So today, i’m back with a new smartwatch video, and this one was like highly requested by you guys. I missed it. Just recently launched a brand new budget category smartwatch called the bpu pro and today in this video we’re gon na unbox it and i’ll be giving my complete review on this product, see the big view pro packs. Some really crazy features for the price point guys and the main highlights are, despite being a budget category smartwatch, this thing packs built in gps and also has amazon alexa voice assistant on board. That is crazy, right i’m, like really excited for this, so let’s get started with the unboxing. So here is our brand new budget smartwatch from amaze fit the bipu pro comes in this sort of box packaging. On the front side, you’ve got the amazefit branding a picture of the product on the front and says bipu pro on the packaging. The packaging actually looks very similar to the bpu series. Only we’ve got some of its features mentioned on the packaging. Let me just show them to you: the watch offers nine hours of battery life it’s five atm water resistant – that is almost like 50 meters, going to the other side. We’Ve got some more features mentioned, like it’s got a 1.43 inch. Large color display has built in gps and also comes with amazon alexa voice assistant. The one we have right now is a black color model, so you know without wasting any more time.

Let’S get started with the unboxing. Let me just cut this seal on the box packaging. There you go and on opening it on the inside you’ve got one more box packaging. By the way guys i forgot to mention. The watch is available in three different color variants. The one we have right now is the standard black edition, so at the top side, you’ve got an accessory box, which includes a user manual just make sure to read that keeping that aside here’s our brand new amaze fit bpu pro smart watch comes packed like this. Let me just take it out of this cover, i have to say: packaging is like exactly the same as amazfit bp. Only and even the watch looks pretty similar to that. From my first look. Keeping that aside, you get a charging dock in the package, and that is it. These are all the stuff we got in the package now let’s have a closer look at the watch and talk about the design and the build quality. The bpu pro has a squarish kind of design and is actually a very compact smartwatch, and this is how it looks like very lightweight, also weighs only around 31 grams. On the front side, it comes the 1.43 inch ips color display that is covered in a 2.5 d glass and is also anti fingerprint coated as well. You’Ve got the amaze fit branding on the bottom side, and build quality looks pretty good.

The case is entirely made of polycarbonate material. That means high quality plastic, but not to forget that it’s five atmospheres – water resistant you’ve got one button to the right side, which is a power slash multifunction button and above that you’ve got a tiny microphone, and this is how the back side looks like at the Back side, you’ve got the hr monitoring sensor, some charging contacts and some info regarding the product now coming to the straps. Well, it’s got the standard black color straps, only quality does look pretty nice, soft and flexible, and the good thing about them is. They are easily replaceable, so that is it guys. That was our first look and complete overview on the design and the build quality. What i’ll do is i’ll just quickly set it up and be right back to continue the video all right, so that was our unboxing and first look at the amaze fit bpu pro smartwatch, so i’ve been using the watch for the past few days and now let Me share, like my complete experience and feedback about the product, starting off with the display i’ve told you right. The smartwatch comes with a 1.43 inch, full color, ips lcd display and the display quality is actually very good guys. One of the best displays you can actually get on a smart watch around this price range. It’S got a resolution of 3.2 by 320. That means even my new text on it looks like really sharp and everything is like easily readable on it.

Not an issue great detail, the colors are also rich and vibrant. Thanks to that, it supports 72 ntsc color gamut, and you know, if you ask about the brightness, the display is like quite bright and easily readable, even in bright outdoor conditions, not an issue at all. You don’t have auto brightness because it’s a budget category smartwatch right and also you might think that the bezels are a bit thick on it, but again hey. This is a very affordable budget category smartwatch that packs some really nice features. So you can’t complain about that. Keeping that aside, let me just give you a closer look at the smartwatch and then show you the ui menu and all the built in apps and features. So this is how the amaze fits bpu pro home screen looks like. First of all, let me tell you about the watch faces. The watch comes with like four on board watch faces and two of them are like customizable. That means you can configure the widgets present on it and you can customize to whatever you want. Keeping that aside, you can download 40 more watch faces from zep app guys, which you need to install on your smartphone but again there’s. One thing i’d like to mention the watch, has a capacity to store four watch faces only so that means you’ll have to like replace two of the existing watch faces with whatever you want to download from the store.

Keeping that aside, let me show you the ui, so on the home screen, you’ve got the watch face and by swiping down you can access the status panel now in the status panel. It shows you, your bluetooth connectivity status, battery life date and time and has some quick settings and toggles like you’ve, got dnd mode alarms, brightness adjustment and general settings shortcut that’s it over here now by swiping to the left side, you can quickly access amazon, alexa voice Assistant guys for this you’ll need to install the app and you’ll need to configure and do a one time setup and after that you’ll be able to use amazon. Alexa i’ll give you a demo of this and show you how it works. Also, at a later part in the video so stay tuned for that now by swiping up from the home screen, you can access your notifications area here. You can check all the messages and call notifications that you’ve received on your phone for this to work. You’Ll have to be connected to your phone via bluetooth, so that was about the notifications. Now by swiping to the left from the home screen. You can access all your favorite widgets and shortcuts present on the home screen. First we’ve got amaze fits activity goal here. You can keep a track on the number of steps: you’ve taken, distance travel, your activity summary and all that stuff going next you’ve got the hr monitoring thing, i’ll be coming to the health related stuff at a later part in the video guys, once you’re done with The menu and the ui now going next you’ve got blood oxygen, spo2 measurement, and then stress measurement is also there, and this is amaze fits pi.

Health analysis and you’ve got the weather info where it shows you like a complete detail, weather analysis and then you’ve got the bluetooth music control. That means using this guys you can control the music that is being played on your smartphone from the watch itself. That is also a pretty useful feature and again you come back to amazon alexa, so these are all the built in quick access, shortcuts and widgets on the home screen. Now, if you want to access the complete list of apps or features present on the smartwatch, then you can easily do that by pressing this right side button over here, just click that to access the complete list of apps on it. So there you go. This is the app drawer, so starting off you’ve got activity goals, which is nothing but your health related summary i’ve already told you about this right. Then we’ve got amaze fits by health analysis, hr measurement, sleep activity tracking is also there. Then we’ve got the workout section. Amaze fit bpu pro supports almost like 60 plus sport activity tracking modes, guys like walking, running hiking, climbing a lot of sport activity modes. Are there, and let me tell you, since it’s got like built in gps right, it can even track your geo location and all this stuff without the need to carry your phone wherever you go outside for your activities, so that is one great added benefit. Now. Moving on you got the spo2 measurement stress measurement.

Breathing exercises are also available. Then we’ve got some general things like alarms, settings and more now, in the more category, you’ve got some useful applications like you got weather amazon, alexa, bluetooth, music control. Countdown feature: is there stop? Watch pomodoro, tracker, world clock and compass is also there and you know: you’ve got remote camera shutter and, lastly, find your phone feature so that’s it. These were the complete list of apps and features available on this smartwatch. Now, let me just quickly head over to the settings and show you that as well see these general settings are like very common settings found on most of the amazefit smartwatches that’s. It guys. That was like our complete overview on the ui and menu, and, let me tell you the watch feels like quite smooth while using it, i didn’t face any sorts of lags or stutters. Now let me tell you, like the main differences like what is the main difference between the bip? U and bp pro, because a lot of people were actually asking me like which one should they buy see guys. Let me tell you both the bpu and bpu pro smart watches are like very similar with only minor differences. Exterior appearance is like pretty similar guys. There is no difference at all. You can’t make out the difference. The only difference comes is the bipu pro offers. Some extra features like you’ve got built in microphone, is there you’ve got built in gps, and you know you’ve got amazon, alexa support and, lastly, you’ve got an extra compass, so that are the main differences that are not present on the bpu.

Apart from that, everything else is same and for this now they are charging a price difference of around, like thousand rupees. So, depending on your budget, you can actually choose this or that so keeping all this aside, let me tell you about the health related functions. The bpu pro supports multiple health related functions like it’s got 24 by 7 continuous heart rate measurement, blood oxygen, spo2 measurement, is there stress level monitoring is there and, lastly, you do have sleep monitoring as well, and all these functions were working very well and if you Ask about the hr measurement! Well, you can easily access that either from the home screen or even from the app list, and the hr monitor is also working fine and giving accurate results almost 90 percent of the time, all right guys. Now, let me tell you how you receive call and message notifications as usual, for this thing to work. You’Ll need to keep your smart watch connected to your phone via bluetooth and you’ll need to enable call and sms notifications through amaze fit zip app, and once you do that whenever you get a call on your phone. This is how you will receive notifications on the watch. The watch starts vibrating and it will display the name of the person calling you and from here you can only like dismiss the call notification or end the call that’s it. There is no option to answer the call, and this is how you receive sms or message notifications from apps like instagram, facebook, twitter or any other app.

So here also, it just shows you the name of the person and the content of the message. There’S no option to reply to these messages from the smartwatch and now comes the best part about the watch. I’Ve told you right, the bpu pro has built in amazon alexa and you know there’s, actually a microphone above this power button over here and using this amazon alexa can get your voice commands and do a variety of things. You can ask amazon alexa to control your smart home stuff in your home, or maybe you can ask some general knowledge kind of questions or you can even ask it to set alarms or get translations and a lot of stuff here’s a demo i’ll. Just ask it. Two questions, and you know we’ll see how it responds there’s, actually, no speaker on it. Otherwise, you know alexa would have responded by a voice uh. You only get a text kind of message on the display whenever you ask a question, so let me just give you a small demo: hey alexa, tell me a joke. Okay, there you go, it did take about like one or two seconds to process that information and get results from internet let’s. Ask one more question: who is the president of the united states, and that is how amazon alexa works on the bpu pro we’re almost coming to an end? So let me tell you about the battery life i’d say the battery life was decently good on a moderate kind of usage like the brightness set to 50 bluetooth always connected and every alternate day sport activity tracking with gps on.

I was getting around seven days of battery life, but if you’re a heavy user, then you can expect only around like four to five days of battery life, so that’s it guys that was my video on the bpu pro it’s one of the best budget smartwatches. You can buy under 5000 rupees in india offers a good display. It’S 50 meters, water resistant has built in gps, alexa voice assistant and offers decent battery life. The only thing i felt is the watch can be a bit small in size, especially if you’re an adult with large hands. Then it might not look that good it’s suitable for teenagers students and people with thin hands. Again. This is my personal feedback. It costs around 499 rupees in india. I’Ll just leave a link to that in the description box below you can check it out there so that’s it for today.