You can do your heart rate, which is also doing regular measurements. In the background that can be transferred to the app tap again, you got your blood pressure. Reading and you've got messages pushed from your phone if you're tethered to your phone. You also have a few different sporting activities that are tracked by pedometer and basically time and you've got the area where you can change. Watch faces there's only two there's that one and then there's this one, which you press and hold will register it. You have a change in language also available there and, of course you can shut the thing off that's the band itself. When you lift the cover, you reveal the headphones, and these are actually very nice, a little bit tricky to get out, but obviously they're not going to fall out on you because they're closed. In the case, the earbuds are good quality, good base, good, treble and good volume. They have a little rubber pad on the outside, but it does come off easily.