This watch can monitor my blood pressure and my heartbeat for real its a rugged smartwatch on a budget designed to resist shock and the ammo body is rated ip69 very interesting whats up guys. Welcome back to my channel so im going to be unboxing this smartwatch and give you guys my honest thoughts. Okay, this video is sponsored by daiyoku, an online shopping mall that is focused on providing tech products to nigeria and also internationally at most affordable prices like this. Smart watch, okay at the time of making this video its originally priced 29 000 in error, but right here in daiyoku, you can get it for 25 000 naira thats about 45 us dollars its fair enough. So what you get for the price it comes in! A compact box and inside you get the smart watch nicely packed, and then you have the charging cable, its magnetic and also fast. There is also a film protector and then you have the paperwork, the warranty card and the user manual and thats all you have in the box. So this smartwatch happens to be the first rugged smartwatch from the brand, and it really made it to stand the competition in the markets in terms of a rugged smartwatch. It comes in a unique design that is quite different from the trendy smartwatches available in the market. It looks rugged and also fashionable for men and women. It has a rectangular watch face designed with a plastic case metal with stand, shocks and water.

It is not really a sleek looking smart watch, but there are fans that love this look, especially when they know what this watch is capable of. It is medium size and weighs 50 gram. The thickness is on the larger side, but its comfortable to wear. It comes with a silicone strap that is non interchangeable, but very comfortable and also durable. You have two physical buttons, the home button and the back button. They both actually performs same function, sending it back to the previous screen. The touchscreen works. Fine, you have a 1.69 tft touchscreen play 240 by 280 pixels. Unfortunately, the watch does not provide on screen option, so it goes off in a matter of seconds, but you can change the watch faces. This smartwatch comes with four sensors, the accelerometer gyroscope heart rate and the pulse oximeter. So when you have the watch on your wrist, it becomes active on top of the watch. It stays 3 18, which means you can actually wear this watch to swim in your pool up to 30 meters, but do not get this smart watch while in the shower. This watch runs on android version 7.1 with an easy user interface. You have different. Smart watch functions here up to 20 sports mode. That also include the blood pressure, monitor your heart rate and so on. You have a 120 megabyte on board memory and a battery level of 350 million that lasts for as long as up to 50 days.

After a single charge, you can either decide to use the watch without an application or you choose to synchronize it, so you can further customize the watch. The app is well designed and the configuration is one of the simplest and spontaneous. It recognizes the watch immediately. No qr code needed just a simple bluetooth connection. In less than a minute its all set. It uses the bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your phone. It does not have its own gps sensor, so its a combination with your smartphone. So with this app, you can also customize the smart watch faces with over 100 options to choose from download them from the app and it installs automatically on the smart watch. There is a lot more. You can do with this smartwatch and you dont really have much to worry here like its durability, this smartwatch will last as long as you keep wearing it. It is rated ip69 and also 3 atm that solves all your water problems. It is compatible with all smartphones and have an easy user interface, and the app configuration is simple, just as you would expect. You can also synchronize your social media apps for notifications and also your incoming calls and sms for the price. I think its fair enough and its pocket friendly for a rugged smartwatch with a unique design, health monitoring and long lasting battery. What do you think guys? Please? Let me know in the comments: okay ill include the buying link in this video description, so you can check out daiko after watching this video.