This is a smartwatch that bridges the gap between the aesthetics of analog watches and the advanced health tracking of an apple watch. This is a watch with more than 30 days of battery life, and this is a watch with notifications, workout tracking ecg and much more, and what youre looking at right here is a hybrid smart watch, the winning scan watch horizon Music, hey everyone! Welcome to the channel for anyone new here, my name is mike and i review a lot of smart watches and what we have right here is honestly one of my favorite kinds of smart watches. This is a hybrid, smaller watch and, although most people are very familiar with the apple watches and galaxy watches and real traditional looking smart watches, some of the biggest issues they face are the battery life and the aesthetics, and while the aesthetics are pretty nice right, like I would wear it when youre working out. They look great, but i wouldnt necessarily wear an apple watch with a suit. I dont think that really looks that great. I would, however, wear a hybrid watch like this with a suit. This looks really nice and its a really subtle smartwatch, that most people might not even realize, is a smart watch unless youre wearing it, and the second thing, of course, like i said, is the battery life traditional smart watches last one day, maybe one and a half Days, but very rarely any longer than that, while smart small, hybrid watches like this one easily last 30 days and from my experience even substantially longer than that.

So i want to dive into the features of this watch, because at first glance it looks like an analog watch, which is one of its best features, but inside it has quite a few other technology features that can track your health, like i said, from an ekg Like an electrocardiogram, your heart rate, your sleep tracking fitness tracking notifications, it does a lot more than it looks like on the surface and it still looks really nice. So lets actually start off with an interface tour just to, i think, thats. The easiest way to show you most of the features on the right side of this watch. We have a little crown that you can press or you can spin and that doesnt actually adjust the time. The time is automatically adjusted when you pair with your phone. Instead, that is going to control the interface weve, got that little digital display on the top, its very easy to see in pretty much any daylight from my experience. But if we scroll through it, you start off with the time and date as it shows you right there and you can customize exactly how this is set up in the app. But if we scroll down you get to your heart rate, scroll down again, itll show you step count. So this is counting your steps throughout the day and in addition to that, the little dial down below the analog dial like the secondary one. That is also showing your step count for the day or steps towards your goal as a percentage.

So if i want 10 000 steps in a day, i walked 5 000, its going to be right at the little 50 mark and its an easy way to not have to scroll through and just at a quick glance know how much i walked today, scrolling down More, it shows you how far you walked, and this is going to be mostly an estimate based on your height. So mine is in miles right now. I walked a quarter mile, its still pretty early in the day going down. It shows you how many, how many floors you went up, then we have an ecg, an electrocardiogram. Some people call it ekg, and essentially this is going to be a way to whenever you want to check up on your heart and if you have the app and ill show you more about this later on in the video, its just a really powerful feature that You typically only see on the top flagship smartwatches out there from samsung and from apple, and so seeing that on here is really a great way to keep tabs on your heart, especially if youre somebody that you know youre working every day. And you want to have something small on your wrist, but you dont want an apple watch. You dont have to charge it all the time. This could be a perfect way, like i said, to keep tabs on your heart. Going down. Weve got blood oxygen as well, and not only can you check up on this every now and then, but its also integrated deeply into your workout tracking and your sleep tracking and other things like that, speaking of workout tracking, if we go down you can see, there Is a little option for the workout? If we press the button again, you can go through quite a few different workouts here, but there are over 30 different workouts.

You can choose from in the app and you just place a couple of them on here. Whatever you use most frequently, and in addition to that, because not everyone is going to want to scroll down and start your workout and remember to stop it every time you go on a walk or a light jog on your lunch break. This also has auto fitness tracking. So that means, if you just start walking or just start running after one or ten minutes or whatever you set it up with itll, automatically detect that and start your workout and if it starts 10 minutes in it will have recorded the first 10 minutes. It just doesnt actually call it a workout until 10 minutes and itll show you that youre 10 minutes into a workout and of course we also have breath work here. So if we go down to breathe thatll give you a quick little breathing exercise to maybe help you manage your stress a little bit and really the last thing in the interface is going to be the clock where you have a stopwatch an alarm and you have A timer and the alarm is actually one of the more impressive features on here. A lot of people dont think about this, but essentially the alarm is using the sleep tracking to they call it smart wake up, essentially so its going to look at in your sleep cycles when an ideal time to wake up would be.

You set your alarm for when you want to wake up and itll wake you up up to 20 minutes before that, but at the right time, in your sleep cycle, so you feel a little bit more refreshed. You dont feel groggy in the morning its a feature that i personally really like on a lot of different watches, granted this watch as much as i love this watch. I dont typically sleep with it. Just because, like it is a little bit of a heavier watch, ill show you it does come with a silicone band. That would be a lot better for sleeping, but i just dont feel like changing the band out every morning anyway, and of course below that weve got settings and it brings you back to time as a full cycle in settings. You can see the battery level of the watch and, like i said you could you could probably go easily a month, maybe a month and a half without charging this, and even after that, theres like a time only mode that lasts a little while as well. So some other features that you cant see on the surface with the interface some of them are just shown in the app or things like that. One, as i mentioned, is sleep tracking. Now sleep tracking has a lot of really advanced features in there, including sleep apnea detection. They give you a sleep score for a single digestible number, they break down your sleep cycles and, and they also really make it easy for you to analyze.

How well you slept – and i should have mentioned this before when youre working out, although this watch does not have gps its still using a pedometer in your heart rate and your blood oxygen. If you have your phone nearby, it will use connected gps. So essentially your phones, gps, will be integrated with the workout tracking here. So you can see all of those analytics in the app at the end of your workout and of course, when youre looking at the workout intensity, they actually do measure vo2 max so thats. A big array of features for a watch that looks like a regular analog watch itll only tell time, but lets take a little bit of a deeper dive into the design itself. As i said, this is really going to be one of the highlights of the device and its a much more premium build than i expected like. I love wearing this watch and it has some things that might surprise you like, for example, the water resistance on here is better than most smart watches out there. So, starting off with the basics of the design, there are two colors theres, a green one and a blue one, as you can see right here and weve got a 43 millimeter body its a little bit heavier as you might expect from a metal watch like this. Its also using 300 series stainless steel on here so very durable, and that is tying into the water resistance as well on here.

It is water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters, so swimming with. This is no problem now youre, probably not going to swim with this metal bracelet, as i mentioned in the box, youre, also getting a silicone band. Looking at the front, of course, the hands well, one of the cool things that you might not know right away is that they do glow in the dark. So the little white marks on the like the hour marks as well as the hands they do glow in the dark, so its easier to see this in the dark or you can just press and turn the the watch on, and the lcd of course is going To tell you the time as well on the outside, the bezel is a nice little grooved stainless steel bezel, but it does more than that, because this has an ecg on here. The heart rate sensor on the inside, combined with the bezel, is going to act as your ecg. You need those multiple nodes, and so that was a really cool way to have. Instead of like two buttons, you have to touch like the apple watch or other ones. Do this just covering the bezel is a really subtle way to do that. The front is a flat sapphire glass, so it should be pretty durable, its also very clear, its a little bit reflective, not the easiest thing in the world to film. So i apologize if theres a lot of glares on this, but in real life i mean its a very its a really nice looking watch flipping over the back weve got our whole health sensor array as well as two nodes.

This charges up by a magnetic charger which comes with in the box of course, you just put it on there. Unfortunately, it doesnt have qi wireless charging, so you wont be charging this on the back of your phone or anything like that. You have to use the charger it comes with, but with 30 days battery thats such a rarity. I dont really worry about that, and, while were on the topic of what came in the box, something i was pleasantly surprised to see in the box and props to withings for doing this, it actually comes with a kit to adjust the size of the metal bracelet. So, instead of having to go to a jeweler or buy a kit yourself, just it comes in the box, its easy to do yourself to test the accuracy of the within scan watch horizon. I compared it to the polar h10, a known, accurate heart rate strap, and i found that for the most part, it did a pretty decent job. If i was sitting still, it was within maybe two or three beats per minute. If i was walking it caught up pretty quickly to where it should have been, however, if youre doing something like sprint intervals, it is likely that this is going to lag and its also really not a very granular graph that youre getting from the healthmate app. Although i really love this watch from its design to its functions to the health tracking out here, there are a couple imperfections i wanted to talk about.

The first one is the floor. Tracking going up and down flights of stairs i just tested, it went up five flights of stairs and it said i went up two, so this is something that a lot of watches struggle with, and unfortunately this is another victim of struggling from that it doesnt its Hard to know when youre going up and down stairs a second thing to be aware of with this watch is that, although i mean i kind of wish, i had gps ill, give it a pass for not having that, but i do wish this had nfc payments. It just feels like the perfect watch to go to wawa and just tap and buy a coffee its just. You could do so much more if it just had nfc payments on the watch and the third thing, not so much a drawback. But you want to be aware that this is a heavy watch, its going to be great for wearing around casually, but when it comes to working out, you can kind of tell that this. This watch is really fashion. First then, really cool functions and then, like you, can work out this watch, but if your only goal is to have the best watch for running, i dont think its a surprise. If i tell you, this is not going to be that. So, ultimately, who is this watch really for? Well, i think by now you probably either love or hate this device, and if youre watching this long, you probably love it.

So i would predict the the group thats really going to benefit from this. Most would be people that either like to dress up or they go to work every day and they wear formal clothing or something of that sort, and they dont want an apple watch. They dont want something they have to charge every day, so that would bump them down to maybe like a fitbit a little smart band, but those dont really look good and they only last, maybe seven days anyway. So this really satisfies that niche of being able to track all of your health. All of your fitness, your sleep, being able to track your heart rate, your step count and, at the same time, looking really nice and and really the reason im pointing at like the middle managers. The people that would be dressing up to go to work is because, unfortunately, its not an especially cheap watch, or i say unfortunately, but i am happy that they have more premium build materials. This is selling for about 500, which is more expensive than the apple watch, but all things considered, with the aesthetics and and the design of this, i dont think its a necessarily unfair price for what youre getting theres really nothing else in the market.