This smartwatch by uk model is ls02 and it’s a budget price smartwatch. Now you can purchase one of this for less than 30 pound uk currency, and it has a lot of features packed into it. I, like the quality of it. I, like the design of it as well. Now i got a nice build quality with a nice. Silicone strap as well. That has a secure, strap as well, so it doesn’t come off once you put it on and it has a magnetic charger as well. So we’ve got a usb magnetic charger here and where is the other side there? It is so this is magnetic. So all you have to do is just place it there make sure it’s the right side it’s this side. So once you do it, it will automatically connect to it, and all you have to do is connect this side to the socket and you’ll start charging. Now this is a 20 millimeter millimeter strap and it also has the name ukee run on as well. You can see uk now. This smartwatch has a nice um design layout as well and it’s designed for sports. So if you’re doing workout stuff it’s designed for that as well or you can just use it for casual use as well now let’s go through some features. He has, it has basically all the features that any other budget price smart watchers would have. The only difference is that it got a different brand name that’s it now.

The screen size is 1.4 inch full touch and display. So you can actually um use the touchscreen to swipe up and down left, right, etc, and you can see the quality of the screen is brilliant. Is that color, as well as colored screen, and let me show you okay hold on so if i swipe downwards, it goes to find my phone uh, the brightness here you can actually put the brightness up on this, and then you go the night mode here and You got the settings here now. The settings you got watch faces to choose from so there’s like four different watch faces to choose from i’ll, just choose there and then um you got brightness, you got about. You go switch off reset, so it doesn’t really have much in in the settings now let’s swipe upwards. You got all the sports mode features, so you got a status here that shows your steps. Um distance you’ve worked calories that you’ve lost, etc. There, then, you got the bpm here: that’s your heart rate monitor that’s the bit that cracks your heart rate and you have to download the app as well that app is uh very simple to find as well it’s called uk fit, so you can usually find it When you switch this on just when it’s already went past that when you switch you on you, there will be a qr code. Is scanner and it will take you to the app to download or you can go to the user manual hold on.

Where is it so when you go to the user menu has the qr code here. It will also tell you the actual name as well, so you can just type in or you can scan it and you can download it that way as well. The fact that it has it um inside the smartwatch is better because in case you lose this or you forget what the app is you’ll find it inside the phone. So this, when you reset it you’ll, come up with a barcode before you, you can even use it. So if you swipe up you’ve got a sports mode. There you go weather, you’ve, got sleep monitoring and let’s see what else you got got notifications music settings here. So you can actually control your music and then you’ve got settings here list so that things will just take you straight to our settings there and that’s it. So if you swipe right words, the right side you take, it goes to this bit where it it got. Another um sports mode there features you’ve, got the weather it’s everything that i’ve shown you uh when i was a swipe down it’s when you swipe right right side it. It goes through all that um all the features so each one. So you can see the bpm. You can see this um that’s just going to the steps and everything there the timer’s there. If you swipe that way, he does the same thing just goes the other way around, but the touchscreen is perfect.

It works very smoothly. The design is brilliant. The quality is amazing: you can switch press this button to switch you on switch your um and the switch off, and if you hold it, you can switch it off as well. So just press that, and u key and it switches off excellent, build quality, has brilliant features built into it: 12 sports mode. It also has ip68 waterproof rating there’s. Also a bit of water drops going on here, raindrops if you’re washing your hands. If you’re sweating you won’t get damaged, however, it’s not a fully waterproof fitness tracker. So if you’re going to go swimming with this there’s a big chance that it will get damaged so that’s all the features he has and it’s a watch that i highly recommend it’s. Very affordable and the build quality is amazing. The app is very simple to use and the touch control is perfect.