Smart watch with lots of different capabilities find your phone changing the different watch faces. If you want to to analog or digital uh power off settings overall, brightness brightness screen time how long it will be on which is usually not changeable from a watch and um stop watch and, of course, some activities like running climbing and walking writing and so forth. All of these are measuring time calories and your step count messages pushed from your phone and when you slide through here, your step count information, heart rate derived from a green diodes in the back blood pressure, also using the green diodes to compute that ecg and ppg, Which is sent to the app and gives you electrical heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate, variability and a full ecg chart and then blood oxygen which actually ties into this little port right here when you tap it and hold it, it gets started and you see a Red diode shows up that'll, give you your blood oxygen percent and your heart rate derived from the red diode. So we have green diode, red diode and electrical derivations of your heart rate on this watch really really sophisticated. All of that and Music, your last night's sleep time is on here as well and on the app there's, much more detail when you transfer it over there it's a really robust watch. It'S got the electrodes and the green diodes and charging on the bottom, a tpu band and a an obtrusive bezel.