Using a running watch offers an honest appraisal of your efforts and achievements, whether its just working out. How far and fast you run or taking advantage of data on recovery, intensity and even nutrition, but new sports watches are more than just about pace or distance. Hello, guys welcome back to our channel and today video. We take a look at the five best running watches that you can get your hand on this year and if you want more information, we also put the link in the description box down below thanks Music, starting up our list with number 5, we have garmin foreigner, The garmin 455 is the natural successor to the garmin foreigner 4 5. But this entry level running watch steps things up while the foreigner 55 shares the low profile and minimal design its brought on board, some of the more insightful training and analysis features usually reserved for pricier garments. The watch case itself measures just 42 millimeter, which creeps up slightly in thickness coming in at 11.6 millimeter thick compared to the 11.4 millimeter size body on the 42 millimeter 445 front and center is a 1.04 inch 208 by 208 resolution, transflective always on display, which offers Strong visibility in all conditions and is a lot kinder on battery life. The 455 promises up to seven days in smartwatch mode and 20 hours of gps battery life and thats. What we experienced in our testing thats, more than good enough for those embarking on half and full marathon training programs when it comes to racing a key addition is pace pro, which helps you target race pace with gradients taken into account vo two max estimation and race.

Predictor data on finishing times, based on your fitness, it now supports garmin, coach and suggested workouts, so it can be more of an active participant in your training. Theres garmins elevate optical heart rate, monitor to track heart rate continuously during exercise and unlock features like garmins body battery energy monitor and the improved recovery advisor. You do also have the option to pair up external heart rate monitors to improve accuracy measuring effort levels during runs. The garmin foreign or fifth to five is a better running companion than the fortified thanks to new software features that seek to help you run your best. It balances a fantastic set of features that offers way more than the basics in a sleek and light package. Next up at number 4, we have the polar vantage v2. The vantage v2 is the watch built for tri fleets and truly data obsessed runners. It comes in one size, a hefty 47 millimeter, although its impressively light at just 52 gram compared with the 84 gram of the fenix sticks, ultra runners demand good battery life and thats here, with 40 hours of full gps tracking. That can be extended to 100 hours. However, we have found accuracy issues in power saving modes and we couldnt get to 40 hours in testing as promised. But runners are well catered for the full range of stats and theres a focus here on running power for those interested in pacing, based on effort rather than speed polar has added the hill, splitter and fuel wise features from its grit x.

Sports watch with the latter, enabling you to plan your adventures, food intake and remind you on the go we found it worked really well, but the reminders were a little easy to miss. What we really like are the new running performance, a maximal and a sub maximal auction. To give you a better sense of your current state of fitness and they will supercharge your vo2 max scores to new levels of accuracy and recovery is a big part of the vantage v2 experience with an excellent leg. Recovery feature that estimates when your body has recovered. For races or long training runs, sleek tracking also focuses on recovery, and we found it outstripped. Garmin in terms of accuracy, running stats and vo2 max are a big part of the feature set training load and benefit insights. To give you a better sense of your workouts and make sure youre not training too hard and fit spark workouts are tailored around your physical readiness. The 10 led array, heart rate monitor, is the most advanced on a polar watch to date and it helps fuel a bunch of data points from recovery and sleep tracking to running analytics, derived from hrv and vo2 max. If youre really focusing on the minutiae of your recovery and physical performance, this is the running watch for you at number three. We have garmin fenix 7x. Our ultra running watch pick was the garmin enduro, but then the fenix 7x turned up giving the full color mapping.

You dont get with the enduro and still offer heaps in the battery department. The biggest member of the fenix family comes with either stainless steel or a titanium, bezel and feature garmins new power, sapphire lens, giving you that added screen protection all while offering solar powers to give you that battery boost theres the same size, 1.4 inch transflected display. As the fenix 6x, but now offers touchscreen functionality for the first time on a fenix thats nicely responsive and can be used during mapping mode to scroll through maps features wise youve got the ultra running tracking mode from the enduro to let you better account for stopping At aid stations during races, youre getting color topo maps and turn by turn, navigation, theres, also multi band, gnss support to offer more accurate outdoor tracking and features like real time. Stamina and visual race predictions make it a better watch to help. You understand how you can run based on historical data and why your predicted marathon times might be a bit on the slow side when it comes to the battery life with or without factoring in the onboard solar features. This is a watch thats capable of going for a month off a single charge, garmin touts figures like 28 days in smartwatch mode of 37 days with solar gps battery life is anywhere from 8 9 hours to 122 hours, and it can max out at 1′ days In expedition, gps mode, it lasted 3.

5 weeks in our testing that was using tracking the maximum multi band gnss mode. You do have the very useful power manager mode to make sure you dont have features in use when you dont actually want to use them too. Overall, if you can live without using that multi band gnss mode on a regular basis, this is a fenix watch that really can build a distance. When you go the distance at number two, we have the hue way wash gt 2e. A running focus: smart watch with plenty of detail. Fitness data on offer, the huey watch gt2e is a great option for anyone. Looking for a good looking watch that offers some nice running features for beginners or anyone that wants to add more structure to their runs. You can pick up the hue way, watch gt3 or the incoming hue away watch gt runner, which cost more, but we still think theres great value. Picking up the older gt2e. It now has a more workout friendly band, which is changeable. If you want to smarten things back up, the 1.’ inch ammo screen is super sharp and is a nice place to view your fitness stats on the move too? It covers the basics in terms of real time stats, but packs in first beats heart rate powered insights to start delving more into your performance. That means you get the same training effect, training status and recovery data youll find on top level sports watches such as the foreigner series.

However, we define vo2 max estimates to be much higher than garmin and frankly, a little unrealistic. Qa also includes a series of running plans which are all nicely integrated and a good starting point for beginner runners, who want to add more structured training. One downside of this watch is that data has to live inside of huaweis own health, app and theres no option to hook up to strava, which is a strength of the rival amazfit bip in gts2 mini, but battery life is a real highlight, hue qa promises for In days and it delivers even when you tap into smartwatch features like notifications and music, the last product on our list is the apple watch series 7, our best overall smart watch. Theres, no doubt apple is king when it comes to smart watches, but how does it achieve such media rick success lets take a closer look, although dozens of smart watches are compatible with iphones and there is no better option than the apple watch series. 7, being the latest generation apple watch, it has the best the company can offer right now. The series 7 sports, a larger screen – is more durable than its predecessors and has faster charging support. The company has also added dust resistance, which was missing from apple watches. Until now, the larger screen allows you to see more text and other details on the smartwatch watch. Os 8 brings new watch, faces a full qwerty keyboard and several other exciting improvements, and if you were into biking, the series 7 will auto, detect your biking sessions and track them.

Support for pilates and tai chi has also been added. All this is in addition to the dozens of already supported workouts. The health and wellness features of the series. 7 are pretty expansive and it can track your heart rate, monitor blood oxygen level, take an ecg and keep an eye on your sleep. Unfortunately, the series 7 offers an average battery life and lasts only around a day. However, you may be able to stretch that to two days, if you turn off the always on display and dont work out, the apple watch series is available in 41 and 45 millimeter sizes, and you can also choose from gps and gps plus cellular variants. If you find the series 7 expensive and are looking for something a little more affordable, the apple watch, sce is an excellent budget option. It shares several features with the series 7, but has an older processor and lacks the always on display the ecg, app and blood oxygen tracking capabilities.