com. You ever seen one of these things. Of course you have yeah. The newer versions: do blood oxygen and heart rate and notice it's, just like a smart watch. It started out way to heck off and then it's starting to come down closer to what my actual heart rate is. So all of these things, with diodes pretty much behave, the same way it's, giving me a reading and why i've got this stuck on my finger today is because of this particular watch. You see in this box. Is this thing? Yes, yes, you're going to use your finger, not your wrist! Let me tell you more about it. First of all, first of all got to get this out of the way, so you know where you can buy it. Some of you sold give it to me now. Banggood another fine beautiful product coming in from banggood it's called the bakey p8 it's a 1.38 inch full touch, screen, ecg plus bpg, heart rate, blood pressure, hrv index 30 day standby ip68, fully waterproof and i don't know if you can tell on the side there's a Little bitty flat spot on other smart watch you'd call that a camera, but not on this one that's the sensor for doing real, honest to goodness blood oxygen. The way it's meant to be the sp02 okay. Looking at the specs, where hearts the tethering app we're going to be using, you got all these different languages. Waterproof, like we mentioned an independent blood oxygen monitor as well as your step count pedometer, all the other things that a watch typically does.

Okay, more functions. You got sedentary reminders, camera remote control through the app on and on and on uh tft 240 by 240 screen 300 milliamp hour 30 day standby time and seven day use on this watch and anytime anytime. You want to you, can pop your finger on the monitor. Just like you saw me, do there and get yourself a really cool blood oxygen heart rate reading. I really like this one. I really like this one it's uh it's, good, it's uh. You know i try to avoid using the word accurate, but if you call this accurate that you can get from your local store and it's gone through all the approvals to be as a pulse, oximeter is what it's called to be sold over the counter at a Drugstore, this has got the same darn thing going for it right here on the edge. Oh, it just vibrated and turned on cool. Okay i'll keep moving. I like it, how you guys and the watches even go shut up. Mr ticks get on with it: okay. I'M. Getting back to the watch face we'll get there inside here is uh, no doubt the charger and the bands and they're your standard bands. Nothing special except noticing that they are the quick disconnect type i'll, take care of that in a minute and then, of course, the charging wow look how bright that is. Look at the angles. You can see that i, this is uh.

This is becoming a favorite okay. There it it magnetically coupled good and strong. What more could you ask for a screen protector? Perhaps you got it if you want to add it to your watch, you got a screen protector, it's already going through its thing. It'S excited to keep going so let's. Just do this um, i think it's, a swipe kind, yeah! Okay, you got messages when you swipe down when you swipe up you get into this wheel, wow i've got to go into settings and turn the brightness down. We can't go any oh there's, fulbright, okay, can't! Hardly go any lower than that. Um i've got bright screen time wow on the watch. You can decide when you light it up to do something whether you want 5, 10 or 15 seconds. That, of course, will affect your battery life. You got to reset for the watch and that was all in settings power off right there. This is your watch faces that you can choose. You saw the first one there there's that one uh watch faces. Did we have that one? Okay? You got step and heart rate's, going to show battery date all of that's on there really easy to quickly change between the three. The three did. You see them all three watch faces. Okay, you got yourself a nice little analog one as well. Let'S leave it there for now find your phone when you're tethered looks like a stopwatch or enough.

What else you got back again back is on the bottom and settings and then your different activities like running climbing and walking no gps, sorry guys whoops uh hitting the wrong buttons here. What were we on the very middle okay walking? Ah, there we go riding football basketball, ping pong badminton swimming swimming, which means it's waterproof. So you could take this thing in the water it's going to give you time versus calories and heart rate pretty much on all of these, and you can pause it or stop it and end it right here. Okay, wow we've covered a lot already uh i'm back up here. Oh oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, they didn't didn't mention this no matter where you are and what you're doing. If you hit that top button, it's going to do the blood oxygen and heart rate, using the side sensor when you're ready to go down, was messages left is your last night's sleep time, the actual blood oxygen reading, ecg, plus ppg uh blood pressure and heart rate? So it's a real health watch as far as fitness, it's, okay, you know it's going to do the pedometer thing, but it's really set up for doing um the health stuff, okay, and so when you come over this way, you're going through all of it, the same, But in the other direction and like i said when i press here, i begin this. All i got to do is put my finger on it and it should kick in and oh my goodness, i got ta try to stay still: oh yeah, yeah, okay, i didn't even clear everything out i'm so excited well.

Actually, the watch was excited. Okay, we're getting 96 and 82, and it just timed out on me because i'm not set up properly let's start it all over again and i'm going to be kind of quiet and let you take a look at it. Yeah yeah we'll show you the manual in just a second i'm jumping all over the place here. I don't know if you can see there's a little bit of red shining through okay, i'm, getting a blood oxygen of 99 with a heart rate of 83 i'm doing 80 96 on this puppy over here. On the same hand, with the same okay, just vibrated locked in at 99., hello, are you okay in there it's using the red diode there? This one is also, as far as i can tell yup yup see it's using the red diode there, and it knows when you're, not when you're not touching it i'll do a little bit more testing to confirm that they're working i'm going to put it together. For you and then we're going to do the ecg part as well, but in the meantime, in english here you go here's. The manual it's got the where heart qr code you can scan for either ios or android or follow the the show notes, link down below and we'll. Take you right over to the google play, store a lot of text on this one again: i'm, shooting with a new camera now supposed to be a little bit sharper in the picture and crisper in the audio um you've seen my videos.

What do you think is? Is this a good one? Are you? Are you happy? I know i'm, not shooting in 4k it's still relatively low resolution, so i can edit these things easier. But if it's readable that's what matters um here, we go on the back side and then we get into the chinese version all right i'm going to put the watch together for you. Okay, i've got it on for you and i'm gon na. Do the test of the uh blood oxygen and heart rate again in a different way, i got the finger in the same side: okay, we're running 98 about 79. Looking really good! Oh look at that. I got a hundred percent blood oxygen on the watch now it just vibrated and it's done. I want to show you a different way of doing this because i was playing with it. I love to play with my watches i'm going to start it over again. Let'S come out of here and begin and i'm going to use the fleshy part of my other wrist like this and hold it up against it right there. It seems that if i block some of the ambient light from the outside from coming in that i get a quicker response and wow i've never seen a hundred percent blood oxygen but that's. What it's, given me what's this guy doing over here? 96, all right! So when you have differences like this, which one do you believe is the gold standard huh this one yeah, you remember the check me pro from well you this almost 500 device.

Does it all we're gon na go in here to blood oxygen. It says in the liquid crystal screen that i can lift this thing and put my finger here, and i can start this up again and put my other finger here. Now you see on the really calibrated instrument – i'm, actually getting a heart rate wave thing going on and it's telling me 97. The watch has given me 99. You see the 97 in the lower right hand, corner okay, blood oxygen. 97 heart rate was 85 and pi. Whatever that is, uh was 2.5, so 97 98, and we were getting 96 on this one. All right, that's, the one i would go with this seems to be reading a little high go. Well, you dot com. If you want to look at the more sophisticated stuff cvs uh your local gross drug store, if you want a little clip on kind of thing and then of course, we've got this puppy, the um p8 right with the monitoring on the side. What we haven't talked about yet is the ecg and stuff like that, and for doing that part i got to bring over the app and the app of course is called that doesn't tell me the title: it's called uh, where heart and my other, my other phone, Showed me the name on there: okay, the where heart app is uh, is up and running. I'Ve already got it on here: i've got hello: wake up 200 steps, 83 heart rate and whatnot we're going to go quickly through this uh check.

The show notes for a link to a more detailed app review using a different watch i'm. Just going to give you overview that on this one you've got your basic step count information which you can get into here, it's, showing you a bar chart throughout the day when your steps happened daily weekly monthly. All that, then you got last night's sleep time. Oh yeah, i slept with it last night and we can come in here and take a look at that which should be right there and it doesn't show much more than the total but there's the total and here's the breakdown in deep light and when you're, awake And it's, giving you a percentage of your time of sleep against the eight hours that you were striving for. I woke up three times during the night, but it's not giving me blood oxygen or any of that stuff. Yeah i'm, seeing it too the new camera doesn't do a really good color correction. My background's blue and my hands look a little funny, but it's clear. I just can't get the right camera. The audio should sound good though uh let's see. That was sleep time and then here is the hourly heart rate chart developing, showing your averages lowest and highest when you have this set to do a regular heart rate, it's, not continuous heart rate it's one per hour, so usually you don't need more than that. I would imagine, but if you're exercising and really looking at the change over time, this is not the watch for that.

This is the primary thing. Is that separate uh sensor on the side for getting blood oxygen now? The second tab marked health, is all about the ecg function and the electrical signals. The first one was talking about the optical ones. We got an ecg heart rate. We can compute blood pressure derived from that and an overall ecg analysis with a health index and so forth. When you go into calibration, you see that you could actually set a precise value for your systolic and diastolic readings, from a cuff blood pressure or from your doctor and that'll get you better accuracy overall, then you run the calibration on this one and it sets the Electronics up to match everything which i've already done so that when i actually do the measurement, i can get the data now when i come in here, it shows you an old, different kind of a band where you needed two fingers across it. This one, you just have to touch the shell, basically with the opposite finger, because the two plates, the other two plates, are on the bottom, so i'm going to say confirm – and it gets me in here where i'm going to see both the optical track on the Ppg and the electrical track here for 30 seconds by hitting start monitoring so i'm going to get this ready. I make sure i'm wet and moist, underneath which i am a little lick. My fingers a little bit hit, start measuring and then touch here.

It gives a two second of four second, it gives a countdown and that countdown just lets it get set up and calibrated, and then we start getting the ecg uh chart showing up at the top it's a little bit noisy ppg down at the bottom and again I'M, just touching uh the bezel. You can see it's real because uh when i move around it gives you crazy numbers, we'll, let it go for four more seconds and we're gon na end it and there we get measurements heart rate, blood pressure derived electronically. Ecg says no abnormalities, and then you get this other stuff, like a heart rate, variability health index 76. We saw it on the chart before with 77 last time, a fatigue, physical mental load. All of this is here in a detailed report you get in here and now you see the breakdown and basic health advice and where you are on that detailed report too now over here you've got the the actual charts and your readings as well. So the watch is fully capable not only of having the separate blood oxygen reader here, which gives you a heart rate from three different things in here. You got green diodes at the bottom. When you come over here to heart rate, okay, the green diodes are computing. Your heart rate there, when you press this thing and cover this, you see the red diode. There is going to give you blood, oxygen and heart rate, and you get an electrical uh heart rate, determination from your ecg chart and apologies for it being noisy i'm.

Not sure why, when i've done this before it's been pretty clean, i think it's just an issue with how i'm set up right now, i'm, not a detriment to the watch but you're getting all these factors. This is the only device. I know that gives you your heart rate, three different ways and, of course from here with the detailed report you saw, you can get heart rate, variability and overall assessment of heart health, as well with the separate diode on the front. But i want to get back to the ecg for just a second. You saw how we can create the chart and get all of the data from the phone as long as the phone is tethered to the watch. Well, what about if we go into ecg on the watch itself, if i press and hold what happens, i get a chart. Look at that and if i well, if i'm, not too slow, if i come in and i grab it right away, press and hold wet fingers touch it. I can start to create a live ecg chart on the watch. Yes directly here. You know it's live because if i mess with it, it messes it up a little bit. If i take my fingers off, it drops to zero as long as i'm, not too long. I can come back and it should finish up in about 30 seconds or so and now you're seeing a clean chart there you go and it says to app tap to app.

So what does that mean? That means we've got to come back over here. I'Ve got to tether, it re synchronize, it okay it's, hopefully re syncing. The data. Do this, come back over to the health section go into ecg i come on you, it's got to populate with that transfer. Let'S go back again, let's see if we can get it to come in here, uh, hopefully, hopefully that got it and there okay, we just brought over this ecg chart from the watch live now. Remember i messed around with it, so we would see it and i left a dead spot too, and i took my fingers off of it. This is that chart if i go into health report there's the whole thing by the way when you set up your profile, it shows your nickname, your age, your height, your weight, which i'm always doing random on all of these. Just so yeah. We can try different things. Often i choose female just in case it has a period tracking. This one does not, but we chose female on it anyway, so here's the ecg chart with the heart rate that came through here done remotely from here that they didn't have to be tethered together. I could be out jogging in the wilderness and get that uh that little short ecg there and i can go into the detailed report from that ecg for fatigue, physical and mental load. Physical fitness cardiac function, independent of the app folks, that's cool, yeah, that's, really cool um, and did i mention okay? Okay, i just love having that little sensor on the side.

You know long long time ago, when cassio was king of the digital watches. I got one that had that kind of thing: it didn't do blood oxygen, but you put your finger actually on the front. I think you put your finger over this infrared sensor and it gave you your heart rate and it was so brand new what 1970 something or other yeah dating myself, but now we're back with a sensor on the side, with ecg in the phone with ecg. On the watch, brilliant, okay, this is um that second tab. This is from when you have friends and mine is where you set up. You know your account your targets, device management, where you can do the hourly monitoring and all of these other things. 12. 24 hour imperial or metric, you have all control over all of that stuff, again more detailed review of the app itself in a different video, because today we want to get you out of here. So you can click on over to banggood pick up the p8. If you're interested in it check the show notes for a buying link and i'm, so sorry, the color is fading in from blue to a beige uh very strange behavior from the there we go. I say i start talking about. It gets intimidated. All righty you've been watching us here at Please tell your friends and yes: yes, we have a bunch of android 10 smart watches on the way in whole new era just about to begin so make sure you're a subscriber if you haven't yet and check that little bell, because when uh, when we put up A new video you have a chance to be one of the first to see it and in in some cases, one of the first to order it because they are in limited supply.

We'Ve just run through 50 of the um costpet prime 2 watches at the super low price and it's already going up, and i haven't even done a review yet so yeah they're out there and they'll be here real soon.