It it’s pretty easy to use. So i have it set so that when you do a wrist flip um, it activates the watch or you can hit this side button to activate your watch. You don’t have to have it where you flip your wrist and it activates um, so here’s the home screen. I have been wearing this watch for four days and my battery life is still sitting at 85 and i’m. Pretty busy with this watch, i like to check for my steps are for the day i like to check my notifications on here. So the first thing i’ll show you is how to check your notifications, so you’ll scroll down. Your watch will um vibrate. When you get a notification um i get my emails. I get my messenger. You just kind of scroll through um to check your messages, so i can check my messenger. My email text messages, phone calls and all that stuff. You can go into the app and say which ones you want to check. Then you can go ahead and scroll down, and this will give you your stats for the day. If you go inside the menu you can or if you go inside the app i’m sorry you can set what you would like your steps to be at for the day, mine’s set at ten thousand um for the daily total here’s, your um total distance. For the day here’s, it shows your calories are burned through for the day, and it also shows you your weekly total of steps, distance, calories, burned and total active time to get out of this part, um anytime, you want to get out of any of the functions.

You just hit the button and it’ll. Take you back to the home screen. So then you can scroll to your right, and this will give you some of the other functions with the off block. Uh. Sorry, the watch offers you have the sport mode which in the app you can go in and add in different activities that you would like to do i’m, just working uh working out. So i just have some of the basic ones on here so say. I wanted to record a walk. You would just click on it and count down, and then you start going with your workout and it’ll. Show you the time you’ve been working out the distance. You go your heart rate, um calories, burns steps, you take um and again distance and time, and then you can also connect your music um or play your music through the watch or control your music through the watch. Sorry and then you hit the button or you hold the button to cancel your workout this one wasn’t long enough, so it’s not going to record it. You just hit okay um, you scroll to the right again. If you want to check your heart rate, it’ll show you what your heart rate throughout the day’s been like um. It shows that my resting heart rate for the day has been at 68 and then i’ll show you what your heart rate is at currently. So then, um and in the instructions i’ll show you where to where you’re for the best place to wear your watches like if you’re not being active, you want to wear it lower on your wrist, but if you’re being, if you’re working out you’ll want to wear A little bit higher Music um for the most accurate readings, so there’s also an alarm on here, which i really like.

I actually use it and it helps me wake up and in the morning, because my watch is vibrating um and then it also has like relax. You can do it for one minute or two minutes, it’s not really showing up on my phone screen, but you choose which one and when you click on it, it’ll take you through, like a guided breathing exercise again to get out of there. You just put back that’s him: um there’s, your music controller, your timers and then a settings function and then sports record nothing’s on my sports record because, like i said i’m, just new to getting started on my workouts um i’m starting with beachbody. So hopefully we will get there soon: um, okay, so i’m gon na go back and then to the home screen and then you’ll scroll to the left. When you scroll to the left, here’s just four little functions, um that you can decide if you went off so like wrist detection, that’s, where i have it so i can flip my wrist and it’ll turn the watch on. So you can turn that on or off here, along with the sleep detection, along with our heart rate, um, like i said, the battery life on this watch has seemed to be pretty good. Um the it does track your sleep and you can check that through the app settings um it all just it seems all pretty. It is all pretty accurate. I’Ve tried to watch closely to see hey.

How good is this going to be to record my sleeping and when i get on the app it is like the last time i look at the clock is basically the same time as vlogging that i went to sleep and same with. I know when i get up in the morning because of my alarm and i’m liking that you can also go in the app and add in for it to remind you to get up and move and to be active, and your watch will vibrate so that you Will get up and move and be active and try to hit that goal. That’S sepal for the day, um yeah it’s a pretty good watch, especially compared to the other watches. It seems to have a lot of the same functions that higher price watches have.