I always appreciate when you guys do, support the channel and just something as simple as a thumbs up goes a long way, so everyone who watches hit that thumbs up right now and we’re going to be doing a really nice uh review today. I actually have three of these things, so these are called the elvana’s smartwatch or also the idor reco. These are some pretty cool stuff. Now i do have a couple of these. If you guys are interested make sure you guys shoot me an email, rojas, entertainment gmail.com. That way i can, i can hook you guys up with the really sick deal here now. Let’S go ahead and jump straight into this one and we’re gon na show you guys here there’s some really really nice stuff. So for one i do got three of them. I have one that just has the black band and has an extra band here. I have one with the pink band, so, ladies or terror, if you’re out there um make sure you guys hit me up this one comes with an extra green band. Now i am going to open up the one with the red band. That way, you guys can see how it looks like so check this out. This is the watch 24 hours monitoring 14 days, massive battery life ip68. Waterproof, really nice packaging on this thing looks pretty good, nothing, crazy fancy, but everything looks really nice in here. So we’re gon na go ahead and open up this guy here now that extra band is going to be right here at the bottom, so make sure you guys open it up.

So there is that red band. You do get a little manual here to read. Just in case, you need some more information and then the charger was actually stuck inside here now for the charger. It is their own standard charger, it’s not going to be usb c usb a nothing like that it is magnetic. So you will see the pins right here now, for the watch itself check this out. When you want to charge it the mag, the magnet part will come down right here at the bottom, and then this will go into any usb port. That way, you could automatically charge it so very nice very easy, so let’s go ahead and open this guy up here check that out. Look how nice and and and clean this thing looks like it’s very, very good. Now i will say it does have a little bit of a weight, so it’s, not too bad, so we’re gon na go ahead and fire this up here. So all i’m doing is just holding the button here. On the right hand, side there’s only one button here. So i’m, just gon na go ahead and push it just to see if there’s any kind of power and it doesn’t look like there’s any power so i’m, just holding it here for a few seconds and the screen is not turning on so i’m guessing it’s completely Dead, which is okay, we’re gon na go ahead and charge this guy now real, quick uh, just to lick just to show you guys here in the back.

If you guys want to pause that real quick, it gives you all the different features so i’m, not i don’t want to go through every single one of them, but pause the video, alright, so i’m gon na go ahead and move up real, quick in three two One so here we go we’re gon na go towards the top and again i’m gon na give you guys three seconds to pause it and we’re gon na move forward and three two one: okay, so here we go we’re gon na go ahead and and charge this Guy and see exactly how this thing works, so i do have a usb port here in the back, so i’m gon na go ahead and connect it and there you go and now that i got it connected i’m just going to plug it in right there. There is a light that did turn on and there is a indicator that the that there is some some battery life coming in so we’re going to leave it here, charging for a few seconds and then we’re going to come right back. So here we go. I just left it there for a day wanted to turn it on and sorry for the um. I have my fingerprints all over this thing already, because i’ve been messing with it. So it’s got a nice big clock. You got your your weather right there. Now. I don’t have it synced to the phone yet so i’m not going to do that with this step, i just want to show you exactly what you get out of the box um here.

You have your heart rate. You got your steps and then your calories burned. If you swipe over this is again your steps, calories burns, all that’s, good stuff, your sleep, deep sleep, light sleep and then, if you have to pair with your phone, it says no pair with phone, so there’s no weather, and then there is the scanner. So all you have to do is just open up your camera, scan that guy and then download the app and then back to the home page. Now, if you do swipe the other way um, it just shows you no messages, no schedule. So again, i don’t have my cell phone connected. If you scroll up, you got sports heart rate, blood pressure, your alarm, music, timer, stopwatch remote camera, find your phone settings and record now. If you do come down this way, this is also your setting, so you could turn on the brightness. You could see how dim it gets and how bright it gets very, very nice. Now, if you do click on this button here it will back you up. One and then here’s the settings, so you got brightness language powering off factory mode and then about the only thing is i don’t. If i don’t have this hooked up to a phone, i can’t adjust any of that stuff, so that’s the only bummer. Now you do have your airplane mode here, you do have the vibration mode right there and then you do have a night mode right there, so very very nice and neat so very, very cool.

How this thing, how this thing works and fits. So me i’m, not too much of a watch guys. You can see it when you do turn it on it. It shoots over there um i’m, not too much of a watch person. So i’ve. Never you know. Sometimes i might wear a watch it’s it’s, very rare when i do might be for like occasions or when i’m going out, but as you can see right, there it’s measuring my heart rate, it’s, actually kind of cool how it does it checks. My beats per minute. Now, when i’m talking it, it might just give me some a different number, maybe so it’s 70 61 says normal, so very, very cool. If i hit that that button here, it’s going to back it up once so very very neat, very, very cool. How it’s doing that so um yeah? Would i recommend something like this? Absolutely i think some of this stuff is actually kind of cool um for some reason, it’s stuck on that i’m trying to see if i can get it out of that uh that beats per minute and then there’s the light here. That’S, like reading my heart rate because it’s measuring it, then when i click it, it turns it off. If i long hold it does give me the power off power on i’m going to say no, the only thing is i’m stuck on this screen right here. So i wanted you guys to see that if i do click that back button, it just starts to measure but i’m not allowed to back up for some reason, not really sure why.

I probably need to sync this up to the phone. But you know again: i don’t want to sync it up to the phone, because all it’s going to do is just it’s going to start tracking. Like my heart rate, my beats per minute: it’s gon na start tracking, my sleep and that’s, something that that it’s very simple you just hook it up and then you’ll see all your numbers right there. So i actually figured out how to do it. So, if you’re right here and you’re, like okay, i’m done just swipe over and then that’s, how you do it so yeah it takes a little bit of time to to tweak with this thing. But very nice very neat. So you just got ta get used to where it goes so there it is. Let me know what you guys: think i’m gon na go ahead and power this on for the next person, so just hold it down down for, like maybe five seconds, and you might get a little screen right there and actually holding it down like this. Actually, that’s kind of cool it gives you different, um, different versions of this screen that you could use so that’s. Actually so one act, one bonus feature right there, so just hold it down for like maybe five seconds, and then this thing will say: do you want to power it off i’m gon na hit yes and there it is powering it down.

So, very, very nice, very, very neat. Let me know what you guys think. Hopefully, you guys will find something and again, as always, i always tell you guys if you guys are looking for something like this shoot me, an email, rojas, entertainment, gmail.com and i always try to hook you guys up with some cool stuff um, always in the in The description below i will leave links in there, so that way, you guys get yourself hooked up with some pretty cool tech there. I hope you guys enjoyed this video guys. As always, you guys take care, take care of each other and i’ll see you guys in the next one.