com. A lot of you guys have been asking for a watch that can hold music. You like to get out there and exercise. You want to be able to listen to tunes, but you're kind of frustrated with these music players that are on the watches, but they're not really music players. They control the music on your phone. So you get your phone shoved in your pocket kind of defeats. The whole purpose doesn't it well what we're about to look at solves that problem with a pretty decent amount of memory for holding the songs as well. It'S called the bakey fg08 comes to us from banggood and, of course, check the show notes for a buying link. That'Ll, take you over should have a coupon discount for you, you get it in black or silver and all in all, it looks like a pretty decent little smart watch. You got a 1.3 inch full edge to edge screen bluetooth 64 megabytes of ram, but 256 megabytes of storage for music. You got full touch. T fit map ip68 full waterproof capability. All these things are supported, including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, the standard stuff. It also has bluetooth calling and the local music player in it, which means it's, got a speaker microphone all the circuitry through bluetooth, to connect to and make and receive phone calls. Of course, you got a tether two different ways right. We talked about that tethered to the t, fit app and tether to your phone, like you would an earbud in order to do those functions.

1.3 inch, ips, screen 250 milliamp hour battery, gives you about seven days, standby and three to seven days of use time. A couple hours to charge it charge it every other day and you should be just fine. Okay, it is the fg08 got ta. Remember that when we pop it out of here, you got a cover, simulating a watch face on it right there. What else we got? Two buttons on the side right, we've got removable combination, tpu with a leather look on the outside and stitching, so a nice dressy appearance to it. I don't see the speaker here must be maybe right. There looks like that could be the speaker and there's a microphone hiding somewhere, because it does all of that. Let'S check in here we've got a charging cable, your standard, uh, four pin yeah four and you need four pin for the power and the data, because you're going to be able to transfer your music right from your computer over into the watch 256 megabytes. In terms of audio is what about three four albums, something like that should be good for a run: you're not going to put your entire library in this one. No, but it's, really lightweight and thin. Pick out your favorite tunes that you think you're going to want to listen to and change them out periodically simple, as that, you also have a manual stuck in here, that's in chinese and english and whoa tiny little things, so we will hold it for you to Freeze frame there's the app qr code, but again we recommend you download it from the google play store directly and i got the link in the show notes for you to do that.

A little bit more information and then the basic parameters are specs and matters needing attention. Probably the faqs. Okay, so that's the manual let's charge it up and turn it on. So a quick press on the top bottom button. There we go power on it says, and you rack up into a watch face to start with. We got a bunch of controls all right i'm, only halfway charged but it's enough to get the job done here we can turn on bluetooth. It looks like or it'll show, when it's connected there's a do not disturb mode. Here are uh wow. Look at that your different interface styles, i'm gon na choose that one we have round or linear. This is easier for me to work with when we go through the app drawer that uh come back here. That was here, then we've got brightness, there's full bright and there's total dim. So a good range dim is nice for night time. It looks like five different ranges: we've got find your phone we're not tethered yet and look here's earbuds so that you can tether a set of earbuds. True wireless stereo, tws buds directly to the watch with the music on it. No need to take your phone anywhere overall settings where you've got brightness and about and here's the information fg08 that you look for for tethering, find the phone qr code reset all that's there in your basic um, come back here, your basic settings, you notice, it's, jumping All over the place, but all we're looking at so far is what you get when you swipe down these controls and that's the current time, because i haven't tethered yet scrolling up gets us to the app door.

We'Ll look at that come back here. This way will take us. It looks like to temperature once we set that up in the app last night's sleep time, heart rate, your step count and messages pushed from your phone and then back to the watch face, and i bet you we circle around this way. So that's the layout of the watch and how it works, and when we're on the watch face press and hold, we can change wow that's an interesting one. Look at the fine detail, high resolution in that screen: heart rate's down there. That step count is that brightness there, whether perhaps anyway press and hold, if i get it just right, we go to another face there, aren't a whole lot of them. Wow, look at that one spacey and i think we're back again to the beginning so to tether. This thing we have to download the tfit app from the google play store that's. What we're looking at right here shows you a little bit of the pages that you're going to get into when we open it and you get it all set up and get started. It'S going to go into these uh binding instructions here that says you want to make sure you have the screen on hit, search and boy. It just popped it right up there, so we are connecting to the fg08 pairing request and we want to pair and connect and sure we'll allow contacts and pair remember it.

Does bluetooth calling so it's good to set up your contacts? If you want it to do that, and it says now that it's connected and it's about 212.? Well, it hasn't adjusted the time yet. But let's come back out of here. Oh there you go synchronizing data we'll wait for that to happen. Of course, there is no data yet to put into it there we go. Time is updated, we are matched up, and here we are, we don't need to add a device. We'Ve done the synchronizing. We could shake for a selfie band function. Settings i can uh have it so you twist your wrist to see the time it should light up. Sedentary reminders and drink water reminders are selectable on this. One you've got message: reminders pushed smart alarms. You can set up a dial push, and this is where i guess it's going to go off and show you different dials that you could add to the watch. So we showed you the basic ones. What would you like? You want to try that fancy colorful one there let's select that one and notice it's partly translated, but not completely it's a simple style we're going to transfer it over there. It vibrated it says: it's pushing and now it's going to take a while to transfer okay we're, just about there 97, 8, 900 and there's our new dial it's complete. What do i got to do? Push a button? No there we go wow, okay, now it's in 24 hour time, so let's see if we can change that to 12 hour time.

I come back here to the dial center. That was the dial push. You got your address book. You can search device. This is all under device here, if i add device what happens just shows we're connected okay, my data is where you set up your personal data, um your target data for your number of steps and so forth. My device is right here, information about it, get version info i'm, not seeing where we can set the um 12 or 24 hour or metric imperial there's, your health page, the basic information, including sleep blood, oxygen, blood pressure and look at that. You can start the uh measurements directly from the app too you've got picture, save to album. Oh, that was an instant screenshot. It looks like you can add a plan in here wow, quite a few different things in this overall app sport, the different uh activity. You can hit go and do your sporting activity there back to device again Music and then my data so that's pretty much it for the app let's see if we can put some music on it and check out how it sounds. I found it personal data. Of course it would fit there right time down here. We want to change it to 12 hour time hit okay and there you go. Oh you're not going to believe this guys. Can you see the reflection in that the whole back is sealed in plastic, yeah i'll put a flashlight in my mouth and show you.

I got a somehow get into here and rip that plastic off of here. Holy cow, never seen anything like this there. Now now. I can transfer the music over it wasn't charging anything. It was weird, be careful. You got a big, complete cover of plastic on this watch when you get it okay, now we got it. I got some music in here, uh it's, easy! You just connect it like a thumb, drive and you're there. You got your step count. We didn't actually go through the app drawer heart rate. Oh, i should put it on for that. We got to do heart rate. We'Ve got blood pressure as well and blood oxygen. Just easy to use band it's really an attractive one too, so it can be used as a dress band, but because of the rubberized underneath surface, you have the ability to um sweat on it and it won't be too bad tap. Here you get an animated graphic and it's going to read the heart rate using the green diode technology in the back like most of these do taking a little while. Okay, there you go 85 for heart rate 86. Blood pressure is here and again it's going to do systolic over diastolic and again the disclaimer we put on every one of these. These are not calibrated medical devices, so use the information you get with a grain of salt it's best. If you check it against your calibrated blood pressure, cuff and heart rate and blood oxygen 116 over 81, possibly it's a little low from what i'm used to so it may need adjusting there wasn't a compensation adjustment in the high on blood pressure.

Again, i thought it went into blood oxygen. We want that in the app there isn't a way to adjust what your normal blood pressure is to get a deviation from that. So be extra careful if you rely on the blood pressure for anything more than just uh entertainment on this one now it's doing blood oxygen and after i get a number, i want to take a look at the diodes in the back, as we know the ones That use the uh there we go 95, 98, 95, 98, okay, it's oscillating, the ones that use a red diode are more accurate, but the green one is okay. It gives you a good estimate. This is not going to be like really spot on there. It vibrated and that's the final reading, but it should give you in the ballpark at least let you know if you've got any problems. Last night's sleep time, your overall sport area. Now you got run, walk and swim totally. Waterproof watch basketball, skipping badminton and if we take one of these let's, say a walk, it gives us a countdown and then fires into it. You get step count. That is time folks, i think no time's down there. Oh, my goodness, this is my ideal. Workout i'm sitting here talking to you guys and i'm, just kicking off the steps. Look at that yeah. This is why it's always valuable to watch reviews of watches, especially the ones that are in depth like this, because you get to see everything i'm not going to comment on it.

You saw it. I saw it that's what we got. Okay, we are finally up to music let's come back to that we're going to do weather. It shows you in centigrade. I haven't found a way to change it to fahrenheit, although we did see the units change and some of the other changing in the app, but it's appears to be fair. Uh disintegrate here you've got a simple stopwatch in this one that calculates it down to hundredths of a second. You can pause, it come back into it and it resets itself. Messaging, of course, is messages pushed from your phone, your overall settings shut down. Now you get into the actual phone stuff, you can make a call using the dial pad here when you've tethered it to the phone. I didn't tether it to that level, i've tethered to the app, but not to the phone, like you would um. If you were hooking up earbuds or something, but you would get the dial you'd get your contacts, and this would be your phone records that are on your phone over here to the watch so what's. The quality of a call well we're, going to check that now. When we go into the music player because you're using the basic same uh, circuitry the microphone or the speaker, and all of that so we're entering music – and it got a couple of japanese songs in here – you hear that we can adjust the volume turn it way Down turn it up pretty decent skip through it, then i put a folder songs in here: some greek music, good bass overall for a little watch.

Music, sound familiar Music, okay can't play too much of this, because google will start to get annoyed that i'm using copyrighted music but that's what you get when you play the music on here and, like i said, you got 256 megabytes of storage space. This took up less than a quarter for putting an entire album in there, so plenty of space to put the music that you like in here: okay that's about it for uh the overall watch um the bluetooth calling like i said, would work uh well on this. As as well and we've looked at all the other features, so by way of review, it's a bakey product called the fg08 bluetooth calling 1.