Specifically, this one is the aluminum one in blue, as ever with apple theres, a whole bunch of colors to choose from this years. Blue is different from last years, blue, its a little bit lighter, maybe as a teeny, bit more green and a little bit less violet to the hue theres, a green one, not unlike the green iphone that we saw a couple years ago, the pro model and, of Course something that verges on black thats, not quite black, its called midnight theres, a hint of blue, its pretty subtle silver. You get and then theres stainless steel models, as ever too, which is more straightforward. Youve got silver, youve got graphite, aka pretty much black and gold and then theres a titanium model. Starting prices are the same. The aluminum starts at ‘9 and that one gets you one of the fluoroelastomer or hypoallergenic whatever you want to call them bands, you can get them bundled with different bands. In fact, you can lose your mind with an apple watch if you go to apples website. Instead of just picking one up at your local retailer somewhere, where theres already bundled with so much band, just looking at all the colors and all the bands will probably stymie you for a while. But are there any reasons to upgrade were going to find out now? So, as is apples way where they decouple the band from the watch and if you buy a watch from them, it gets bundled with a band so its in two separate boxes and the watch itself, the itsy bitsy little just watch and well, and the charger coming.

This still fairly big box, and then the bands come in one of these boxes. So lets talk about that charger because thats, one of the few really big feature changes from the watch series. 6.. Now it charges 33 faster. So it comes with a new magnetic charging. Puck that initially looks just like the existing ones, but has a usbc connector on the end, so you can tell the difference, and i think one of the reasons why watches have always charged at a glacial pace is because theres not much room for thermal dissipation. In other words, you want to melt the things down while theyre charging. Well, they found a way to speed it up, and i for one think that thats great im, not saying necessarily you should still upgrade from a series 6, if you own one, but the battery life stays the same apple claims 18 hours i get if im exercising Quite a bit i get about a day of use, i dont mean sleeping with it and i get almost two days if im not exercising, but that means not wearing it. When i sleep – and i kind of like sleep tracking and thats something i enjoyed about samsungs galaxy watch 4, for example, neat sleep tracking features because the battery life wasnt there and the charger took forever. So now it speeds it up enough. So if say, youre going to bed, you have about 38 battery life, you think well, will it or will not make it? You can just throw it on the charger for half an hour and charge it up 50.

So you get up into the mid 80s for your charge, which is perfectly fine, so thats a good quality of life improvement so far without making the watches bigger and heavier, which i think in this case nobody really does want. They havent found a way to extend battery life further. The other big change is the watch faces, have gotten slightly larger much. The way. Phones and laptops have done by shrinking the bezels, not by enlarging the casing. So the 40 millimeter is now a 41 millimeter. The 44 millimeter becomes a 45 millimeter, and you know you wouldnt think one teeny millimeter can make that much of a difference even on a small thing like a smartwatch, but it is actually noticeable its particularly when youre interacting with ui elements like your passcode. You always have to enter your passcode if you take it off and you put it back on again and the buttons are that much bigger that you tap, whereas before i had about a 90 success rate with that, and now it seems pretty much like a hundred Percent and the watch faces apples added a couple that come out and really edge to edge to make it look even bigger, but its more noticeable. You would think i think apple claims that that millimeter translates into 20 more watch face space, but i dont see how mathematically that makes sense, but, whatever anyway and im, somebody who wears the smaller size, the wits now called the 41 millimeter and the the bigger size.

Just looks humongous on my relatively small wrist, so i appreciate anything i can get in the way of increased screen realistic. I think most people would too without having to get the humongous watch. That is, the watch. Bands are still compatible, though from watches of old, so thats a good thing. Nothing has changed there. So i know a lot of people end up with a whole collection of watch bands over the years and youre good, no worries about that. I think its going to be armageddon for a lot of people if apple does eventually ever change that connection style in terms of the glass on the aluminum model, its supposed to be a lot stronger, like 50, more durable and 50 thicker, but it doesnt look it The clarity is excellent on this watch face, so i i know up until about the series three or so or four – i always manage to scratch the glass and put little nicks in it, because, yes, i am one of those people who will swing and hit every Door jam on my way through and its gotten better anyway, but i never complained about durability. I doubt you would either now the stainless steel ones and the ti models still get that sapphire glass, which is supposed to be really strong. So theres no need to improve that. I guess speaking of the displays, the always on display feature, of course, is still here and its brighter than it used to be.

To me, apple hasnt claimed that the the watch face glass oled, display ltpo is the kind by the way is any brighter, but it looks brighter and it looks sharper and clearer, and that could be because im looking at my apple watch thats a year old and The glass might not be really damaged, but its not as perfect as it once was, but it does just overall look a little zingier and sharper its enjoyable again. If you have a watch series 6. Probably these are not reasons for you to upgrade. Unless you just love to upgrade thats cool, if you can afford to do that, but for those who are coming from a series 3 or a series 4 without being a bigger casing, really this is going to seem like a huge upgrade for a much bigger screen And the faster charging and all the biometric sensors carry over from the series. 6. theres, nothing new there. So youve got your heart rate, monitor your ecg, your blood oxygen measurement, which for me has always been kind of hit or miss, not the most accurate better than nothing. I suppose those are all still there, along with the altimeter, the compass and all that sort of thing, and of course you can get it with cellular. If you want you just pay extra, if you want cellular and usually most wireless companies charge about 10 bucks a month for the service on that, so nothing different in biometrics and all that sort of thing.

Of course it has watch os 8 out of the box, but you can upgrade a couple of generations old watches anyway, and it has a new s7 processor versus the s6 processor and the series 6. not much seems to have changed a lot in terms of speed. Here, however, it does, however, have a u1 chip. So what does that? Do? Thats the same thing weve seen in recent iphone pro models. So if you want to use it to start your car unlock your car door or get into your smart home door, lock, sort of thing thats what thats for so thats nice to have too you dont have to pull out your phone to. Do it just go with your watch yeah? One last note on durability is now its ip6x resistant, which is dust resistant, and this was a shocker to me, because i actually didnt realize that the previous generations werent dust resistant yay go me always doing things like landscaping and sawing wood and all that sort of Thing ive never had a problem with dust with it, but now its officially well dust resistant and we still have that five atmospheres of water resistance, so swimmers divers. You know you have fun with that sort of thing, so there it is. Obviously, this is very much an s year for the apple watch, though some people might say that that bigger screen makes enough of a difference to them to seem like woohoo.

This is for folks who do have older, watches clearly and who want the fancier one. There is still the apple watch se for those who want it, not quite as feature rich, but not a bad watch, especially because you first go into smart watches and youre, not even sure how much you want or need one. I i you can still get the old series. Three dont get that just dont, really, no, no, but anyway theres a if youre using an iphone. This is obviously the top choice but heres the thing even android users go ahead, admit it. You know. Android users are have been jealous of the apple watch for years now. Samsungs galaxy watch 4 is catching up and doing some nice things and has a traditional round face and all that sort of thing, but the way that apple does health. The way it does exercise monitoring the way it does notifications so well its kind of a no brainer.