Looking speaker, yup you’ve heard it right, it’s, a bluetooth speaker with fun and colorful pixel display. This actually was a gift from my girlfriend and i can’t wait to let you guys know about what i can honestly say with this little one, but before we start, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please do consider, subscribing and become a part of our Ever fast growing youtube family by clicking on that subscribe button below the d2 is a really cool looking device with its old school computer. Look, you have the base of the device, which would be the pc tower and integrated keyboard on an old school system. Just to the right of the keys is a lever that is used to select the menu items and on the right of the base is where you will find the usbc charging port and the power switch. There is also microsd card slot here for you to load up your music collection without the need of using bluetooth. Next is the monitor part of the d2 and man. This thing is cool. The display itself is a 16 by 16 series of leds inside a beaver frame. It looks great when lit and is easily my favorite part of the d2 as a whole, on the top of the display is the 10 watt 360 degree speaker, which is about 2 inches long diagonally. The entirety of the d2 comes with a glossy finish, which looks good though it does attract fingerprints.

The d2 also has a good weight to it, and it feels very solid on hand, despite being a bit top heavy. The bass does a great job of preventing accidental topples. My experience with the dboom d2 has been a fun one, as i explored all the devices features for this being marketed. As a bluetooth speaker, there is a surprising amount of functionality that can be had here, but let’s go ahead and start with its capabilities as a speaker for this being a 95 dollar product and some of that price. Coming from the display and overall aesthetic, the sound quality is pretty good: it won’t blow any audio files away, but for us casual music listeners it really does a great job. The volume is also well suited for medium and small size room at 50 volume, if you’re solely looking for a speaker. That is a bluetooth speaker and nothing else. There are probably better sounding options out there for the money, but if you’re interested in the additional features that a d2 brings to the table, the d2 is still a good sounding option and manages to pack in a lot of sound for its small form factor. The treble of the speakers sounds clean and provides good clarity for percussion instruments and vocals. This is emitted from the top of the device. The mid frequency also sounds fairly good. As for the bass, the passive subwoofer does an excellent job at providing bass to songs.

When listening to tracks such as get lucky by draft punk, the bass was easy to hear loud and clear Music. It truly is surprising how much of a kick this small speaker can put out. When i first tried the speaker, i was extremely impressed by how it sounded given its form factor if animations aren’t your thing, solid, colors or even a clock that since your phone can be brought up instead, if you are really creative, you can even make your own Animations that can be displayed on the screen at any time through the use of the dboom app okay, let’s, get it to the dvm app. What is likely to be the biggest use for the app, though, is the pixel screen designer a huge gallery is available to browse through that features, animations and images from other dvm users across the range of products they offer on the battery side. The speaker is powered by a 3000 mah battery which will provide it with around 8 hours of power. This will vary depending on the range of variables, such as your listening volume display, brightness and keyboard backlight. When it comes to charging up the speaker, it will take around four hours to be fully charged again. The default d2 is probably one of the coolest looking devices i have seen in a while. The dbm d2 is a fantastic little bluetooth speaker with a fun and interesting design, which i love. The most the pixel display makes the speaker more than just a speaker, making it useful for keeping an eye on the time or for increasing your productivity.

There may be more better value for money speakers out there, but for me the d2 offers a fun novelty factor that others can’t, and it would make an excellent gift as well. For me, this is one of the best and one of the coolest and cutest speakers that i’ve ever had this type of speaker is best used when indoors, and i must say that i can really highly recommend this to you guys when you’re outdoors, because the volume Is kind of like limited when you’re outside, but overall i can say that this is one of the best speakers that i’ve ever had. I can use it when watching movies on netflix and i can use it when listening to music before going to sleep. So that would be it troops. I hope you enjoyed watching this video and what can you say about this devon? D2 speaker? Is it great well, leave a comment down below and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please do subscribe and become a part of our ever fast growing youtube family by clicking on that subscribe button below.