The category that we’re talking about is the best smart watch for the year 2020.. Now the year has been very slow when it comes to releases of smart watches. In fact, the smartwatch category itself has basically started to wind down. It feels like it’s winding down, but there are some brands that refuse to give up and keep releasing devices year on year. So this year, we’ve got quite a number of watches that we had evaluated and the winner the one smart watch to have risen above them all is the apple watch series 6 lte edition. The apple watch series 6 comes out on top because of two specific reasons: one its fitness tracking capabilities are almost at par with dedicated sensors that you would buy if you were a professional athlete when measuring the performance of its heart rate collection, the apple watch series 6 was able to match up to the performance of a chest, worn heart rate strap, which is very impressive, to say the least in addition to its great fitness tracking, even as a smart watch, the apple watch series 6 offers a seamless experience between the iphone and The watch itself, the ui, the navigation, the performance and the battery life are all at par with what you would expect from the best device in its category. Because of this, the apple watch series six does end up being the winner for this year’s digit zero. One awards for the best smartwatch next we’ve got the runner up in the category and the runner up happens to be the oppo watch.

Now the open watch is a first from the company for india as a smart watch that features wear os typically for android users. The options of smart watches has been fairly limited because either the smartwatch itself was not running where os or it was not that great of a design with the oppo watch you get best of both. You get a watch that is designed with wear os running and you also get something that looks absolutely gorgeous and classy. In terms of its performance. We noted that as a fitness device as a fitness device, the opel watch was was within eight to ten percent of the data that we collected using dedicated sensors while running cycling and walking. Now, while this is an acceptable rate of error, it still puts the opel watch in second place, because the apple watch series 6 had an error rate of which was far lower. Last but not the very least, we’ve got the best buy recommendation. Now the best buy recommendation is given on the basis of of ratio between the performance offered by the device and its price. The highest ratio essentially gets the best buy recommendation and this year that title rather goes to the huawei watch, gt2 e. Now the huawei. What gt2e not only has like stupidly high number of fitness regimes that it can track some 100 plus things that it can track for you. It also has a hands down the best battery life in the segment going all the way up to 11 days as we measured it.

So the huawei, what gt2e, especially factoring in for its price, does offer good performance with respect to fitness, tracking and also as a smartwatch world, on your wrist. So there you have it folks. The apple watch series six is the winner for the 2020 digit zero one award for the best smartwatch in. If you wan na know about the other zero1 award winners this year, make sure to hit the subscribe button on our channel and, of course, hit the bell icon so that you don’t miss any future updates from us.