both watches, let you track dozens of different workout types. The series 7s bigger screen and new keyboard do make the watch feel more useful, but if you already have the series 6 or even the series 5, a bigger screen, doesnt justify the 400 upgrade. However, if you have a series 4 or a series, 3 theres a lot more to gain from upgrading thats, because youre not just getting whats new in the series. 7. youre also getting other features that are missing from apples, older watches, like faster performance and always on display and a compass for more precise location tracking. The question is whether you should get the apple watch series 7 or the apple watch se, which is significantly cheaper at just 279.. The series 7 replaces the series 6 so its really for iphone owners who want the most you can get from an apple watch.

If you want in depth health tracking that goes beyond just monitoring your workouts and really care about having a screen that stays on when the watch is idle, go for the series 7., but not everyone needs apples top of the line watch. If you really just want the basics, then go for the se, the se is missing and always on display ecg monitoring and blood oxygen measurements, but it has other popular features like workout, tracking apple pay, fall, detection and heart rate tracking plus you can get a lot Of new features, just through software updates without actually having to buy a new watch apples new watch, os 8 software brings a bunch of new features to watches as old as the series 3.. Such updates include the ability to set portrait mode photos, as your watch face. Better fall detection that can recognize falls that occur during a workout and automatic cycling. Detection apple also still sells the series 3 for 200, but youre better off spending the extra eighty dollars on the se. If you want a watch thats on the cheaper side, the apple watch series three starting to feel slow and its really hard to install updates, since it doesnt have that much storage space plus not all of the new features in watch. Os 8 are compatible with the series 3. overall. The series 7 feels more like the series 6s, rather than a major upgrade, but thats still going to be a huge leap for those upgrading from a watch thats several generations old for more details on how to buy the series 7 and to read our full written Review check out the links in the description and, of course, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment or find me on twitter.