We reviewed the top four smartwatch makers in the market and have compiled a list of their best rear, weightable technologies. As of april 2021. In this episode of tech, tuesday, we are going to reveal the hottest selling smart watches from some of the best manufacturers, like apple samsung, fitbit and garmin, watch this video till the very end to find out which one is the best for you plus. We will show you the latest deals we found out on these amazing gadgets, so stay tuned. Smartwatch technology has come a long way. Have a look at the first mob watch manufacturer by watch. Company called the pulsar which made its debut in 1972 and had a user programmable memory that could store up to an amazing 24 digits that may seem pretty small, but that was over 40 years ago. How does it compare with the high tech smart watches in the market today? Let’S jump straight into our list to find out at number four. We have smart watches from fitbit and american consumer electronics and fitness company. The fitbit sense is the company’s top of the line. Smart watch, which is packed with advanced health and wellness features like an fda, approved, ecg sensor, blood oxygen reading and the ability to measure skin temperature as well as electro dermal activity. The fitbit versa 3 is another hot selling. Smart watch that packs a lot of features with built in gps. The design is comfortable to wear and the display is easy to view with a crisp image like previous fitbit smart watches, though this is mostly focused on fitness and won’t, be for everyone.

The fitbit versa light is a more affordable entry level smartwatch that provides everything, beginners need to improve their fitness and start monitoring their health, with lots of features for the price like long battery life, easy to use interface and a sleek lightweight design. The fitbit versa light is an excellent smart watch. Next up at number 3, we have smart voices from garmin an american technology company based in switzerland, while garmin is most well known for their gps systems. They have carved out a massive footprint in the wearable technology market. They now produce some of the most comprehensive fitness tracking smart watches out there. The lily is the garmin’s, smallest size, smart watch. It features an attractive, jewelry inspired design and a 14 millimeter band that’s much slimmer than most smart watches out there, starting at 200 dollars. The lily contract health stats, such as your blood, oxygen saturation, calories, burned, energy level, heart rate respiration, sleep, steps, stress, workout and much more. Another great smartwatch series from garmin is vivoactive 4 and 4s. The 40 millimeter garmin vivoactive, 4s and 45 millimeter vivoactive 4 include almost all features you could want from a smartwatch. This fitness focused well rounded, smartwatch, improves upon the vivoactive 3 with new and improved features like a two button: navigation, health stats and workouts, with a built in music storage with spotify support to round things off from garmin. We have the garmin venue, which is perhaps the most smart watchy vehicle from garmin.

It boasts a crisp oled screen with an always on display, garment based support, plus music storage, with useful features like accurate fitness and health tracking a 5 day battery life with unique breath. Break exercises and accurate sleep tracking. The garmin venue is an excellent smartwatch coming in at number two. We have smartwatches from korean technology powerhouse samsung, which are known for their quality and durability. The samsung galaxy watch 3 is often dubbed as the best smart watches for android battery life is good. It has a fantastic display and the rotating bezel is intuitive and useful. The hardware is top quality, with thin light and premium design. It also boasts plenty of health, tracking and workout features, many of which can trigger automatically next up from samsung is the galaxy watch active 2, which is slimmer and priced lower than galaxy watch 3. samsung dropped the physical rotating bezel and thicker frame with a digital rotating Bezel that you can run your fingers around to navigate with most of the health tracking and workout features same as galaxy watch series. The active 2 is more appropriate for those who want a device specifically for working out all right now, it’s time to review the best smartwatch brand overall, but before moving on. If you found our video to be useful, please subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumbs up. Think we missed something, tell us in the comments below, so you might have guessed it by now.

The number one brand when it comes to smart watches is apple, which has long held the position of being leaders of innovation and technology in all their business segments, including smart watches. The apple watt series 6 is perhaps the best smartwatch you can buy on the market. Right now, it boasts an unmatched, first and third party app support, receives regular major software updates and has tight integration with apple’s messaging apps it’s, really a gold standard for what a smart watch should be. It also has market leading fitness tracking abilities, a solid gps performance and a heart rate monitoring system that exceeds other based heart rate sensor performance, if you’re interested in an apple watch but don’t want to pay the steep price for the series 6 check out. The apple watch, se the apple watch, se, is an amazing smart watch. Despite being the affordable option from apple, it offers some unrivaled user. Experience comes with some high end specification, a top of the line design and a wide range of features that you can get on. Most other smart watches only downside is the battery life, which isn’t the best on the market. Did you find something you like? Why not use the link in the description below to find the best deals, discounts and latest prices on all the smart watches mentioned in this video that’s it from us, if you like our video, consider subscribing to our channel. Let us know in the comments down below if you have any opinions and we’ll reach out to everyone.

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