Look at the amaze fit smart watch to find out if it is the best rugged smart watch for you make sure to watch to the end and subscribe to this channel. So we can help you with survival gear regularly. Now lets get straight into the video. A maze fit was founded in 2015 and its first smart watch was released in 2016.. There are many different models of amaze fit smart watches, but not all of them are rugged. If you want the rugged, one make sure to get the amaze fit t rex or t rex pro. The t. Rex collection is a limited edition of ultra rugged, watches designed for any adventure and will be most useful if youve taken up outdoor sports or simply needs something. Durable t rex packs a lot into a design that can withstand a lot of abuse. Following that, the company released a pro version, which includes a few updates that make the timepiece even better and more durable today, well be looking at the features and differences of both of these amaze fit. T rex watches, so you can decide if its the best rugged. Smart watch for you first lets talk about the price. A maze fits normal version is around 140, while the pro version is around 180. As far as features and functionalities are concerned, t rex, smart watches, are a great value for their price point. Make sure to check out the description for links to these products now lets look at some of the key features.

The t rex is a big, thick chunky and rugged watch with a slew of military certifications for things like heat, cold and humidity resistance because of its gorilla glass, 3 display it can accompany you into the shower or pool and withstand any hard knocks the amaze fit T rex looks to challenge garmin the megalodon in the room with a large display on board gps, a built in compass and enough durability, certifications to survive jurassic park. Both of these watches have a wealth of smart functions such as weather forecasts, event, reminders, call reminders, app notifications and more providing a variety of useful tools to help you with your daily work and life, including much better and additional functionalities. In the pro version. It includes bio tracker, ppg, biological tracking optical sensor, 3, axis acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor and also ambient light sensor, indoor treadmill, cycling, elliptical, trainer and catch all exercise. Sport modes are available in addition to outdoor walking, cycling, swimming trail, running skiing and trekking. You can see your workout duration, distance and speed, regardless of which option you select. Your elevation gains will also be tracked by the altitude meter. You can also monitor your heart rate at any time. In fact, the t rex provides continuous optical heart rate sensing and will even issue a rapid heart rate warning if it detects an unusually fast heart rate that could be harmful to your health when its time to sleep, the watch monitors your sleep cycle.

To give you an idea of how well youre sleeping it will assign a sleep score and provide a report on sleep, quality analysis and the results are quite accurate for most people, t rex also features emojis, which is better than having no emojis at all. According to a maze fit the t, rex original and t rex pro rugged smartwatch have a battery life of up to 16 to 20 days, with normal use and 9 days of heavy use during testing. Both of these watches lasted 14 to 17 days between charges. So this is quite good, considering it is worn, day and night to track fitness activities and sleep quality charging. The t rex well thats a breeze. A dead unit can be charged in about two to two and a half hours insert the watch into its charging base. Then connect the chargers usb into your pc or a standard charging adapter when the watch is clipped in the watchs, face lights up and indicates that it is charging make sure that the metal contacts on the back of the watch fit closely with the charging base. Now lets have a look at how both watches are performing technically display. T rex original and pro share the same display features that are a moled screen: 360 by 360 resolution with corning gorilla, glass, 3 plus anti fingerprint coding water resistance. Both the devices are water resistant, but the pro version is much more water resistant t rex pro has a water resistance of up to 10 atm, which is about 100 meters under water, whereas the original t rex only has a standard 5 atm about 50 meters shock Proofing, while testing t rex was qualified as a great shock proof device due to its good polycarbonate body and shock proof, strips weight and durability, dont be fooled by its bulky.

Look as both these smart watches are lightweight fit really well and are comfortable to wear anytime t rexs original version weighs around 58 grams, while t rex pro weighs around 60 grams, which is a negligible difference. Positioning, the original version comes with gps and glonass satellites and in the pro version, the satellite positioning got even better, as the watch now speaks to bidot and galileo satellites, in addition to gps and glonass. Now that should allow it to track positioning in more complicated conditions and out of the way environments battery. In both the t rex pro and the t rex, the batteries are lithium polymer. The magnetic charging technology ensures that both devices receive fast charging and there is no actual difference in battery capacity. That is ‘0 mah between the t rex pro and the t rex, with a battery life of 16 to 20 days, with a two and a half hour max charge time. Sensors. The best thing about t rex and t rex pro is their amazing variant. Sensors. Both of these watches share most of the sensors like biotracker ppg, biological tracking optical sensor, which is enhanced in the pro version and brings the addition of a blood oxygen sensor, stress, monitoring and better overall heart rate measurements. A 3 axis acceleration sensor geomagnetic sensor ambient light sensor. The pro version features the addition of a 3 axis gyroscope, which would be great for some users, spo2 blood monitoring, stress monitoring. I dont know why someone would need all this along with the altimeter measurement.

That is not supported in the original version connectivity. Both these watches feature bluetooth version 5.0 and wi fi 802.11. colors amazefit t rex pro comes with meteorite black desert gray and steel blue colors, while t rex original version is available in rock black army green gun, gray. Camo, green and khaki colors military grade certifications. These are long lasting devices. The number of u.s military grade certifications best exemplifies this. Well, if you are not aware a u.s military specification guarantees a level of durability for a piece of technology. Specifically, it means the equipment has gone through. A series of 29 tests like shock vibration, heat cold, gunfire, shock, humidity and more while the original version passed 12 of them and the pro one past 15. were not sure what the three extras are. But hey. Does it really matter when it comes to durability and toughness, the watches will not disappoint. For example, they can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from negative 40 degrees fahrenheit to 150 plus degrees, fahrenheit sports fitness tracking. As far as fitness and activity tracking, you get all the basics, including the ability to track. The original t. Rex features 14 different sports. All of this works via huamis proprietary operating system, which is easy to navigate and operate smoothly. The pro version builds on the original, with some new functionality. For starters, users can now track more than 100 sports. These include a host of popular outdoor sports modes and something called exercise.

It also automatically detects and tracks eight sport modes in case you forget to switch them on yourself now lets talk about the pros and cons of the amaze fit smart watch. The t rex is no doubt a beast to be reckoned with as a military. Certified sports watch with all the sensors you could want at just 140, which is less than half the price of the garment instinct, making it a more affordable option for an outdoor watch. Thats rugged. Now, despite its bulky appearance, it is extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and only weighs 59 grams because of its military grade certification. It can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, salt spray ice and freezing rain and shock. Even the water distance rating has been increased to 10 atm up from 5 atm on its non pro sibling. What i love about a mazefit t rex is that its data is somewhat more accurate and precise than gps and compass capabilities compared to other smart watches in their competition. The amoled screen is stunning. It is not only bright and vivid, but it also has an always on mode. It also has a gorilla glass, 3 layer and an anti fingerprint coating. The screen has a matte finish and is not overly glossy. I also like how the screen is recessed within the casings outer rim, which means the display is less likely to be scratched. I also love that t rex has a built in gps, so you dont need to carry your phone with you to track the route of your walks or runs a compass, altimeter and barometer for atmospheric pressure are also included in the device.

No doubt it would be a great journey buddy in tedious areas, if you are looking for something with these aspects in mind, now lets talk about the cons. One of the first things i noticed were the straps, which did not appear to be user replaceable. However, because the straps are an important part of the watchs appearance and design, you probably dont want to change them anyway. While the watch faithfully displays notifications from a paired phone, there is no way to interact with them and in the case of the t rex pro some of the watch notifications displayed generic icon, making it difficult to determine where the notification originated. The sp02 feature seems off sometimes, and most importantly, you cannot use any other app during a workout. Until you end your workout, which is very inconvenient, to say the least, so whats the bottom line on the amaze fit the amaze fit is one of the best rugged. Smart watches out there right now and for the price you really cant beat it getting. Something like this with these many features in a comfortable feel is a great buy for this price, and if you prioritize battery life, then amazefit watches are definitely worth buying as compared to most of their competitors without a doubt so subscribe and turn on notifications. So you dont miss more videos of survival gear and much more check out this playlist of our best survival gear.