We have the updated version of the fk ata pro just before. I start make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always probably sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So take a look at this now, one of the reasons uh of the updated version of this fk aka pro it comes with wireless charging, which is the same as the original let’s see what other features it has i’m just going to go straight into it, because I did review the fk8 a while back and i’ve kind of forgotten what features got so what we’re gon na do we’re gon na unbox and review this now see what features this got and then i’ll do another video with the fk 88 versus the fk 88 Price, if you want to see that make sure you, let me know in the comment section below and hit the like button, anyways let’s get straight into it. It comes in a few different colors we’ve got the black version. Of course, uh. They all come with black box, as you can see right here. The fk 88 comes with a white box, so we definitely know we’re not getting mixed up right there. So take a look at the box. Definitely looks like the original. You got the wireless charger here.

It does say a watch right here as well, as you can see nothing else around the box except a wire that goes from there. So let’s open this up. You pull tabs right here, definitely the same as the original. Just before we take a look at the watch, as you can see here, uh you have. I actually like this um cooler combination of the box. Look it’s really really nice. You got your wireless charger and you got a few pictures of different watch with different watch bands as well, so check that out. That is really good. I, like that color combination. The black box, is much better, so let’s take a look at the box itself. Here we have it, we have the watch it onto the box, it’s like a 3d printed it and yeah. That is the watch there. Take a look around let’s, see what it says on the back, so include smartwatch band charge, cable and the user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life try cycle and display life may vary, and by use and settings smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider which provides belt rung. I don’t know who that is, and you’ve got a few trademarks made in china, others everything else. Nothing else on the side, except here we have series 6 space, aluminium case 44 millimeter. That is it people. That is what we get on the box.

Now take a look at this. Just look at that. Look at the uh presentation on this box, but just before we take a look at the watch itself, let’s see what else we get inside. So we get two watch bands which i like with these fk series. They always put in two watch bands, which is really good, but this is a little bit different check. This out, we’ve also got a um plastic bit for you to put your watch band in so that’s really good. So this is a black watch band which we have right here. That is the box. So, on the front of the box, we got designed it for building and amazing amazing lifestyle, which definitely has some spelling mistakes, as you can see right there. So nothing else inside the box, you got the second uh watch button which we have right here, and this is the new bit with this fk 88 pro, which is the wireless charger, as you can see right there. This is this uh same as the original um. Well, the looks of it anyway. I don’t know if the original will work on this, but we have to do another video with the real versus fake. So if you want to see that one do, let me know in the comment section below so let’s get straight into it. People and uh take a look at the smartwatch, so here we have it. We’Ll. Take a look at the body first to see what it’s like and then after we’ll power it on.

So as you can see here, this is a 44 millimeter. Definitely looks like the original. As you can see, the only thing different is it doesn’t have the buttons here to take the watch band off and on so they just slide in and slide back out. As you can see, so let’s take a look at the back uh. It actually says compatible with ios and android 3.0 and 5.0 bluetooth watch ip67 waterproof series s6 compatible with that right. That’S there you go so you’ve got the sensors at the back, which is the old style. As you can see right, there, you’ve got two uh cut out for the speakers. I don’t know. Yeah one is fake. One is real. That one is real that one is fake, it’s all uh, as you can see, um covered up, but this is where we have look at the body. It’S, a nice space, uh, well aluminium space, gray, color uh you’ve got the crown here, which i believe works, which we’ll check later the mic cutout in the middle and also the power button. I’M. Pretty sure the power button looks a little bit smaller that you don’t mind anyway, it still has a power button that works as you can see right there, so that is the body of the fk 88 pro let’s power this on and see what we have you Get a vibration and aced boot up animation right there pretty same as the previous one, as you can see, but yeah.

To be honest, you know this screen is definitely much more better than previous uh fk series um clones, in my opinion anyway, it definitely looks a bit better and, as you can see here, the screen is 1.78 display. You’Ve got a little bezel at the bottom, but the screen placement is ideal, it’s good. To be honest, i’m, not gon na lie so let’s go see. The watch faces, let’s go into the watch faces, so we have one two, three, four, five, six, seven. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24, 25, yeah, 25 watch faces, as you can see right there, and does it work with the crown? Yes, it does. It does work with the crown, but these the yet they are dynamic. Watch watch faces so when you click it, you can actually change the color and everything that only works on some of them as well. Not all of them let’s show you another one. No, it doesn’t work on mickey mouse. It doesn’t work on that one yeah that does it works on that one. It just changes color, so you can have a plate watch face which is really really good. Anyways let’s move it on uh let’s see i like these watch faces. To be honest, these are my favorite ones. Let me know what your favorite ones are in the comment section below so, as you can see, he got the bezel at the bottom.

It shows you a bit more about the screen when that so swiping it down. You’Ve got your settings, which has your alarm timer, stopwatch uh, find my device display and about we’ll. Take a look at um them later, the full ones later. So you do have the swipe back feature as well. Swiping it to the left. You’Ve got your pedometer heart rate: uh, bluetooth, music, remote notifier and that’s about it so i’m. Putting it up. You’Ve got your uh show coats. You have your brightness, which you can do right here loud silent. This is your watchful um. You can have a nine view. This is a menu, nine view, six view or a smart view. So it’s got three menu options. You got your torch right there, bluetooth on and off and battery saving mode right there as well so let’s change that to uh list view. So i can show you so i open it to the right and there goes the menu as you can see right there. So let’s uh we’ve got about here. That just goes not that about let’s, try and get it in the right place. That’S just going straight! Oh there we go so fk 88 pro device address and everything like that. Uh s10. Fk88 version. 1.2.2 release. Time was 28th of december 2020. So it does come out qr code that’s to download the app for phone book. You can actually use it on uh, once you’ve connected it to your phone or sync it with your phone call log same again: dialer you can actually make calls make make and receive text messages.

Notifications on your apps as well i’ll show you that later, whether same again, you got to make sure that’s connected to your phone blood oxygen. These are the health apps. I’Ll show you later. If they actually work i’m, pretty sure they don’t uh find my device same again. If you click that it just vibrates and everything still research once you connect to that to your phone. Actually, you can actually will try that out as well. To be honest, i’ve never tried it, but we’ll try the same research sports record that’s when you should do your exercise, sport mode, which we have right here, outdoor walking indoor walking. Well, we just got them through to be honest, there’s one new feature as well, which actually i don’t know if i forgot, if that was on the previous one, which i’ll show you here, uh clock, you know what clock is this. Is this here pillars if you’re pronouncing it right? So if you want to know how to do an exercise, you can actually just use this feature right here and it will actually show you so let’s do some hand exercises, and this actually shows you how to do the hand exercises, as you can see right there. So you got 30 seconds and that’s how you do your hand exercises? How good is that, so it gives you information on how to do it and a picture and a little video on how to do it as well, which is really good.

You can stop it push ups as well. Let’S just quickly show you that, even if you don’t actually do push ups here we go and that’s how you do it. So that is a really good feature with that. Even i don’t know if my original one does that so let’s swipe it back fitness again. If you want to know uh, which kind of how to do a any of these fitness, you can actually check here back rest chair, i don’t know what that is. Let’S check it out: oh yeah, so that’s like doing dips on a uh on a chair. I’Ve done that before to be honest, so yeah, that is it so you can actually uh find out how to do an exercise on this watch, which is really good. You got your timer uh, which you can choose between one to ten minutes, so you can do it. Custom start watch. Definitely uh. These apps are nude as well. So as you can see, it’s not just one time you can choose which time you want. One. Two minutes whatever or custom one, so the apps have been updated as well. Even the bluetooth music we’ll check that out later, when we connect it pedometer same again, alarm calculator and yeah. That looks like the original messaging. You have to connect that to your phone. Of course, calendar remote, notifier, bluetooth, connection, remote capture, settings, uh, bluetooth, settings power, visibilities off and on clock sound the sound you can actually change it to silent or loud up to you volume.

You can change that as well display. You can actually, like. I said you’ve got three display menus smart style, six, apps or lists, and you can do screen timeout settings international let’s see how much languages it’s got as you can see right. There it’s got quite a few languages, so it will work in quite a few different countries and about, as is seen right there, so language yeah, so that’s the menu options on this fk 88. Pro let’s just quickly check the heart rate to see if it actually gives us a reading when it’s not on an object, so it’s measuring the heart rate and i’m pretty sure. With these all these series, six clones they don’t give you accurate readings. Some actually give you readings uh on an object and some don’t as well uh. Some actually don’t give you a reading when it’s not an object, but when you put it on any object, it gives you a reading, so i don’t think it’s going to give us a reading when it’s off an object. So it has got that feature where, if it’s not on object, it won’t give you a reading, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to put it onto an object now and i’m just going to hold it down. As you can see right, there 97 beats per minute, and that is because it’s on an object, it’s detected it’s on an object and it’s actually geared to the reading pretty same with the other health apps.

To be honest, uh you’re not going to get accurate readings. So uh yeah, the only difference is i can see, but um it’s got a definitely a better display on this fk 88. Pro wireless charging uh with this one, as you can see, and also i don’t know if it has it on the previous one, because i’ve not really checked out the fk 88 in a quite a while, but it has the option to show you the exercise feature. Uh on these plates and exercise apps, so yeah a few different changes, but the main ones being it’s. It looks really good. It performs good, except for the health, apps um, definitely a better screen in my opinion and yeah wireless charging to make it look like the original. So what i’m going to do now is download the app and show you what what it’s like on the app it’s? Pretty much going to be similar, i think, or even identical, and then yeah i’ll wrap the video from that okay, so i’m going to be using my iphone x. Now this looks like an iphone 12 pro it’s, not as an iphone x. I’Ve made a video on converting my broken iphone x into an iphone 12 pro. If you haven’t seen that make sure you check that out. It’S on my previous videos, i’ll leave the link in the description box below anyway, so here’s, my iphone x, let’s, put bluetooth on right here.

Bluetooth is on on my uh on my phone as well. So with these as well, you have to add them twice: uh, the first one being to connect it to that. Second will be to use the calls and text messages feature which is really good, so we’re just going to connect this one right here and then go into the app. The app you need to use is fit fly which we have already downloaded and let’s go into device, and hopefully you should get it on there, which we have here. Fk 88 pro it connects or really quick to be honest and, as you can see, it’s already connected bluetooth pattern request yes and iphone will allow fk88 to display your iphone notifications. Yes, we’ll do that, so it actually shows you. It’S got 33 of battery on left on the fk88 pro, so let’s take a look at what else we can do with this watch before we check out the calls and text messages feature so device pretty basic. To be honest, raise bright, you can actually, that is to raise it, raise your wrist to wake the watch scrolling down. You can actually change. The watch faces. You’Ve got a few already pre loaded onto it already, and you can actually use a customized one whichever you want, and you can change the description and the type and the location of the time and everything so you can put customized watch faces on there.

Fine device that’s what it means right there. So if you lost it in the house or somewhere in the car, you can find it. If you lost it on the street, then good luck, uh goal! You can change the goal and alarm clock on language. You can change everything on there, so me is obviously if you want to put your information about yourself and daily, all of the uh um information from the health apps and your steps pretty me to go straight into here and yeah. That is about it. To be honest, that is it for this episode not it’s an okay i’m, not gon na lie. You can actually do limited features on there, but let me just swipe it back up and show you so what i’m gon na do now is actually show you. Some notifications that you can actually do with this uh iphone let’s just show you right now, i’m, just about to make a phone call from my other phone on this one let’s see if it shows the number or the name on the watch here we go so It just shows the number it doesn’t show the name on the obviously phone. It shows the name so let’s cancel that let’s send a message, so you can re, you can receive text messages, notifications from whatsapp text messages, your other social media i’ve just sent a message and, as you can see here, you’ve got the notification from also you can Put the volume up and down on this as well in the sound things like i said, you can actually get notification from whatsapp and everything even your youtube.

You can actually receive notification from there pretty basic. To be honest, with the all the other notifications and uh yeah, so that is it people with the fk ata pro that’s, just the basic feature that you can get um like i said i will be doing a video with the fk 88 versus the fk 88. Pro just to give you an update on what the differences are, but uh straight off the bat. If i remember the one of the features, are the wireless charger a better screen? To be honest, i definitely can see a difference in the screen and also, if i’m not mistaken, it has them exercise methods which show you a quick little video on how to do each exercise.